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Ludicrous Configuration! Productions
A Neon Genesis Evangelion Alternate Universe
By JJ Corley

Evangelion: Honor's Duty

'I've only had one cherished dream.. and even then it's not
truly mine. I share it with my adoptive father..

'I don't aspire to any particular career or profession in the

'And so far, in the sixteen years of my life, things have
happened as fate would have it. And, that is how it shall continue...

'Note: thank mother, if she's listening in whatever afterlife
there is, for that. Life with Saotome-san has never, never been boring.

'And the training trips keep me out of school. Dual thanks, mom.

'And Father....'

Ikari Shinji's further thoughts were jarred from him as the
train suddenly stopped. He disembarked, the only person aboard, and
silently set off for the next train he would need to take for Tokyo-3.
He hesitated for a moment, and turned to look over the surrounding
terminal, relapsing into thought.


[_}~`\-/'~{_] Neon Genesis Evangelion: Honor's Duty
^ " ^ Stanza One: Angel's Choir

"We're sorry, but the Tokyo-3 telephone systems have been taken
off-line due to the emergency. Please remain in your shelter. Repeat:
The Tokyo-3 telephone systems have been ta-"

Shinji set the pay-phone receiver back into its cradle gently.
Something was going on. Something big. He reached into the pocket in the
white Chinese pants he wore, removing a letter and a makeshift postcard.
The letter he had received from his father. As for the postcard.. it had
once been an enticing photo of a purple haired vixen, but its previous
owner had decided on using it as so much stationary. 'I'll come and pick
you up, so please wait! Katsuragi Misato' was what it read. Well, that
and an arrow pointing at the woman's ample cleavage saying 'P.S.: Take a
LOOK at this!'.

The sporadic tremors started again; the faint vibrations
traveling through the sidewalk were slightly more pronounced this time.
Yes, something was going on, and that something was very wrong.

An eerie silence slowly settled, and an almost tangible feeling
of apprehension lay thick in the air; Shinji suddenly wished it was
tangible, then he could just beat the crap out of it and his senses
could get out of their danger zones.

The tremors became immense, until they were audible. After
listening for a while, he decided that if one of the surrounding
skyscrapers had decided to get up and walk away, this would be the sound
it would make. The buildings were violently shaking with the tremors,
and nearby windows rattled. Shinji reflexively slipped into a defensive
stance, his years of Martial Arts training coming into the fore. His
warning sense screamed.

Someone was watching him from behind.

Shinji turned to face the person; his eyes narrowing as he saw
her, roughly 12 meters away. Blue hair, cute face, standard sea-green
girl's school uniform with a red bow tie, white socks, and black shoes.

An exceptionally large tremor struck, and his attention was
diverted to the -as yet unseen; lovely mountains, though- source to his
left. He looked back to the girl.

She was gone.

"Weir-" Tremor, "d-d-d-d-d-da.." Shinji turned back to the now
seen source of the tremors. A monstrous black figure loomed over the
surrounding buildings, locked in unarmed combat with an equally
monstrous purple figure. Ikari Shinji summed it up as best he could.

"Holy Schnikies!"

^ " ^

Misato belted the navigational-computer a good one. Said Navi-
comp flickered, beeped, and finally blinked the correct map of the area
on its screen..

For all of twelve seconds.

Misato growled. She wasn't having a good day.

"G-r-r-r-r.. Stupid thing! Damn!! Why'd I have to lose him at a
time like this?!?" As she sighed, she noticed a guy sitting on the
sidewalk. The car skidded, slid, and came to a stop with a sickening
crunch. From the sidewalk, and now a full meter away, Shinji winced.

Misato opened the driver's side window. "Hey, You Ikari Shinji?"
The boy, dressed in a blue Chinese silk shirt and white pants, pulled
his attention from the sky and nodded weakly. "Good. Get.."

*Swoosh* *Slam!* *Click*

"..in." Misato blinked.


"Huh?" It was then that Misato noticed the falling angel, the
end result of Unit-01's sloppy shoulder throw. Misato quickly threw the
vehicle into reverse. Tires squealed as rubber burned; and the car
screamed backwards, finally finding friction. Shinji white-knuckled the
dash as Misato chanted her mantra. "oh my god we'renotgonnamakeit
we'renotgonnamakeit, we'renotgonnamakeit..."

Sachiel slammed into the cement and surrounding buildings,
impacting into the ground with a large cracking sound. Misato's vehicle
barely avoided being smashed by debris before the shockwave caused an
upset, spilling the car onto its roof.

For the briefest of moments, Shinji thought of moving to the
valley between two hills, as it was indeed a comfortable place to rest.
Misato, however, apparently didn't want anything to do with the change
of address forms; she pulled Shinji's head from her cleavage and scowled
at him.

