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Chapter One

Johnny's girl was small, blond, and real pretty. A greaser, but a nice one. Dally hated her.

Johnny was real proud, you could tell, his very own girl, and a pretty one to. But he also looked a little unsure, at least Dally thought so, when he looked at her, when she kissed him. Granted, Johnny wasn't the bravest person, always slinking around with fear in his eyes. But it was like he didn't really want a girlfriend. Like he thought the idea of it all was good, but when it came to actually having one, it was different.

It made Dally wonder.

Dally was drunk, stumbling by the lot in the middle of the night, startling to a halt when he saw the cross legged figure sitting in the shadows. "Johnny?" he called, testing to see if the kid was awake.

"Hey, Dally," Johnny's voice floated over to him. The older boy walked over and sat down next to him.

"Hey, Johnnycake." He looked over at the kid. Johnny was pretty, with all that dark hair and skin. He'd seemed even more pretty since Dally had started to admit to himself maybe he'd like to kiss him and touch him and...

Dally cut the thought off, doing his best to grin like always at the other boy. "What'cha doin' kid?

Johnny shrugged, glancing in the direction of his parent's house. "Being somewhere other than there."

Dally grinned, nodding. Sometimes Johnny reminded him of himself a little. Not much though—usually he reminded Dally of a little kid. A scared little kid, who'd found out the world wasn't perfect after all and was disappointed and terrified. He didn't get to where he didn't care though. Not like Dally had.

They sat in silence, until Johnny shifted, nervously. "Hey Dally?"

The older greaser looked over at him. "Yeah?"

"Do you ever, y'know with a girl... I mean, do you...." Johnny trailed off, looking to Dally for help and meeting the other boy's puzzled glance. "I mean, do you like it when girls... kiss you?"

A bit surprised, Dally looked up. "Well, sure. This about...." Shit, he'd forgotten her name.

"Lisa?" Johnny supplied. "Yeah, I guess. She's a real cute girl, I just..." he stopped, frustrated.

Dally watched him, wondering whether he was drunk enough to kiss him now, while they were alone and Johnny was asking for help. Probably as good a time as any.

He reluctantly decided he wasn't. Not tonight. "Is there anyone you'd rather kiss?" he asked instead.

He wasn't expecting the nervous, darting glance Johnny threw him. Up to Dally's face for only a second, then back at the ground, looking ashamed. He shrugged noncommittally, eyes still on the ground. Dally wasn't sure what to say, and they stayed like that for a few seconds—Dally watching Johnny, Johnny staring at the ground.

He decided he was drunk enough. "Johnny?"

The other boy looked up and Dally just pressed his lips against the kid's, trying to remember to be gentle. It felt nice, Johnny's soft lips under his, not pulling away until Dally lifted a hand to touch the boy's black hair.

"Dally?" He was scared, his eyes wide and shocked, biting his lip, uncertain again. Afraid. Then he turned and ran. Dally watched him go, wishing he hadn't done it, disappointed, but not surprised.