Pouncival shivered and cuddled closer to his sister. Etcetera was no warmer though. Both kittens were wet, scared and freezing. It was early November and it had just stopped raining. Not able to find a large enough shelter to hold both of them, Pouncival and Etcetera had taken turns hiding inside a shoebox.

"Etcy, where's momma and poppa?" Pounce asked.

"I don't know Pounce." She looked around. In the distance she could see a moving figure. It vaguely resembled a cat, so she figured that's what it must be. "But there's someone who might. Come on!" Pounce ran after his sister. After sprinting several yards, Pounce knew what the shape was.

"Uh, Etcy? Stop!" he shouted. She did, but it was too late. They had been spotted by the Pollicle.

"Run Pounce, quick!" Etcetera yelled as she went speeding past him. Both kits were running faster then they ever imagined they could. Of course, they had the snapping jaws of a seemingly starved Pollicle on their tails.

"Etcy, into that pipe!" Pounce directed. Etcetera turned sharply to her left, Pouncival right behind her. Luckily, the pipe was too small for the Pollicle to fit all the way into. The kits curled into each other, facing away from the opening of the pipe.

Etcetera shrieked as the Pollicle stuck its head in and almost bit her tail. Pounce pulled her deeper into the pipe. The two kits lay down next to each other, not having the energy to see where the pipe led.

"We still don't know where momma and poppa are Etcy. And now I'm extremely hungry too." Etcetera sighed.

"I know Pouncival, but what can I do?" Etcetera sighed again and started to cry. Pounce looked horrified.

"I'm sorry Etcy!" he exclaimed, jumping up. "I didn't mean to make you cry!" Pounce tried to lick off her tears, but was brushed away.

"It's not your fault Pounce. I'm just so scared and cold and hungry," Etcetera explained. He nodded and sunk down next to her, crying too now.

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