"Err.. Sorry?" he said, sheepishly.

"I'll let it slide.. this time." She smiled wanly. "You should
really buckle up. For safety." The car shook for a second, then slowly
began to rise from the ground. It was turned right side up and placed
back down again.

Misato looked at the upside down Shinji, his head where his feet
should have been. "That looks painful.."

"Incredibly so.." Shinji squeaked. Misato mercifully opened the
door. Shinji tumbled out, tucked into a roll, and stood up - his neck
bent to the right at a strange angle. "Thanks, I think.." Shinji winced
as he straightened his neck. "Oww."

Misato poked her head out of the opened door. "Thanks, Rei!" She
said, waving to the purple giant. Then to Shinji, "Come on, we gotta

As Shinji re-situated himself into the vehicle, he asked "Just
what is that thing?"

Misato hit the accelerator before answering. "The black one's an
Angel, and the purple one's the Eva. The Eva's on our side."

Shinji blinked, then looked to Misato. "But, aren't Angel's
supposed to be the messengers of God?"

Misato took a hand from the steering wheel, subconsciously
fingering the small white cross around her neck. Shinji watched her,
awaiting an answer; and finally, after a few moments, she sighed.

"I just don't know any more. I just don't know..."

^ " ^

From inside Unit-01, Ayanami Rei watched the two depart.
Something inside both her and the Eva wanted to run to the boy's side,
to protect him from any threat. "Why do I feel this way?" She asked to
no one in particular.

While Rei was doing that introspection thing, Sachiel had picked
himself up off the ground.

He was not in a good mood.

First those annoying 'Humans' had bothered him with their
'Airplanes'. Now this dark servant of the Lillim, who's soul was vying
with the artificial soul of the rider for control - or, were they the
same? - had dared to throw him, HIM!, The covering of God, angel of the
order of Hashmallim, resident of the first heaven (and sometimes
vacationer of the sixth), heir bringer of the dreaded Monday and
wanderer of the south into a building??!? WELL, WE'LL JUST SEE ABOUT

Sachiel ran, building momentum, interlacing the three digits of
each hand to supply an almighty-swinging-whap-to-the-back-of-the-head to
be felt by the artificial child's next clone. Rei, to her credit, turned
Unit-01 just in time to see it coming.


The Eva spun head first into a building, collapsing a wall and
several floors. Sachiel followed his attack with an excellent 'Boot to
the head' maneuver. It was a truly mighty kick, a kick to make all
previous Low Earth Orbit launching kicks look minuscule in comparison.
Not that anyone would ever bother to do such a comparison, mind you.

Fortunately for Rei, the umbilical cable snapped taut, halting
the Eva's LEO ascent at 200 feet. And thus, the Evangelion came tumbling
down, unceremoniously crashing through an abortion clinic.

Sachiel looked to the sky, leaving Unit-01 to crawl out of the
rubble. There was just something symbolic about two of man's own
creations destroying that which man used to destroy himself. Sachiel
shrugged, leaving the ways of God to be pondered at a later date.
Perhaps he could find some more of those 'Airplanes' to destroy..

^ " ^

Ikari Gendou Sat behind his desk, staring impassively at the
screens that displayed the battle before him. The reports began to come

"Pilot's blood pressure is dropping... Neural link is
reversing! ... A10 synchrograph is down 8 percent!! .... 3 minutes and
counting until Operation N2 ... She canna take much more o' this,

Gendou sighed. "It can't be helped. Commence recovery at
ludicrous speed through route I-5!"

Hyuuga Makoto swiveled in his chair. "Sir, we can't! The
umbilical cable's locking mechanisms were damaged when it went taut; we
can't disengage it from here!"

Ikari slammed his hands onto his desk. "Damn! Rei, disengage the
umbilical cable." After waiting for a few moments, he called again.

Ibuki Maya turned from her station. "Sir? Pilot Ayanami has lost

Defeated, Ikari Gendou slumped back into his chair. "It seems
Ikari's little toy is out of order.." One member of the military
advisory panel, seated behind him, scoffed.

"Perhaps it will be destroyed during Operation N2, and save us
the trouble of dismantling it..?" Said another.

"Rest assured, gentlemen," Ikari intoned menacingly from his
chair, "It will remain unharmed from your small display of idiocy."

Fuyutsuki smirked, and added another point to Gendou's side of
the scoreboard.

