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"He's coming through! He's coming through!"

A once-handsome man with long black hair suddenly appeared through the veil. His back arched gracefully as he fell through, a look on his face that was somewhere torn between shock and bitter amusement. He seemed to take an age to fall, giving James enough time to rush forward and catch his old friend before he hit the ground. James stumbled a bit under the sudden weight, though Sirius was still considerably underweight; with a sad look he stared into his friend's face. This was not how he wanted them to reunite.

"He's stunned Lily, but very much alive. We need to get him back to our place...before anyone realizes what's happened," James said, turning to his beloved wife. He made to adjust Sirius into a more comfortable position, to get him out of the building, but paused as he heard voices through the veil.


"...Nothing...do, Harry"

"Get...save...only... through"

"...too late..."

"We... still...him..."

"There's...you can...nothing....gone."

"...Hasn't... 's...d–"


James froze. He knew those voices. His son's and Remus's. They were so close; just beyond the veil...just on the other side. James felt the desire to bolt through the veil, to be with his friend and comfort his son. He lost all sense of what was happening. He hardly even realized that he still held Sirius in his arms. James stood entranced by the voices and the veil as it fluttered lightly, as if there were a gentle breeze in the room where he stood. People he cared about where just on the other side if the veil. They were so close. He started to tremble lightly as he checked the urge to run straight through the veil. Lily, who had been aware of what was going through her husband's mind, walked behind him and gently rubbed his back, calling him back to reality.

"Take him home, honey. Get Sirius out of here before anyone realizes what's happened," she whispered gently. "I'll follow in a minute or so."

James slowly tore his vision away from the veil, and stared into Lily's pure green eyes. His son had the same eyes. They were what had first attracted James to Lily. Everyone has a feature that they focus on when it comes to the opposite sex; for James it had always been eyes. He had never seen eyes quite that green, quite that passionate and understanding, quite that infinitely beautiful. Even now, they seemed to tell him that everything was going to be fine. Slowly he nodded, and after moving Sirius so the his left arm was wrapped around his shoulder, he apparated with Sirius back to his home in Godric's Hallow.

James reappeared in the guest room of his home, the room where Sirius or Remus normally stayed when they visited. The room was decorated just as it was when they had died in 1981. The walls were still painted blue; Sirius's prized leather jacket (which he had never trusted to be left in his own apartment) still hung in the closet; the room was still decorated with a mixture of Remus's things and Sirius's things, as though it was expected that one of the two would show up at any moment. James laid Sirius down on the queen sized bed, and took a good look at him.

"He's changed," he muttered. "A lot."

"Of course he's changed, James. It's been fourteen years, twelve of which he spent in Azkaban," Lily said from the doorway, having apparated in a few moments before. "You really can't expect to be the same man that he was when we died."

"I know. It's just, well, seeing him here...it brings back a lot of memories, ya know?" he said quietly, turning to look at his wife.

Lily nodded, understanding what her husband meant. "Well, aren't you going to wake him up?" she asked, somewhat teasingly.

"Oh, right." He turned back to Sirius and pulled his wand out of his back-pocket. "Ennervate."

Sirius's eyes fluttered open and then he closed them again and rolled over, apparently asleep.

"Figures," James muttered under his breath.

"Come on. Let's let him get some sleep, James. When he wakes up, he'll know where to find us," Lily said lightly.

"But what if he doesn't wake up?" he asked as they left the room and headed down-stairs. "I mean, I don't know of anyone who's ever gone through the veil and been alive when they came through on this end. What if he's as dead on this side as we are on the other side?"

"James, he'll be fine. He's just sleeping this off."

"But what if–"

"Have a little faith, honey. Sirius is strong, he'll be fine. You, meanwhile, should make yourself useful, instead of speculating about things that obviously aren't going to happen," Lily said, hoping to get her husband's mind off the fact that Sirius might not wake up.

"You're right," he said with a sigh. Before he got married, those were words that were hardly ever heard out of his mouth. Now, after being with Lily for sixteen years, it was a phrase that was repeated often enough to his wife.

