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"Boy...Get your arse out of the cupboard this instant!" Yelled Aunt Petunia.

"I 'm making breakfast for my Dudleykins and if you want any you'd better hurry up! It's the first day of school!" she screeched.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia" replied a voice from the cupboard under the stairs of number four Privet Drive.

Harry walked out and into a brightly lit kitchen. His jet-black hair was sticking up though he had rubbed a balloon on it. He had brilliant emerald-green eyes that were hidden under a pair of broken and badly repaired with scotch tape, horn-rimmed glasses. He was wearing baggy jeans with a belt that seemed much to big and a faded red t-shirt with a small hole in it. His trainers were worn in and the sole was starting to rip off. You cold tell even by his baggy clothes he weight was far too little for his height. He sighed and grabbed a chair to sit down in. Harry's stomach grumbled as He watched Dudley devour his three eggs, two sausages, and five pieces of French toast drowned in syrup. Harry looked back at his plate to find a piece of burnt toast and mustard. He didn't dare ask for anything else because the last time he was sent to his cupboard without food for the rest of the day.

"Maybe I'll find some money for lunch on the way to school." Thought Harry as he got up, looked at his lunch that consisted of a bruised apple and two pieces of bread and went outside to walk to school. He was entering the first grade. Harry quickened his pace so Dudley and his cronies couldn't catch up to him and terrorize him as they usually tried to. On his way to school he stopped seeing a bright shiny, gold object on the sidewalk.

"It's some pence!" Harry thought delighted he might be able to get a good lunch. Unfortuntatly though it seemed to only be a small hourglass on a gold chain. "Maybe I can sell it" he though as he place around his neck and spun it around numerous times transfixed by it beauty.

Suddenly, as though he had fainted every went black and when he reopened his eyes he found himself on a cold wooden floor in the middle of what seemed an great hall for dining. Harry started to panic. "What's going on?" "Where am I?" He sat down on the nearest chair and cried and cried wishing for once he didn't mess something up. This was his first real day of school. He cried because his stomach hurt from being malnourished, He cried because he was sick of the bullies but most of all he cried because if he was gone nobody would even miss him. His Aunt and Uncle would probably be delighted. He didn't have anyone who loved him. He wished for somebody to comfort him. He never had anything like that before.

"My parents are dead." "There never coming back" He thought crying hysterically and holding himself up in ball.

"What's wrong?" a woman's voice said.

Harry jumped and looked up trembling. She had red hair and green eyes just like his. She didn't look much older then twenty or so.

"I'm l-o-o-st." Harry said whimpering and scooting far away. He didn't really trust adults much.

"Well that happens to all fist years." She said with a smile with turned into a shocked expression when she saw that this boy's face was defiantly not one of the eleven year olds.

"What are you doing here?" she asked as calmly as she could.

"I don't know!" Harry sobbed and was very scared since the older lady seemed to not want him there "I wa-a-s-s going to school an-nd found a shi-n-y object on th-he-e str-ee-t and I tho-ught it was m-m-m-noney." I pick-k-ed it up-p and now I'm h-here" He said now sobbing uncontrollably.

"O don't cry!" "It's okay" "let's go to Dumbledore." She said getting closer to Harry trying to comfort him.

Harry from instinct backed away. He never really had any adults he could trust before. The women looked confused but replied soothingly," It's okay sweetie. Your not in any trouble," She stretched out her hand which Harry hesitantly took and led him out of the large dining area and into a corridor with moving staircases. Harry looked up in awe at all of these weird things on the walls. The pictures were moving! "It's like a T.V." Harry thought.

The lady holding Harry's hand led through several more corridors and to a gargoyle.

"Cockroach Clusters" she said.

Harry gasped as the gargoyle moved showing a magnificently decorated...

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