Unnoticed by all, Gendou pulled a copy of 'The Big, Big Book of
Angels, Including the Fallen Angels and Those Angels Most Likely To
Attack Large Cities' from his desk, placed it on his lap, and searched
through it. Finally, he copied something out of said book onto a piece
of paper. He then turned the paper upside down and wrote 'this way up'
on the top. He placed the book back into its drawer and snapped for his


The old professor was by Gendou's side in less than a moment.
"Yes sir?"

Ikari handed the slip of paper to his second, then resumed his
normal sitting position. "This is the flight pattern for operation N2.
Be sure they follow it EXACTLY."

'But this Sigil is...' Fuyutsuki frowned. "You're mocking him on
purpose, aren't you?"

Gendou simply smiled behind his hands. "Feh."

^ " ^

Lt. Phillips looked to his co-pilot, Lt. Yamamoto. "Are you sure
this flight pattern is correct?"

"Hey, that's what I said. But the guy's on the horn were
insistent we follow it to the line, soo.."

"Right.." Lt. Phillips rolled his eyes. Flipping on the con, he
announced: "All right, Bujoku Squadron, form up.."

^ " ^

Sachiel stopped running, jumping, and generally causing massive
amounts of chaos, to cock his head to the side and blink in a
destructive-as-all-get-out-but-cute kind of way as he noticed the
fighter planes of 'Operation N2'.

The Angel's left eye began to twitch and water. What kind of
idiot bothers to write 'Sachiel' upside down in the sky?

From inside of Nerv HQ, Commander Ikari smiled. The Angel had
stood perplexed long enough for the bomber to acquire a target lock
and launch the N2 mine.

^ " ^

"Ouch.. That HAD to Hurt.." Shinji said sympathetically for
Unit-01. "You said the purple one's on our side, right?"

Misato nodded. "Yep, that's right."

"Well.. I hate to say it, but.. It's getting beaten. Rather
badly, too."

Misato groaned. "..Oh, I told them not to place such a burden on
Rei. But did they listen, Nooo, sir - don't listen to Katty.."

Shinji waited for Misato to calm herself before asking another
question. "Err.. Miss Katsuragi.. Why are the planes running away..?"

Misato looked from the road she was speeding on long enough to
glance at Shinji, then followed his gaze. "oh shit." was all she said.

Unknown by all, Sachiel was thinking much the same thing.

Then the world turned an interesting shade of off-pink...

^ " ^

The government cronies were ecstatic. "Got it! .. Yes! ... We did
it! .. Nothing could have survived that, absolutely nothing! ... Such is
the power of our N2 mines! ... Ha ha ha! .. Do you know what this means?
The Eva's are no longer necessary! ... More funding for us, yea!"

And through the entire outburst, Ikari sat emotionless, staring
at the screens. "Status report?"

"Continuing EMP shockwave interference from the explosion. We're
still on standby for target destruction confirmation!"

One of the military advisers laughed. "With a blast of that
force? Can there be any doubt?"

Hyuuga checked another monitor. "Sir! The blast has severed
Unit-01's umbilical cable. Beginning recovery through Route 66, due to
extensive damage in Route I-5 and HWYS 99 & 32.."

Aoba Shigeru put down his manga long enough to shout, "Sir! I'm
getting energy readings from ground zero!"

The entire military panel fell over in shock. "_W_H_A_T_?!?"

"Visuals are back online!"

Sachiel stood in the epicenter of the crater, basking in the
heat as his new head was formed. The Angel's only thought was 'Oww..'

Ikari smiled. "Indeed."

The military panel slowly sat down, each of its members at a
loss for words. "Our last gambit.. for nothing! ... We destroyed an
entire city! ... It's a monster.. .... A demon.."

Ikari smirked. "As god created both, is it not fitting his
minions received such qualities as well?"

As the board grumbled amongst themselves, one of them got off
the Emergency Hot Line. "Ikari, HQ has informed me that total command of
this operation has been transferred to YOU. Don't Screw Up." And with
that, the entire military panel, desk and all, sunk under the floor.

"There they go, playing turtle, and leaving us to do the hard
work.." complained Aoba.

Ibuki and Hyuuga nodded in agreement; then paused, realizing
just who they were agreeing with. Aoba studiously ignored the glares his
fellow techies directed at him as he returned to his manga.

^ " ^

Shinji blinked his eyes furiously, trying to rid himself of the
flash-induced blindness. Fortunately for them both, Misato's sunglasses
had spared her from the worst of it, and she had continued driving.

Feeling the inertia of the car slow, then speed up twice as fast
as before prompted him to say something. "Where are we?"

"Car lift, express. Don't worry, we're almost there." She picked
up a packet and placed it on Shinji's lap. "Here, read this."

Shinji vainly rubbed his eyes, wishing he could see.

He and Misato sighed at the same time. This caused Misato to
laugh. "What is it?"

