Chapter 1

Note: Some parts of this story are obviously my creativity and interpretation. This is not necessarily fact. This story also goes through many of the things seen in the game, therefore I have added things, and changed a few things. These parts are still mostly accurate to the game though.

--A Sonny Day--

Liberty City, late 1970

The night was dark, the lights from the city lit up many areas during the nighttime but not near the Liberty City bank. In front of the bank was a decent sized care, black in color, with slightly tinted windows, that seemed even more deepened with the growing darkness. Inside of the car sat a group of men, clearly Italian in origin. In the driver seat was Sonny Forelli, visibly younger, but still with his dark hair and distinct features. His right hand man, Ronny, sat in the passengers seat, and two other men, Harry and Lee sit in the back.

Sonny leans over to Ronny and whispers to him, "Is it all clear?" Ronny does nothing but give a slight nod. Sonny turns his head to the back seat. "You know what to do." Harry and Lee both get out of the backseat, one using the left door, the other using the right. They look suspicious, despite their attempt not to as they move towards the bank. The Liberty City banks sits on a corner, so Harry moves to one side to keep an eye out, and Lee moves to the other side to watch the other end. Sonny and Ronny then exit the black car and move towards the entrance.

"It'd be nice if we had some more sets of hands." Ronny says stoutly as the two men near the entrance. "Well, what can you do?" Sonny responds in a bland tone. "This is our big job." Sonny turns toward the door and takes out a contraption to pick the lock on the door. The bank clearly has a lack of security, but still a dangerous mission nonetheless. Sonny removes the lock with some effort, and pushes the door open roughly, and it flies back and bangs against the wall. "Not so much noise!" Ronny says quickly, in a low tone. "Don't worry about it." Sonny enters the building, walking tall, ready to do business.

"The safe should be in the back." The two men walk swiftly toward the back of the bank, where the vault is, that holds a sum of a few hundred thousand dollars.


Another vehicle sits near the back entrance of the Liberty City bank. The vehicle is clearly old, cheap, and out of shape, contrasting quite a bit to the car that is in front of the bank. Inside the car is a scruffy looking group, including a teenage kid, a black male, and an Italian looking man. "So, this is it Tommy?" "Let's hope so, or we're robbing the wrong place." The kid in the back quickly pipes up, "We're the only one's hitting this place, right?" A low response comes from the front seat, "Yup."

Tommy Vercetti, also visibly younger gets out of the front seat of the car, and inhales deeply, while looking at the back door to the bank. "Come on." The other two get out of the grungy car, that looks like it was just stolen from a junkyard, rust spots all along the outside, one of the doors nearly falling off, and the windshield cracked. They all walk to the back door, which is locked from the inside. Tommy examines the door thuroughly. "What are we gonna do, Tommy?" "I'll think of somethin'" He examines the door a bit more, then leans back and smashes himself against the door. "What the hell are you doin'?!" The teenager nearly screams. "Shh." Another slam against the door and the door weakens. "...." A third slam against the door and it breaks open.

The door flies off, and lands on the ground. Tommy is the first to go in, grasping his shoulder. "Where's the safe?", a voice from the outside asks. "Should be here somewhere." Tommy walks in further, the other two reluctantly follow. Tommy peers around the seemingly quiet bank, looking for the vault, and as he turns a corner he runs into Sonny, both men fall backward in suprise, and become defensive. "WHO the HELL are YOU?!" Sonny growls angrily. "Vercetti." Sonny peers at the teenage kid and black man that follow Tommy, then he looks back over to Tommy. "Vercetti, huh?" Sonny turns around and whispers with Ronny. "Vercetti...he's Italian. AND he is crazy enough to try and rob a bank with a bunch of ametures..."

Ronny shrugs at the comment, then looks over at the three. Sonny turns back to Tommy. "Well, Mr. Vercetti. You seem like a brave man, or crazy...but our organization is looking for both. What do ya say?" Sonny looks as Tommy questioningly. Tommy looks suprised at the offer, then back at his two companions. "Well, you can think about it later, right now we need some extra hands with this." Sonny states quickly, growing impatient. "This is no time to be standing around", he adds. The two mafia men, and the three others all walk up to the vault at once.

