Chapter 17

((Note: Ill try to move through Vice City parts quickly, since this is the time period portrayed in the game itself, Vice City, and in mid-late 80's is also the time of CJ in San Andreas, before he left for Liberty City))

New Day Dawns

The sun glares off the long stretches of pavement, the inner city of Los Santos. For many years this had been the home of the Johnson family. From there it had also been the home of the Grove Street Family gang, consisting of the Johnsons and the other families in the circular pattern of houses. These homes were in poor shape, as were most in the inner city, a high crime area where the underprivelaged were forced to stay generation after generation, having to form gangs to protect themselves, due to unfriendly police around every corner.

The door of one of the old houses creeks open, two dark skinned young men emerge from the wooden house, onto the unstable looking porch. One of them wears a dark blue pair of jeans, a green sweatshirt, and a baseball hat, while the other, Carl Johnson, wears his trademark white t-shirt, and informal pants. They both stand on the porch with the exact same posture, and look out over their street.

"Don't got your colors on?"


"Yeah CJ?" Brian peers over at CJ, his eyes glaring out from under his hat.

"What you wanna do?"

"Let's grab a bite to eat."

"But it's past three, man."

"That's fine, just grab something small, Ma won't get mad."

CJ shrugs, and they both move swiftly down the steps onto the sidewalk. CJ swings open the door of a light green, slightly outdated vehicle, and jumps in, while Brian goes to the drivers side and does the same. He flips the keys and the car stumbles a little before roaring to life. Brian steps on the gas and makes a quick half turn to steer out of the circle, and the begin on the road.

"How've the boys been, CJ?" Brian asks, his eyes remaining on the road.

"Pretty good I guess, haven't seen many of them."

"Just remember CJ, don't take crap from anyone."


The car flies down the road, the houses glide by one after the other as they continue down the street. Brian makes a sharp turn and pulls into the nearest pizza place, across the street from the tatoo and barber shops, semi-close to the train tracks.

"Be careful, Ballas come through here a lot."

"Sure thing bro."

Both figures step inside of the pizza place, and make a stride for the counter.

"What do we got here...pepperoni definetly...extra cheese..."

Both brothers stand, debating their choice for pizza, while another dark skinned man enters, wearing dark gray pants, and a bulky purple sweatshirt, his hair recently shaved off, and a tatoo showing on his neck. He tasks a quick peek around the store, and spots Brian, immediately stopping his head when he sees them, and begins to move in closer.

"Yo nigga, we could just get half sausage, half mushroom..."

The man in the purple sweatshirt takes a long step, then puts his weight into a shove, knocking the unsuspecting Brian into the counter, nearly falling over afterwards, but able to hold himself up. The cashier cowers at the sudden show of force, while CJ turns, eyes widening as he sees the man.

"What do you punks think you're doing here, huh?"

Brian recovers slowly from the suprise, and looks calmly at the intruder. Then he suddenly gets an angry stare and charges full force into him, both falling into a table, knocking chairs and papers plates all over the ground.

"Bro!" CJ watches the two wrestle on the floor, until finally Brian lands a good punch at the mans head, then spits in his face. Brian pushes himself up, and walks out of the pizza place, without even looking at CJ, the cashier, or the intruder.

"H-have a well stacked day!" The cashier slowly nudges the pizza box at CJ, and CJ calmly turns around, looks at the box and takes it.

"Oh, we will."