I kept working diligently as he cried, the sounds of his sobs mixing with the rattling of the chains. The rattling was maddening but in a soothing way, my poor, dear friend was suffering, his pride was breaking and it was killing him in a more torturous way then I could have devised. I stopped for a moment leaning on my little wall of death, watching him. His Sobs were quieter now, but tears still ran down his face. He was thinking, I smiled knowing that nothing could save him; nothing he could think up would stop me.

    He looked up at me then, not looking in my eyes, a submissive gesture, a small one but still a victory for me none the less. His eyes were sparkling with life, shining silver with starlight tears glistening. "Please, Potter, you don't know what your doing. Your supposed to be the hero, the golden boy, the one who saves us all and-"

    "ENOUGH!" He jerked in his chains startled by my outburst. "I was the hero, I saved you all, I wouldn't of needed to be the only one fighting him if we had more help. It would have been over sooner, and less people would have died. And now that it's over I'm supposed to be happy? So many innocent people told me I was there hero before Voldemort attacked! They ALL died! ALL OF THEM! I was visiting St Mungo's, visiting Neville, when he found me."

    I started with my work again, my friend's shoulders shook and his writs bleed from the shackles. He coughed for a few moments before trying again. "Please, Harry, I'm begging you have mercy!"

"Coward! I am a little short on mercy at the moment"



    I left a little opening in the wall and before the last stone was in place I thrust in my torch. Alas before the dawn of the following day, I placed my ear against the opening just in time to hear a little death rattle that signaled the end of my sweet revenge. It was followed by the most foul of odors. With napkin round my nose, I plastered the final stone in position. I then wrote the names of my dear friends, the victims of the war and of his cruelty on the wall of my dear-my dearest friends' tomb. It was done. "errare humanum est" To err is human


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