Chapter 1: That Eyes Popping Out Feeling

The guys say that, in high school, love doesn't exist. Love doesn't matter in a high school relationship. They get that feeling that they say 'Well I bet you ten bucks I won't see this girl after high school and I won't marry this chick.' So they automatically drop the girl on her ass and go for the foreign chick with the nice boobs.

They call this feeling, the eyes popping out feeling. When the guy has a girlfriend and he sees another chick and all the sudden he wants to get with her. Guys don't seem to think that the other girl they drop is important.

"Damn man, she is fine!" Chad said looking at the French girl who was visiting from France. Ethan stared at her ass as she walked in her French heels.

"She has the hot thing going." Ethan said smiling as Theresa walked to the locker, which she and Ethan, her boyfriend, shared.

"Oh why thank you honey." Theresa said thinking that she was talking about her. Ethan looked at Chad nervously and smiled.

"Yes honey. Anything for you." Ethan said as the French chick waved to him while Theresa's head was in her locker. Fox Crane walked down the hall with his rebel buddy, Dylan Banning. Dylan had a new girl on his arm every week. This week was Veronica Carpenter. They were fit for each other. She was a rich gold digger and he was rich.

"Dylan Boo.... can we go to the mall after school? There is this really cute diamond necklace at Marc's that I really like. Its only 700 dollars." Veronica said looking at Dylan. Fox ignored the statement and he saw his half-brother across the hall with his grotesque grin and that backstabbing mind of his as he waved at another while his girlfriend was in the presence of the room.

"Hey Dylan? Lets mess around with my half-bro's mind." Fox said laughing. Hell, he was a high school guy. Let him prank. Fox walked over in his blue jeans and button up shirt. Ethan was talking to Chad and Chad's girlfriend Whitney. Fox tapped him on the shoulder and Ethan turned around giving Fox a dirty look.

"What the hell do you want?" Ethan said and Theresa closed the locker. Fox froze up seeing her. Her hair was in a beautiful ponytail of curls. She was wearing a flower-patterned dress with light heels not to high but high enough to be heels. Her cherry red lips were glossy and her brown eyes reminded him of chocolate.

"I.... I..." He stared to stutter.

" Can't speak?" Ethan said laughing with his buddies. Theresa didn't find it amusing when she hit Ethan in the arm. Theresa smiled at Fox.

"Hey Fox great to see ya." Theresa said and they started to walk off. What was a guy to do?