"Miss Katsuragi.."

Misato waved her hand in a dismissive gesture, smiling. "Oh..
don't worry about all that formal stuff. Just 'Misato' is fine."

He shrugged. "Can you tell me what my father does?"

She blinked, twice (*Squeegy-Squeegy*). "You mean you don't

He sighed again. "No.. not really. All Saotome-san ever said
was.. 'He thinks it's important to the future of Humanity. Don't worry
to much 'bout it, though.'"


Shinji nodded, his sight on the verge of returning. He turned to
the greater glob of grey that he figured -correctly- was Misato. "Yeah.
Saotome-san was my guardian, teacher, and foster father." His sight
finally returning, he looked at the pamphlet in his lap. "Nerv? What's

"It's a secret government organization directly under the
control of the UN." Misato smiled and leaned forward to check her makeup
in the rear view mirror. "Hummn.. I work there, too -you know, as an
international civil servant.." She said, pulling out a compact and
powdering her nose. "So does your father. Ah.." She glanced over at
Shinji nervously, putting the compact back into her purse. "Your, err..
biological one, I mean."

Shinji chuckled slightly, shaking his head. "Don't worry. I know
who you mean when you're referring to my 'Father'." He shook his head
again, this time sadly. "So.. you're in 'the admirable job of defending
humanity', eh?"

Misato frowned. "What's with the sarcasm?"

"I just don't think peace can be achieved through threat of a
greater force, that's all." He leaned back in his seat, idly flipping
through the pages of the pamphlet. "Heh.. 'One can only achieve true
peace after conquering oneself'." He said softly.

"You sound like a philosopher.."

Shinji smiled. "No, I'm just a Martial Artist.. Although it's
been said that both are the same, after a fashion. Philosophy teaches
one the discipline of the mind, while Martial Arts teaches one the
disciplines of mind, body, and soul..." He trailed off.

Misato watched Shinji with a bemused expression as the Geo-front
came into view. Shinji's eyes widened as the buildings of Tokyo-3 cast
their shadows across the car lift, looking for a moment like the world
was standing on its head.

"Holy.. Schnikies!!" He whispered in English.

Misato caught it, but didn't understand. "'Shi.. nai.. kii..'?

He blinked, coming out of his stupor. "Huh? Oh, That? It's just
an expression I picked up from one of Saotome-san's gaijin students."


^ " ^

Rei slowly broke through the black veil of unconsciousness,
disoriented. It took her a moment to realize she was still within the
confines of the entry plug. Hurt. A world of Hurt. The feeling of her
head being used as a football. The pain of the Eva was the pain of the
pilot. She clutched her head and moaned, "Can you reduce this pain?"

Her answer came as the pain retreated. Rei slowly blinked away
the tears, and watched as the saline floated upwards. She voiced her
thanks to the Eva, then wondered aloud. "Who was that man?"

Again, the answer came unbidden into her soul. "Our Son?" A slow
smile played across Rei's features. "Shinji-kun.." Another thought came
into her, and she agreed whole heartedly. "We must protect him."

"This," Both halves of Ikari Yui's soul vowed - Rei I and Eva
Unit-01 - "I will do unto death."
^ " ^

"At last. It has begun." Said the monolithic holograph labeled

"Yes," Said another, identical except for the number: SEELE 04.
"The angels have attacked us, after only fifteen years."

"Perhaps we should have lent more.. enthusiasm to our 'Requests'
of the UN. The situation is acceptable, but if there is a loss now.."
SEELE 07 allowed the rest to go unsaid, leaving the others to their own
dark speculations..

The twelve SEELE monoliths sat silent for a moment, all but one
questioning their actions. SEELE 01 spoke. "It is too late now for
speculation. We have committed ourselves to this course, and there is no
possibility of turning back."

Several other monoliths grumbled agreement, a few opting to stay

"What is the status of the First Child?" SEELE 06 queried.

"The pilot of Unit One is becoming mentally unstable, as in
accordance to the plan." SEELE 04 answered, adding: "The reserve pilot,
and his value to us, is still an unknown."

At this, SEELE 01 chuckled. "He is Ikari's son, and therefore
his value is immeasurable to us. Besides, if he does prove troublesome,
we can eliminate him -since we have the Second Child already in our
thrall, due to Agent R."

"Ah, yes.. Her." SEELE 12 blanched behind his monolith. "I
believe you place too much value upon her. Elimination of the Third
Child should only come as a last resort. There are, as they say, more
than two ways to persuade a cat's-pawn."

[_}~`\-/'~{_] Neon Genesis Evangelion: Honor's Duty
^ " ^ Stanza One: Angel's Choir