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GENRE: angst (?)

TIMELINE: After 'Snape's Worst Memory' in OoTP



SUMMARY: A short take on Snape's thoughts after that Pensieve incident in OoTP

DISCLAIMER: I just like to borrow them and play with them... especially Snape evil grin

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just a short ficlet to get my brain into writing mode :)

- - -

I should have remembered he always sticks his nose into things which don't concern him.

I guess I wasn't thinking straight because one of my seventh years had just been found stuffed up a toilet.

I should never have left my office without locking the door.

Constant vigilance, I reminded myself.

You can never be too careful, especially around Gryffindor's.

I should have made him leave first, so I could lock my memories safely away until I had a chance to retrieve them.

If the Headmaster had been so kind as to warn me of Potter's penchant for taking a dip in someone else's Pensieve, I might have been more careful.

Thank Merlin I returned when I did.

I wasn't concerned about him seeing whether his horrid father removed my pants. I'm sure that mutt of a godfather will enlighten him with the rest of that story anyway.

I was just relieved he didn't see the next memory in the Pensieve.

I would have had a lot of explaining to do.

I like being known as the greasy git without a heart.

A heart causes problems, requires one to show emotions.

One look at that next memory would have ruined my reputation for good.

Then again, Potter wouldn't be so quick to dismiss his prejudices. He would have just told himself some cock-and-bull story to maintain the illusion of me I want people to see.

I Confunded her.

Yes, that's what happened.

After all, who would want to kiss that horrid, greasy man, who was then a horrid, greasy teenager?

No one, Potter would tell himself. No one in their right mind. Least of all his mother.

I hexed her into it.

Yes, that's what he'll tell himself.

And I can live with that.

At least he'll still hate me.

Until he realises that through all the times I've taunted him about James, I've never said a word against his mother.

- - -

Finite Narratio

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Author's Note: It has just been pointed out by my first reviewer (thanks GringottsVault711!) that the last line of this story somewhat contradicts the fact that we saw Snape call Lily a Mudblood in the Pensieve.

What I actually meant with that line, is that Snape has repeatedly said nasty things about James to Harry. How arrogant he is, how he struts around, ignores rules and such. But Snape has never said anything bad about Lily to Harry's face, and that fascinates me.

Hope that clarifies it for everyone!