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Summary: About Tai and Matt's relationship with the pain of Tai's constant abuse by his father.
A Walk in the Park

Matt's P.O.V
It was a fine Saturday. The sun was shining and everyone around me was carefree.
God how can everyone be so happy all the time! It should be considered a crime!
I strolled down the street and took a right.
Wait a minute, this is the way to Tai's house. I gave a inward sigh.
I should tell him how I feel but what if he's like a homophobic or something? I can't risk our friendship! Plus I don't really KNOW if I'm gay. I mean it was just a few dreams But a little voice inside my head said oh but you remember how vivid those dreams were. I told myself mental to shut up. I continued walking towards Tai's house, hoping he wouldn't mind the sudden visit, but then again we are always both turning up at eachothers doors all the time since both of us have nothing to do other then homework. Who wanted to do homework? Ok Izzy would but he doesn't count All the sudden I found myself at Tai's door. I guess I was too caught up in my thoughts to relize where I was going. Then again. Going to Tai's house was always sorta automatic to me. O well I rose my hand to press the buzzer, but I heisitated. Whats wrong with me? It's just Tai. I mean we always hang out and we're both always so comfortable around eachother
Before I knew it I was face to face with Mr. Yagami.
" Hello Yamato", he said in a biting tone.

" Urm, is Tai home?", I said feeling uncomfortable. I smealt alcohol in his breath.

" No I'm sorry he's feeling a bit 'under the weather'", He said with a smirk and a drunken glance

" Oh, well ok. Can you tell him I stopped by?", I said sounding a bit crestfallen and a smidge worried

" Of course", he said, shutting the door curtly, in my face. I was now filled with worry about Tai. I knew he talked about how his dad drank and fought with his mother. I could see the hurt in his eyes when he talked of it. It's times like those when I just want to hold him and never let go. I sighed and hoped Tai would be alright. But it was then that it came to my mind that Tai had been acting different on Friday. He jumped whenever someone tapped him on the shoulder, and he had looked pretty pale. Maybe he really was sick with one of those "One-Day Bugs". Or maybe it's something more...

Tai's P.O.V

I was lying in my bed, trying not to move because I hurt all over. Then memories of last night came flooding back. I tried to blinked the tears away, but it was no use. It's horrible when Dad beats me. I guess I did something wrong again. No I did nothing wrong! This can't be my fault! But my self bargining was no use, I just let my eyes close and I took a deep breath. When I opened them I saw Kari staring at me with tears flowing down her cheeks.
" Oh please don't cry Kari!" I begged

" But Tai! You're bleeding all over!" Said Kari now shaking with silent sobs. I tried putting my arms around her but I couldn't due to the pain. After a moment she relized what I was trying to do and slide her arms around my waist and put her head on my chest. I winced in pain. She quickly put her head up.

" Oh Tai! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!" she said." It's ok, I'm fine" I said giving her a weak smile.

" I'm just glad you weren't here to get beat also."
With this said. Kari burst out in huge sobs.

" I'm so sorry Tai! I should have stayed home! I shouldn't of gone to Miyako's!" she managed to get out between sobs.

" Shh Shh, no no no! I'm glad you had fun! I wanted you to go! I feel much safer with you away from...him." I ened the sentence coldy. Him. The one who I considered my Father for so many years. I was filled with so much hatred towards him.

"Tai? Are you okay?" Kari said, bringing me out of my thoughts.

" Hm? Oh yeah, just thinking." I said with a small smile. Just then I heard the door open and my 'Dad' speak.

" Hello Yamato." He said in a cold tone. My heart raced. Matt. Oh how I longed to see him. The sound of his voice had brought me back to reality.

" Urm, is Tai home?" He said sounding a tad uncomfortable in my opinion.

" No. I'm sorry he's feeling a bit under the weather." I scowled at my 'Dad's' words. A bit? Um hello! I'm bleeding here! I don't call that 'a bit' under the weather. I didn't hear the last thing Matt said, but I felt my heart sink. I knew I had 'certain' feelings for him but come on! This Is Ishadi Yamato I'm talking about! Mr. Rebel Rock Star with tons of fan girls screaming his name. I often teased him about this. It's so funny to see his face and him telling me to shut up. I smiled at the ceiling. All the sudden I heard the bedroom door burst open and 'Dad' walk in.

" Get up boy before I beat your sorry ass to a pulp again!" He yelled at me.

" Yes sir" I said quietly, shaking in fear. He gave me a twisted smile and walked out of the room. His alcohol scent still lingered from where he was standing. I slowly sat up and winced. Just then the door opened again. I was afraid it might be 'him' so I started scrambling, but it was just Kari with the first aid kit tucked under her shirt. She crawled on to the bed and started patching me up. I really don't deserve to have such a loving sister like Kari. It hurts me so much to see her get beat by 'Dad'. I came back to my sense when I felt a sharp pain in my side.

" Oops. Sorry Tai. This may burn." She said while applying the rubbing alcohol.

" I can deal." I replied, wincing again. She finished and snuck back out with the first aid kit tucked under shirt. I sighed Well since I'm up I might as well go to Matt's I smiled. Matt. He's so great. I admire him so much. He can look attractive even while laying on the couch next me while we're pigging out on junk food. Thats gotta count for a talent. I laughed out loud. I hadn't noticed Kari had came back in.

" What are you laughing about?" She asked with a smile, she was pleased to see me up.

" Oh nothing" I replied. She rose an eyebrow, then smiled.

" Well I'm going to Matt's. You try to get out the apartment too, ok?" I said in a seroius tone. She laughed.

" Ok Tai. Have fun!" She said happily. I waved bye as I walked out the apartment door. Finally I get to talk to Matt! Maybe I should tell him how I feel...

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