The Perfect Child

Disclaimer: I actually got the idea for this after watching the Designer Babies Documentary in Biology.

Summary: AU. Slash. SB/RL. Sirius' life is turned upside down when his parents make a nasty public remark about him. About the fact that he was supposed to have been the perfect genetically and magically engineered child. The perfect Black. But according to them, he is a Freak of Science.

Warnings: See the summary. I know genetically engineered humans aren't exactly possible at the moment, super babies so to speak, but with magic and my imagination, anything is possible in fan fic. Rated R for use of language.

Pairings: Sirius/Remus and Severus/James (in secret at the moment).


Chapter 1: Sirius' Secret

It was late one night at the beginning Sirius' seventh year at Hogwarts and he could not sleep. One reason was that he knew his parents had given an interview for the Daily Prophet earlier today and he knew it would be in the paper tomorrow, Regulus had told him. It would be just the kind of thing for them to discredit him and insult him even more and he was worried about what they could say. The other thing keeping him awake was thoughts of his boyfriend, Remus, he had been acting quite strangely ever since school started back a week ago and Sirius still hadn't found out why.

Sirius stared up at the dark canopy above his four poster bed for a while until he heard someone moving around in bed a little too much. He strained his ears so he could figure out who the restless sleeper was, he figured it was coming from his boyfriend's bed. "Rem?" he whispered as loudly as he dared in case he woke James and Peter up.

It took a minute or two for a reply to come, in fact, Sirius started to think he had been imagining the noise.


Sirius got up and tip-toed over to the werewolf's bed, he found the gap in the bed hangings and climbed through to sit on the bed at his boyfriend's side. It was only then that he realised Remus' wand tip was lit and he had a book open. "Are you all right?"

Remus closed his book and sighed, "You're not going to stop asking that, are you?"

Sirius frowned slightly, "I'm only asking out of concern…" he placed a hand on one of Remus' legs. "I'm worried about you."

"I know…sorry…" Remus sat up more and hugged his knees to his chest. "I just had a terrible summer…"

Sirius moved up to the head of the bed and sat next to Remus, he pulled the covers over their legs so that they didn't get too cold. "All of it?"

Remus smiled slightly and rested his head on Sirius' shoulder, "No, just the end of it when I wasn't with you or anyone else that was remotely likeable…or accepting." He added the last bit quietly.

"Ah, you're aunt and uncle came to visit then?" Sirius knew all too well what Remus' aunt Beth and uncle John were like, they were not only against Remus for being a werewolf but they also hated the fact that he was gay as well. He knew his boyfriend had to suffer them nearly every summer or even Christmastime if he went home. But his aunt was the worst, her husband just nodded and agreed with what she was saying.

"Yes…'oh you should have him transferred', 'send him to a therapist', 'lock him up', 'he's not a normal boy'," Mimicked Remus doing a rather good impression of his aunt's high and pompous voice. "Oh and my favourite one, 'is it safe for him to share a dormitory with other boys? Not to mention her so called protectiveness over having me in the same dorm as you."

Sirius smirked, "I hope you stuck up for me."

Remus kissed his boyfriend on the neck, "Course I did…stuck up for myself too, and then they started saying how you and James have been a bad influence on me."


"In their words my 'use of profanity would make a sailor blush'. Quoted Remus bitterly. "They can rot in hell for all I care."

Sirius slipped an arm around his boyfriend's waist and pulled him close, "So is this what's been bothering you all week?"

"Pretty much." Remus cuddled up to him, finally starting to relax after a week of being rather tense and uptight. "Stupid, right?"

Sirius nuzzled Remus' head, "No, I was like this before I ran away. I wouldn't talk to anyone for days when school first started back each year, remember?"

"Yeah." Remus lifted his head from Sirius' shoulder and gazed into his boyfriend's warm grey eyes. "It just got me down, that's all…"

"Understandable." Sirius kissed him lightly on the lips. "You know I'm always willing to listen, and I can sympathise when it comes to fucked up families."

Remus smiled and hugged Sirius, "I know, sorry I've been a bitch to you all week."

"I'm use to you being a bitch-ow!" Sirius rubbed his shoulder, which Remus had just bitten, of all things. "Hitting me would have sufficed, you know?"

"You like biting." Remus was taken by surprise when he was pushed down onto his back by Sirius and held down by his boyfriend's weight. "And there I was thinking you were going to be considerate and not jump me in the middle of the night."

Sirius pressed his lips to Remus' in a gentle kiss, "Love you too, gorgeous."

Remus' only reply was a quiet moan as Sirius attacked his mouth again.

"Will you two shut up!"

"Mm…sorry James…"


Sirius woke up late the next morning feeling much better than he had all week, most probably because it was a Saturday and he had his naked boyfriend lying half on top of him. He kept his eyes closed and allowed a small smile to grace his face as he gently ran his fingers through Remus' thick brown hair.

This was bliss, he wanted to wake up every morning for the rest of his life like this, feeling warm and content and having a very a loveable werewolf in his arms.

But alas, Sirius' momentary bliss was cut short by the dormitory door slamming shut and the hurried footsteps that came over to Remus' bed. Almost immediately the bed curtains were yanked open and Sirius opened his eyes in surprise only to have his retinas assaulted by the bright sunlight.

"Ow god…James, what do you want?"

James, completely disregarding the fact that two of his best friends were lying naked together in a bed, sat down on the aforementioned bed and waved today's edition of the Daily Prophet in Sirius' face. "I think you ought to read this."

Sirius blinked and rubbed his eyes, he disentangled himself from the still sleeping Remus and sat up a little. "What could there possibly be in there that's so important that you had to spoil this…" he trailed off in the middle of his grumble to James upon catching sight of the headline on the front of the paper. "Holy hell…"

James frowned and handed the paper to Sirius, "Everyone's talking about it in the Great Hall…I just thought I should warn you before you decided to get up."

Sirius was too busy reading the article, which also had a picture of his parents in it, to pay any attention to James or to Remus who was just waking up.


A few sentences jumped out at Sirius and they made his heart sink.

Apollo and Cassiopeia Black also expressed concern, during the interview, about their genetically and magically engineered first-born son, Sirius, 17. They have said that their son did not turn out at all how they were told he would. The young Black has shown rather a lot of behavioural problems, as well as a severe lack of respect to any authority figure in his life not to mention the fact that Sirius ran away from home the summer before last. "We were hoping for the perfect child," says Mr Black, "and instead we got him, a complete disaster, a freak of science so to speak."

Remus had by now groggily sat up and was reading the article with his head on Sirius' shoulder. When he was done reading it and feeling particularly hurtful towards the Blacks, he looked to Sirius who was staring silently at the article, a mixed expression on his handsome face. "Siri?"

Sirius looked up from the article, he glanced between his best friend and his boyfriend before putting on a false cheery smile, "They'll try anything to put me down."

James bit his bottom lip, perhaps this wasn't the best time to have a discussion considering both Sirius and Remus were both butt naked, but he felt the need to ask now. "Why didn't you ever tell us, Pads?"

Sirius shrugged, "Never came up, did it?" his tone of voice was rather final so Remus and James decided not to say anything else for the time being.


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Next Chapter: Sirius is teased by other students, including the Slytherins, except Severus Snape. Why?