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A Night In Torgua

For the first time in which seems like forever I wake to the sound of the beautiful ocean waves rushing against the ship.

Torgua. This is a fowl, dirty, and whore filled place. Just where a certain pirate wanted to be. (Hint: Jack)

Well I guess I'll have to make to best of it.

Elizabeth's POV

These smelly pirates have been holding me hostage long enough. Where's Will! He should have been come for me! If he's sitting in that shop of his doing nothing he's gonna get it when I return.

That is if.

Well I'm staving and probably about to go down yonder. That is IF, I don't get any food. But that won't happen. There would be no story without Elizabeth Swan. (A.N.- There could be. Remember everyone; authors have sources that never dry up.)

Maria, I wonder what she's doing. Most likely laughing about it. I could have her head for that.

Then the most horrible thought came to my mind.

"What if she's hitting on Will?!"

I can't stop myself from saying or thinking it. What if it's true?! I can just imagine her throwing herself at him. Oh Will I'll save you! That is if you save me first.

Maria's POV

"I bet Elizabitch set this whole thing up! It's such a coincidence. They fall for each other, then some rabid fan-pirates come and kidnap her, then she waits on her luxury boat, not mincing living the life, for Will to come save her!"

I talk to the only person not that drunk in the bar. The bartender. (A.N.- Mr. Bartender, Mr. D.J. Make me feel good I got fire today. Don't want to leave the club alone to night. Sorry. Just had to sing Sugar Ray.)

Jack came here to talk about the whole pearl getting stolen going over every single detail. Good God Woman! I mean man!

"So this affects me how?"

The bartender asks.

"Fuck off! I wasn't talking to you!"

"Yes you were."

"I said FUCK OFF!"

I leave the bar to go stand by Will. We stand silently until some drunken old hag comes trying to dance with Will or do something else. (A.N.- If you have a vast imagination you know what I'm talking about.)

"Hey want to dance."

She asks slurring her words.

"No bitch he doesn't."

I answer quickly for him.

"I didn't ask you trick. I asked him."

"And I answered so go find someone else to bother. And I ain't no trick cause yo mama is!"

How dare this mother fucker come up to me and call me a trick? Oh hell no.

"You want to take this out side?"

"Only if we got to."

"You ain't got the balls bitch."

"Cause you do! "

The bar grows silent to listen to our bickering.

"Maria stop, just let it go."

Will grabs my arm.

"No Will I got this. If a bitch won't it, then a bitch won't it."

So there we where out side. I was about to let her have it when the author switched POV.

Elizabeth's POV

"Are you having fun?"

That little nasty pirate asking me stupid questions.

I would be if you wasn't all up in my face.

"Why don't you just kill me already?"

"Oh no. You have a much more important job Miss. Turner."


Maria's POV

"Ha Ha Ha. I am the victor."

I laugh.

Will grabs my arm and drags me into a dark alley. Oh no rape.

"Maria what were you thinking?"

"I don't know."

My eyes swell with tears.

"No don't cry."


I breathe in deeply.



"Are you mad at me?"


I know I sound like a three year-old child after breaking their mother's vase or something.

"Lets head back to the ship."

I follow him back to the ship. I go to my room and he goes to his.

I lay awake starring at the ceiling. I can't go to sleep. I have this odd feeling about this whole journey. I brush it off and turn until I'm in a comfortable position. My eyelids seem to weigh a ton. I was just about to go to sleep when a loud crash out side snapped me back to reality.

I skid out the door onto the deck. I look about but no one is to be seen. I gaze at the stars. They're more beautiful at sea. I sigh deeply. A case of homesickness opens in my heart. I'm really starting to miss my dad. I've only bee gone about a week and already this feeling has come.

I inhale the ocean air. It smells kind of good. Since we're leaving tomorrow might as well get a good nights sleep. I was about to turn and leave when a shadow casting across the ship caught my view.

The shadow leads me to Will.

"Maria, surprised to see you awake at his hour."


The moonlight is making him look even sexier.

"I love it out here it's so peaceful."

I just want him jump on him and cover him with kisses. I love it when he talks in ways I don't understand. Man I'm stupid.

The stars reflect their beautiful light off the water.


I look at him he leans in and kisses me.


I kiss back. His soft lips press against mine. I pull back for much need air. I'm blushing like mad.

"Will. I."

I can't think strait. That kiss was amazing, unbelievable. It was like I drifted away, far away from here just for a split second.

I run to my room red as a cherry and some how manage to fall asleep.