Ivory Satin by Jo. R

Rating: PG

Category: Future ficlet, thoughts, mild Sam/Pete, mild Sam/Jack, Angst

Warnings: None

Season/Sequel: Set in late season eight. Mild spoiler for 'Affinity'

Summary: It was a beautiful gown, the dress of her dreams.

Disclaimer: SG-1, it's characters and places belong to Sci Fi, MGM/Sony and the other PTB. No money is being made, promise.

Ivory satin caressed pale gold skin. The material draped and glided over the curves of her body, nipping in places, flattering in all.

Sequins caught the dim light and sparkled like diamonds in the snow. The heavy train puddle around her feet and legs like a pool of melted ice.

She inhaled deeply and watched the material cling to her chest. Exhaled and felt only a little of the tightness ease.

It was a beautiful gown, the dress of her dreams.

It was also wrong.

She undressed quickly, slipping out of the luxurious satin and back into the familiar comfortable denim jeans and faded shirt she'd shed.

She thanked the assistant for all over her help, bit back the guilty apology for wasting her time and rushed out of the shop. She didn't stop rushing until she was in her car.

She bent her head forward, clutched at the steering wheel and closed her eyes.

Imagined being back in the dress.

Imagined walking down the aisle.

Smiled through her tears when the man at the other end turned around.

It wasn't right.

It wasn't real.

She sat up in her seat and wiped the evidence away from her cheeks, checked her make up in the review mirror and reapplied it where necessary.

She looked at her hand, at the ring that gleamed on her finger and sighed.

Slipped it off, the diamond scolding her palm.

Stared at it.

Swallowed fresh tears.

She slid the ring into her jacket pocket, ever conscious of it burning a whole in the leather, resting hotly against the skin of her side.

It wasn't right but it could be.

Would be.


- Fini.