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"" indicates human talk

'' indicates xenomorph talk

: : indicates thoughts

Artificial Paradise

The xenomorph stretched in the artificial sunlight. He was smaller than others of his kind, being only 5 and a half feet tall. He looked around the enclosure.

:Humans... they are so fascinated with us. Why?: he thought to himself, looking at the shatterproof window through which the humans always watched. The little suru (AN: suru means breeder in xeno but in human it means small) curled up and was almost asleep when he was pushed off his rock. He huffed and turned to see the 'king', a huge 11 foot alien, looking down at him.

'What was that for?' he asked, slightly annoyed.

'I'm bored,' the king replied, bounding over and nudging the suru with his nose.

'Well go chase your tail again,' the suru replied in a rather bored tone. The king tilted his head to one side, then looked over his shoulder at his tail, which had healed over bite marks on it. He looked at the suru again.

'I was thinking of chasing you.' The king got up and walked over and walked behind the suru, standing so close, their heads were next to each other.

'I know you're on heat,' the king purred seductively to the smaller xenomorph. He climbed back up onto the rock. 'I'll give you a head start.'

The suru crouched on the ground and leaped behind a tree. The king inwardly smirked.

:Now I can have some fun.: He waited until he knew the suru had bolted around one of the many trees dotted around their enclosure.

'Ready or not, I'm going to get you!' he called out. He lifted his head and sniffed the air until he caught the tantalizing scent of his mate's heat. He crept around the enclosure until he reached the burrow that they used for sleeping. The king poked his head in to see the suru huddled against the back wall, attempting to blend in. The king stepped back and pounced on the unsuspecting smaller xenomorph. The suru emitted a startled squeak that quickly changed to a purr as the king rubbed his hand along the suru's back. He maneuvered his body so he was behind the suru. The king purred quietly and slid his penis out of its protective shell. The suru moved his tail to one side, inviting the king to mate with him. The king took the invitation and plunged into the suru's entrance with a roar. The suru moaned and screamed as the king thrust himself harder, again and again and again. The king released with an earth trembling roar that bordered on a scream and collapsed on the ground next to the suru. He reached over and pulled his mate to him and fell asleep. The suru nuzzled the larger xenomorph's chest and fell asleep to.

The next morning, as the light in the xenomorph's enclosure got brighter, the king stretched in the burrow. He looked at the still sleeping form curled up beside him and nudged the suru's nose with his. The suru groaned and curled up into an even tighter ball. The king curled himself around his suru.

'So beautiful,' he purred. The suru looked at him. The king nuzzled his mate's neck.

'I could have chosen any suru for my mate or I could have had every suru in the hive, but I didn't. I chose you,' the king whispered to the smaller xenomorph. He gathered the suru to him and they fell asleep again, curled up together.

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