My, Like, Mary-Sue

Disclaimer: I so, like, do not own, like, the Lord of the, like, Rings or like, Legolas, like, he is SOOOO hott.

Like, there was once this, like, gurl, who, like, was pretty and stuff. Her name was, like, Elewen. She was all troubled and abused and stuff. So like, she went to a magic genie and the genie was all, "I grant you three wishes." So Elewen was like, "I wish for luv."

Then the, like, genie dude zapped her to a, like, special place. It was, like, called, like Middle Earth or something. Then she, like, met the Fellowship of the, like, Ring. Right, then, like Legolas, like saw that she was like, pretty and stuff. It was, like, luv at first site. And he was all, "Can I kiss your face?" and Elewen was like, "Yah."

So, like, Legolas and Elewen went into the woods. Then they, like, started making out and stuff. And Legolas was all, "I luv you." And Elewen was, like, 'I luv you, like, too."

And then they, like, lived, like, happily ever, like, after and stuff.

So, like, review, or like, I am going to like, kill myself and stuff. And if u flame me, u r mean.

A/N: You didn't really believe that, did you? ;)