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Chapter Seven


Madam Pomfrey smiled at his compliment and said, "Well it appears that Harry has survive the killing curse though I don't know how."

For the second time that day Lilly fainted into James arms.


"Revivio" Madam Pompfrey said causing Lilly to slowly open her eyes. Realizing why she had fainted caused her eyes to go huge and turned around to look at her husband who seemed rather speechless. Remus seemed to have had the same effect as James did.

"Killing Curse?" a baffled Sirius said after some time. "Is that even possible? I mean is he dead in the future or something? Wait I'm not making any sense at all!" said Sirius.

"As usual" muttered Remus

"What was that?' asked Sirius while James and Lilly snickered.

"That is what I wondered Mr. Black when I first looked at the results." Madam Pompfrey remarked. "I even check it two more times."

"Does Dumbledore know?" Remus asked.

"Yes" she said. "I asked if I should send a copy of the test to St. Mungo's but Dumbledore suspects it would result in chaos and after some thought I would have to agree since he is from the future. That is something that probably shouldn't be revealed. The press would have a field day. O yes, Professor Dumbledore would like you up in his office once more with Harry to explain." Madam Pompfrey said as Lilly opened he mouth to ask another question then shut it.

"All right. Thank You Madam Pompfrey." James said as they all exited the office. Harry ran over to greet them and started tell his new father about the children flying on broomsticks.

"They went this fast" Harry said while giving a motion with his hand and saying, "Whoosh. And they had balls and bats and uniforms and all this other stuff. Can you teach me right now please?" Harry said eagerly.

James laughed and Lilly said, "Well he's defiantly your son,"

"I know," James said proudly as he knelt to Harry's height. "I'm sorry Harry but we can't right now. Were going to Professor Dumbledore's office again to straighten some things out."

"O, all right daddy" Harry said trying to hide his disappointment but soon was laughing madly because Sirius picked the boy up and was know holding him over his head running down the corridor.

"You want to fly Harry?" Sirius asked grinning. "Then will fly!"

James, Lilly, and Remus all raced after them out of breath as they reached Dumbledore's office.

They entered the office to find Dumbledore talking to Fawkes. "Who's a pretty bird? Fawkes is a pretty bird yes she is," he cooed.

Lilly cleared her throat making Dumbledore stand straight up and blush slightly. "Ah yes, your hear well let's sort this all out shall we?"

They all sat down and Harry sat on James lap and fell asleep.

"As Madam Pompfrey told you Harry has somehow miraclously survived a killing curse," Dumbledore stated.

"So it is correct Professor?" Lilly asked.

"Well Ms. Evans that is what we are going to sort out. I have found a device similar to a peninsive, called a resenitve in my office that I will use. It is quite complicated and a devious task however. It is used to find memories in a person's brain that they don't remember. You put in part of their DNA sample, which Madam Pompfrey collected, into this small bowl and cast the spell. Following the spell you must say a specific memory you know the person must have had and it will give you the information about it. It is illegal to use without the ministry's consent and you have to rent it but several years ago I nicked one from the department of mysteries in case I would need it ever." He said his eyes twinkling. "One drawback however is that only one person may witness the memory and I believe I should probably do it since I'm pretty sure you are all unaware of the device and it can be deadly and trap you in the memory if it is not done correctly," He added. "So lets start shall with it there are no further questions?" Dumbledore finished leaving them all rather baffled.

Lilly however had a question, "How long does it take for the memory results to come in?"

"Around one week unfortunaly," Professor Dumbledore said. "I just put it in now but I figured you had the right to know what was going on."

"What will become of Harry for two days?" asked James.

"Well Hogwarts is not really the place for a small boy during the summer when there are only a couple of adults who are already busy with many things. So, I was wondering if you and Lilly might take him to your home?" Professor Dumbledore said his eyes twinkling because he knew the answer.

"O, yes Professor we would be delighted!" said James. "Now I can teach him quiddicth!"

Everyone laughed waking Harry up. Harry opened his brilliant green eyes and rubbed the back of his head and his eyes.

"What did I miss?" He asked.

"Were going home Harry" smiled Lilly.

"Ho-ome?" Harry asked. "Where is that? It sounds wonderful." He grinned

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