Chapter 10 – A Happy Ending

Lorelai rose early and tried to extract herself from Luke's arms without waking him, but failed. The first vision Luke saw as he opened his eyes was Lorelai's face and he smiled. He loved waking up next to her and wondered how he had lived so many years without it. "It's early, what are you doing awake?" he asked her.

"I don't know," Lorelai pouted, "I guess its proof that this baby really is yours, it's got your early riser gene. But since I'm awake, I better get home and get ready for another day at the Inn."

Luke decided that it was time for him to get up too and he walked her to the door. With a good-bye kiss she reminded him to 'think about the situation,' as if he hadn't been dreaming about it all night; as if he could think of anything else.

Luke could stop himself no longer, he picked up the phone to call Lorelai. "Meet me after work tonight. I want to talk, I finally know what I think." Lorelai listened to his request the same as he asked most days. It was routine to meet at the diner after work so Lorelai put no significance in the request and continued about her busy day.

Every jingle of the bells over the door caused Luke to look up, he was expecting Lorelai and he couldn't wait to talk to her. Five o'clock came and went and then six, he wondered where she was and thought about calling her, after all that's what cell phones are for aren't they? But he restrained himself and the dinner rush helped pass the time. Finally, eight o'clock came and still no Lorelai, he began to panic, what if something had happened to her, what if something had happened to the baby? He thought he was going to hyperventilate, but just then she stepped into the diner. Quickly he rushed to her side, "Are you okay? Is everyone okay?" meaning, of course, the baby. "What took you so long?"

Flustered by the attention, Lorelai answered, "I can't speak for everyone, but I'm okay and I've been at the Inn—working. I'm here 'after work' like we agreed. And I'm famished, burger and fries please," she ordered.

Luke just stared at her, 'how could she be thinking of food when he wanted to talk to her, had waited all day to talk to her?' But he knew that she had to eat, she was eating for two after all. Then he thought, 'I've seen how much she eats for one, what is she going to pack away for two?' So he disappeared into the kitchen to retrieve her food.

There were few customers in the diner so Luke neglected his duties and sat down across from Lorelai as she ate. He couldn't wait any longer so he began, "I'm sticking my neck out here, but one of us has to and the subject can still be up for discussion, but I know how I feel."

Lorelai blinked, "Know how you feel? About what?"

"About the," Luke glanced around and lowered his voice, "baby."

"Oh," Lorelai answered and tried to hide the anxiety that had just come over her, she wasn't expecting him to have answers in one day.

"Lorelai, I've been walking around here all day thinking about you and me and this whole thing and you know what, I haven't stopped smiling all day."

"What? You never smile."

"I know, so after about the tenth person pointed it out I realized that this must really mean something. Lorelai, I love you, I don't say it enough, rather I try to show it ..."

Lorelai interrupted, "I like to hear it."

"Okay, I'll try to say it more often, but anyway, I love you, and thinking about you carrying a baby that is a little part of me and a little part of you is incredible, how could anyone not want that? And we can do all of that stuff that you talked about, I want to marry you and have this baby and we can plan another one if we want and be excited the minute that the strip turns pink, but Lorelai, the important thing now is that I love you and that we have this baby." In his excitement Luke, forgot to lower his voice when he mentioned the word baby, but Lorelai hadn't noticed, she was caught up in his declaration.

Lorelai dropped her burger and her eyes became wide, "You want to do this?"

Without hesitating Luke responded, "Yes. I'm sorry if it's not 'right', but it feels right, just because it's not planned doesn't make it wrong. A lot is different from twenty years ago when you were pregnant with Rory. We can to this, together, we can do all of it."

Luke's calm assuredness spread to Lorelai and she didn't have to think any further, "Okay, let's do it."

Luke let out a sigh, then a panicked look came over his face, "'Do it' as in have the baby or in get married?"

"Are you asking me to marry you?" Lorelai asked in confusion.

"I guess I am." Luke knelt down on one knee in the middle of the diner, oblivious to anyone who was watching or listening to their exchange. He took both of her hands in his, "Lorelai, I love you. I have loved you since the moment I saw you. I would be honored if you would agree to be my wife."

Lorelai was already crying and couldn't even utter a yes, so she nodded and pulled him up to his feet. She stood next to him and kissed him. She tried to pour out all of her love for him into him through the kiss. She couldn't believe what had just happened, but was amazed at how right it felt, just like everyday with Luke, it just felt right. And she knew it was right because she didn't need a thousand yellow daisies to make the moment special—it was special all by itself in the middle of Luke's diner.


Thanks for all of the reviews and encouragement. I enjoyed writing these two days in Luke and Lorelai's lives and I hope you got pleasure in reading about them.