Title: The Only One

Author: WesFan1234 (otherwise known as Crayonbreaky Gal on other sites)

Summary: Grace and Liam are the children of a slayer and a watcher. Let the chaos begin. This is the sequel to the trilogy "Dreams", "Nightmares", and "Awake and Kicking". These kids have some amazing abilities for eight year olds. Their parents don't want them to use these abilities because they want them to be normal kids. But there are always ways around parents.

Rating: PG-13 (mostly for language and a little violence for now)

Pairings: Wesley/Faith (oh good grief, they're married in this), Connor/Dawn, and maybe some more, we'll see

Disclaimer: He owns most of what I am writing about. Except for Liam and Grace. I just wish I had his brain so I could be that kind of writer. We love you, Joss. But only in a friendly, you're a nice guy way. The other way is just eww.

Author Note: You knew it had to happen. So here it is. You know, I had this part typed in since August. I so wanted to do this fic, but I didn't know whether it would work until I finished the other. Well, I think that it does. I hope that it does. Does this sound a little strange. Also, if you don't think eight year olds talk this way, you haven't met mine. Kid drives me bananas. So enjoy, and please, please review.

What has happened so far (from the three fics before):

--This fic follows the AU storyline that the fifth season of Angel did not happen. This takes off from the standpoint of Jasmine dying by Connor's hands. After that, total AU. All of what happened in BTVS happened.

--Wes and Faith went through lots of trials to get to this point. Grace and Liam are eight years old, a product of this union. But Faith and Wes have only been married for seven.

--There was a demon war on the West Coast, approximately nine years before this story happens. This is when Faith and Wes get together.

--People now know about demons; the Council helps out local law enforcement around the world keep the peace between humans and demons.

--Grace is the name of Faith's deceased grandmother.

--Wes named Grace; Faith named Liam.

--Wes translated a prophecy concerning Faith and a new kind of slayer born from her.

--Faith had a vision of what Grace will become in the future as she was giving birth.

--Wes is now estranged from his family.

--Giles is the head of the Council.

--Cordy is alive in this fic because a nasty demon brought her back in the prequels to this. She has no powers whatsoever.

OK, now have I confused everyone? Good. Then on with the fic.

Chapter One – The Kids

"Hello everyone. My name is Mrs. Cochran and welcome to second grade. We have a few new faces this year, so why don't we go around the room and introduce ourselves. I also want to know what each of you did on your summer break. Why don't we start with you Liam?"

What? Start with him? Oh man, this sucked big time. He hated talking out in class, much less sharing his personal stuff. His dad said that he had to be a big guy now. No more broodiness. He silently wished he had brought out Butler's Classification of Demons from his backpack and put it in his desk just so he could reach in and touch the old, soft leather when he felt the need. It sometimes calmed his nerves.


"Oh, hi. I'm Liam."

"Please stand and introduce yourself. Liam's new this year."

Thank you so much for pointing that out.

Liam stood from his chair. He had noticed how much taller he was than most of the other kids in his class. Strike one against him. How much skinnier he was than the rest of them. His mom was always feeding him. Nothing stuck. Strike two. He pushed his glasses up to his nose. Strike three. Nerd city his sister sometimes called him.

The geek was another one of her nicknames. Most of the time he didn't get her back because why should he bother. But that one time he did he put a frog in her bed. His mom made him muck out the stalls for a whole week. Now there were no horses, no stalls, no fun time.

They'd moved and he'd just have to deal. His sister had told him that morning. "You know, just deal, Liam." For one whole year.

"My name is Liam."

"Why doesn't everyone say their full names and who they may be named after? Does anyone here know what their names mean?"

Several in the class raised their hands.

"OK. My name is Liam Charles Wyndam-Pryce. I'm named after my uncles." Liam sat down quickly, trying to take the attention away from himself. He ran his hand through his wavy brown hair to calm his nerves.

"Thank you Liam. Liam has been living in England for the past couple of years. So I want you to welcome him, show him around."

The girl next to him smiled, showing her two front teeth missing. "Hi, I'm Larissa . . . ."

Liam just wished he could go back there right that instant. Maybe his aunt Willow could show him a spell to transport him there. But no. There were rules against that. Dad's rules he called them

1) No magicks, especially at school.

2) No talking about demons and such, especially at school

3) No weapons or fighting, especially at school

That last one applied more to his sister than himself. He could control himself unlike . . .

"My name is Grace. I mean Cordelia Winifred Grace Wyndam-Pryce.

"That's a long name," the boy next to her spoke.

"I'm named after my aunts Cordelia and Fred. Well, Fred's a girl and Cordy's a . . . a girl too. And my parents picked Grace because it's a lot like my mom's name, but not quite. And it was my great-grandmother's name. And the rest of it is my dad's name. So that's my name."