Lily headed to the living room, while James retreated to his study. When he died fourteen years ago, he had devoted much of his time to learning about things that he had never bothered to learn while he was alive. One of his main focuses was on the veil that was hidden in the depths of the Department of Mysteries. He knew, though he would never really admit it to anyone, that if there was any chance of communicating with the 'living world', this was it. Lily speculated that it was the reason why the veil intrigued him as much as it did, but never mentioned it.

After their death, James had become rather depressed and lonely. Don't get me wrong, he was still very much in love with Lily, and treasured her company (as well as her in general). And he wasn't ashamed that he was dead; he died defending the ones he loved. To him there was nothing greater than that. But he had left behind those who he considered family; an more importantly, he left them in a mess that only he or Lily could really clear up. He couldn't stand to think of Sirius, who would have never betrayed James and his young family to Voldemort, stuck in Azkaban, or of Remus, who had just lost his three best friends, and was living with false ideas of Sirius and Peter, or of Peter; as much as James was pained because of what Peter did to them, he still felt that he needed to talk with Peter, figure out how all of this had happened. He felt helpless. Unable to affect anything outside their world, and it was driving him mad. For the first year after his death, James didn't do much other than brood about his past and the life he left behind. It wasn't good for him, and Lily knew, and forced him to talk one evening. It cleared a lot of things up, put things in perspective, and started James's personal quest for knowledge. Because of this, amongst a fairly long list of other reasons, young Mr. and Mrs. Potter decided to wait before really moving on to heaven (or whatever awaited them).

That's all they were doing, really. Waiting. After dying, they were first faced with the choice of staying dead, or becoming ghosts. They already knew the answer to that; becoming a ghost would have made them worse off, because eventually, the ones they cared about would die as well, and who knew what they were going to do. With that question answered, they were taken here. It was a sort of parallel dimension to the one on Earth. In fact, it was, technically, on Earth, just not in the same sense. Everything that existed on the Earth that you know, exists here as well, with the exception of ghosts and people who are still alive. James and Lily found their house in the same place (although now it was not destroyed). It was as though nothing really happened, and they were still alive. Everyone here is as alive here, as people who are alive on Earth are alive there. They're not transparent or incorporeal; they have control over their surroundings; they even had government systems.

Here people wait. For what depends on the person and the situation. Some wait until they come to terms with their own death. Some wait for loved ones, so they have someone to welcome them. Some wait for old enemies to try and make amends. And some aren't exactly waiting, but searching. Searching for what, though? For some it's truth, for others it love, and for some it's knowledge that drives them to stay here. They stay here for as long as they feel is necessary, before they move on to whatever fate awaits them. For James, he was trying to gain more knowledge of the mysteries of the world, as well as wait for the ones he loved. What he really wanted, however, was to somehow figure out how to communicate with those who were still alive.

He wanted to be able to tell his son that he was proud of him, that he couldn't have been more proud of the things he's done. He wanted to tell Harry to trust his friends, even if there is a chance that they might betray him, and to always stand for what he knows is right. He wanted to tell Harry the types of things a father is supposed to tell his son. And because of his quest to somehow link the two worlds, the ministry that exists here found him to be quite troublesome. He was often caught looking into things that he was not supposed to look into. He was forever suddenly 'finding' himself in the Department of Mysteries. His little habits had gotten him arrested five times and he had spent a total of three weeks in their Azkaban. His crime record was the reason that he had to get Sirius out of the Death Chamber as soon as he could. It wouldn't take long before the ministry would realize someone came through, and James had little desire to be found in there with Sirius's body.

Sirius... James still wondered if he was even somewhat the same person that he had been at age twenty-two before he had been taken to Azkaban. There was no way that he could know until his old friend woke up, and he had no idea how long that was going to take. Sighing, he spun the chair in his study around so that it faced his tall, looming bookshelf that was packed with so many books, it would have made Remus (always the intellectual in their group of friends) proud He scanned the shelves for a moment, then pulled an ancient book about the veil off the shelf. He flipped it open and began to read, occupying his mind something as he waited for Sirius to rouse.

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