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Rating: R 18 for xeno sex scenes (yup!) and violence. Don't like it, don't read it.

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"" indicates human talk

' ' indicates xenomorph talk

: indicates thoughts

"Come on, Char!" Rowan called from his place in line behind the king. Char was helping the suru along.

"Rowan!" she called back. "The suru's still weak, it can't go on like this for much longer!"

"We have to try!" Rowan answered.

The unusual group kept going through the vents. Rowan had opened an emergency hatch in the roof of the enclosure with his master key. The king had rushed through the opening and had seemed to want the humans to follow. And follow they had. The only exit out of the vents dropped into the observation room. Rowan smiled slightly at the thought of General Spear's expression when the king dropped through a hole in the roof.

"We're almost there!" Rowan called to Char in a whisper. She nodded. The king had stopped at a dead end when Rowan caught up. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his key. The lock in the roof was dusty from lack of use. Rowan blew the dust off and inserted the key, turning it in the lock.

"Find them!" General Spears bellowed at the marines in the room. They rushed around, looking at monitors and punching commands into various panels.

"And get rid of that," he pointed at the body of Dr Williamsdale. The General had lost his temper at the professor's constant stinging little comments and had shot him.

"Excuse me...Sir?" one marine in front of the General said quietly.

"WHAT!" the General yelled angrily at him. The marine pointed one violently trembling finger at something behind the General. He turned around.


Rowan dropped through the open hatch to the ground. He looked around at the now deserted room. The only being in the room was the king. Rowan just gawped at the carnage. Char dropped through the hatch, reached up and took hold of the cub so the suru could get down easier. The suru leapt down, ran over to the king and began to fuss over his large mate. Char wandered over to her lover, the tiny xenomorph chewing at the buttons on her coat.

"I can't believe that one xenomorph could cause so much death," Rowan said to her.

"He's the king," Char replied. She was about to say more when the cub in her arms let out a squeaking call. The suru stopped his inspection and hurried over. Char handed the cub to him. The king came to stand over his mate and child. Char hugged Rowan tightly, tears trickling down her cheeks at the sight.

"They're a family."

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