Maxie's Real Plan

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Karania's Note: Okay, chapters 1-15 Mal and I wrote though she wrote more of them than I did, however, she gave up on it and told me to continue it so there ya go. I hope you like everything I write.


The submarine glided through the ocean. Inside, Maxie and Team Magma were planning to get the Soul Dew, a mystical gem that would give them control of the Sibling Legendary Pokémon, Latios and Latias.

"Sir, we will be arriving in Sootopolis City within the hour." The navigator said.

Maxie nodded and turned from the porthole he was staring out of. "Splendid." He answered, then turned back to the porthole, his eye catching a Wartortle darting past the submarine, though strangely, the fluffy-eared Pokémon was wearing two glowing bands around her wrists.

Maxie raised an eyebrow. "What in the world....?" He thought, and turned to the navigator. "Kill the lights," He ordered. "We may have a spy..." The navigator gasped in shock. "B-but sir! We'll crash if I can't see where I'm going!" He cried.

Maxie scowled at him. "That Wartortle is probably following us, I don't want to get caught, SO KILL THE LIGHTS!!!" Maxie roared.

The navigator gasped, and quickly turned off the headlights, enveloping himself, Maxie, and many others on the sub in complete darkness. "Sir?" The navigator asked.

"Yes, what is it?" Maxie replied. "I think there's a group of Chinchou up ahead," The navigator told him. Maxie squinted. "Hmm...I suppose you're right..." He opened his eyes. "Perhaps they flock around an entrance to Sootopolis?" He suggested.

The navigator nodded. "It's worth a try..." He said, and began to steer towards the Chinchou swarm. "Go west to Sootopolis." He read, then turned in the direction the sign had said.

Suddenly, a rumble shook the submarine.

"What the!?" Maxie exclaimed, and looked out of one of the portholes, only to be knocked down by a strong jet of water. He gasped in shock as he was pushed against the wall, coughing up water. "SURFACE!!!" Maxie shouted. "SURFACE!!!!"

The navigator cried out as a porthole next to him exploded, a shower of glass nicking him on many parts of his body. He pulled one of the levers, and the sub began to rise from the murky water, Maxie catching a final glimpse of the Wartortle before he blacked out.