Sonny moves right up to the front of the vault, and places his hand on it, examining the entire thing. "Ronny, this is your specialty." Ronny moves forward and starts messing around with the entrance to the vault. Meanwhile, Sonny and Tommy begin talking again as Ronny works. "You have a first name?" "Tommy." "Tommy Vercetti", Sonny states the full name and thinks for a little while. "Well, I can't just let anyone join our organization, so maybe we can set up a job for you to complete later on, see how you handle it. But for now, we are a little busy as you can see. And when did you decide to rob this bank anyways?"

As Sonny asks the question, Ronny pops the vault door open, and all the men jump up, the question remaining unanswered. They all walk into the vault, Ronny first, and they all peer at the cash inside. "Here", Ronny starts shuttling bags out to the men, as if handing off a football. Once they got all the bags they could handle, the men start to walk back toward the front of the building, when one of them trips an alarm, and a bell goes off inside the bank. "WHAT THE?!" Sonny yells, enraged.

They all look around the bank as the sirens go off. Police sirens can be heard in the distance. Harry and Lee run into the bank. "They're coming!", police sirens can be heard outside. "Get the money into the car!" Sonny says quickly. "Ill keep the heat off of you." Tommy says in a suprisingly calm voice. "Lose the heat, and meet us up in the St. Marks area, don't forget to bring the money!" Tommy nods to him, and Sonny and the others rush out the front entrance and zoom off in the car. Tommy and his two friends rush back out the rear entrance and jump into the rusty car. The police car rears around the corner to persue the old, rusty car, that has trouble getting started. Tommy twists the key, trying to start up the car, but it won't.

Tommy continues trying, but fails to start up the car. "Alright guys, each of you take some of the bags." Tommy says commandingly, the other two don't ask any questions and each take three bags each, full of cash. The police car quickly comes up behind the stationary car, and stops behind them. Two police jump out of the black police car with "LCPD" on the side of it. "Open the door!" One of the officers says, slowing moving toward the door. The door pops open. "Show the hands!" No response from inside the car. "Show the hands!", the officer repeats even louder. Quietly, two hands appear from out of the drivers seat of the car. "Keep them up!" The officer continues to move toward the front door from the backside.

The officer moves until he can see all of Tommy, who is still sitting in the drivers seat, with his hands thrown outward. "Alright..." the cop says to him. "Get out." Tommy slowly gets up out of the front seat and onto the pavement. He moves without suspicion until he quickly slaps the firearm out of the officers hand, and it goes flying into the darkness. The two other men inside quickly jump out and subdue the other police officer, who remained standing near the police car. Tommy pushes the officer down onto the ground, then runs to the police car. All three jump in, and Tommy quickly stars the cop car up, and they zoom down the street. One of the officers gets up and fires at the car, but misses.

The police car flies through the old red light district, on its way to St. Marks. "Where did they say to go?", the teenage says from the backseat. "Just look for their car." Tommy responds. They zoom up the hill to the St. Marks area, all looking out their windows for the mafia car. They all spot it at nearly the same time and say in unison, "There." The police car slowly comes to a stop behind the mafia vehicle. Tommy looks at the building where the car is parked in front of. "This must be it." Suddenly gunfire comes out from inside the building, out to the police car. The three duck so they don't get hit. Tommy quickly rolls down his window and shouts out. "Stop you assholes!" The firing stops, and Sonny peers out of the open front door. "Is that you?"

"Yes! Now stop!" "Never bring a police car up here again. For a minute, we thought they cought you, and you ratted us out. But I know better. You're a trustworthy man." Tommy gives a light nod to the compliment. "You got the money, Vercetti?""Yup...guys..." The two men still in the car both carry the bags of the money up to Sonny. "Good." Harry and Lee walk out, grab the bags, then return inside. Sonny remains outside, looking at Tommy and the other two. "Can we chat for a minute?" Tommy turns to the teenagers and nods, they both walk off down the street.

"I was going to give you a job as a test. But you lost the heat, AND brought the cash. Very reliable, and skilled at your work I see." "I guess so." "Well, Mr. Vercetti. I think you could benefit from working for us, and us benefit from you working for us." Tommy nods. Sonny grins and responds, "Ha, this looks to be the start of a beautiful business relationship."