"Thank you Grace. That was very informative. Grace just moved here from England, so I want each of you to show her the ropes. Her brother Liam is in the other class."

Oh great. So now everyone knew she had a brother. A twin brother to be exact. Maybe they'll think he flunked and had to be held back since he was so tall and all.

Grace shoved her unruly, black hair behind her ears, but it wouldn't stay. She wouldn't let anyone cut it too short because the one time someone did that it made her look goofy. Her mom told her whatever, just as long as she kept it brushed. Which she had tried to do that morning. Her dad finally took the brush from her to help her along. He always did a great job of it. Something she wasn't supposed to tell anybody.

Grace also noticed that she was almost the shortest in her class. That didn't bother her too much, until someone made fun of her. Then she'd have to kick his or her butt. Which she wasn't supposed to do because Mom had these rules to follow.

1) No bad language, especially the kind that Dad used when he got irritated with Mom. He didn't want to have to explain to the teacher what the word might mean.

2) No demon talk. Geez, now that one was a no brainer.

3) No fighting. Applying to Grace mostly.

That one definitely didn't apply to her brother. He was so not into fighting. He just scowled and walked away. Her mom said that was the better way to handle it, but she knew her mom was lying, since her mom was the best butt-kicker she knew.

She just wished she had brought her ceremonial knife to school so she could keep it in her desk. Good luck charm and all. Most girls had dolls and pretty dresses. Grace had a cool knife, which sat on a high shelf, because Dad thought she might hurt herself with it. Parents are so stupid sometimes. She'd never cut herself with it. She could practice her throwing technique with it though.

At recess, Liam grabbed a book out of his backpack to take down to the playground. On the outside, it looked like a Harry Potter book, but on the inside it was a reprint of a demon text he had been trying to translate. His dad hadn't wanted him to look at it, but instead to go outside and ride his bike. So he rode his bike for twenty minutes, and then came back to the book.

"Hey, which Harry Potter?" a kid named Steve asked.

"Fifth." Short answers usually made most people leave him alone.

"I've only seen the movies."

"Yeah." Liam sat down to read.

"See ya later." Steve called over his shoulder.

Liam saw his sister out of the corner of his eye, talking to two boys.

"Hey, Spiderman is way cooler," he heard the first boy say.

"Wolverine's my favorite. Those re-tractable claws are so cool." Only his sister would like Wolverine. "Hey guys, my brother's over there."

"You guys don't look anything alike," the second boy pointed out. Except for their blue eyes. Dad's eyes.

"And that's a good thing. Liam?"


"Notice he doesn't talk a lot."

"My sister's a teenager. Who doesn't talk a lot. My dad says that's a good thing."

"Liam, you coming to recess down on the field?"

"My book."

"Oh, you can bring it with you. Come on."

Grace drew Liam up. He towered over the two boys.

"Hey, you're tall. You play basketball?"

"No, not really."

Grace took a hold of his arm to drag him down to the field for recess. There were lots and lots of kids running around aimlessly. His mom sometimes said a school playground looked like a pack of feral dogs running around. He thought maybe a pack of Heski demons would describe it better. At least the dogs stayed in packs.

One of the kids, Hunter, handed him a basketball. "I'm not good."

Liam lined it up and threw the ball. It went in without making a sound.

"Nothin' but net," Hunter yelled. He threw the ball back to Liam. "Shoot from over there."

Liam did and it went right in. Then he noticed Grace flipping through his book. Uh-oh. Throwing the ball up again without looking, he raced over to where Grace was standing.

"Oh, you are in big trouble. Remember Dad's rule number one or is that Mom's rule. I can never keep them straight."

"I didn't change the book at school, so technically . . . ."

"Yeah, like Dad's gonna believe that one."

"Please don't tell him. Please."

"What'll you give me?"

What on earth could Grace want from him? A book? Not her style. His latest translation? Not unless necessary.

"I want to play your new video game for an hour tonight without you around."

"And mess up my level?"

"I promise I won't. Unless you want Dad to know about this little incident."

"OK, OK. Deal."

"Cool. Here." Grace handed the book back to him.

Two girls in their dress uniforms walked by, snickering under their breaths. Grace folded her arms over her chest and glared. Liam just watched as they strode by. He liked girls but didn't have the first clue what to say to them. Most of the time all that came out was gibberish.

"Will you look at those two? Like they rule the place. Girls."

"You're a girl, Gracie." Not that she looked like one other than her hair being somewhat long and curly. Her brand-new white uniform top was already stained with something and it wasn't even lunchtime yet.

"Don't call me Gracie. And yeah, I'm a girl. And don't you forget it mister." Grace pointed at him and walked away.

Hunter skipped up to him, watching Grace all the while. "Hey, you should play basketball more. You made every shot. You can't miss."

"Yeah, I can," Liam answered.


Next: The parents.