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Sarah groaned and moved the mouse to the ''save'' button on her computer. She needed to finish this book soon, or her publisher would go mad. But she was too tired. Sighing, she shut down her computer. She remembered before when she loved to act, but she now realised she was only trying to get away from reality. But now, she found that she had to face it, and if she worked with it, it wasn't that bad.

No, she knew why she gave up acting, because she was scared. Just incase she caught ''somebody'' 's attention again. She had made friends on her journey in the labyrinth, but it had been too much. She never wanted to act again. Not even in the high school play when she had been offered the lead part. No, she was never going to act again.

That's when she discovered writing. She had a brilliant mind for make believe, and she could think up adventures on the drop of a hat. Writing was fun, well, it had to be done quickly and if it wasn't what your readers wanted, you went straight to the bottom.

She got up from the desk and took off her house gown. She quickly brushed her teeth and washed her face. She thought back to when she wished Toby away and had to run through the stupid overgrown maze. How could she have been so cruel? Sure, she was upset, but wish Toby away...she didn't want to even think about what might of happened if she hadn't got him back. She shivered.

'Come on Sarah! It was 8 years ago! Your 23 and you are thinking about some stupid maze? Get a hold of yourself...' Her mind scolded her. Come to think of the labyrinth, she hadn't called Hoggle or the gang for a while. Almost a year! She felt bad but soon forgot when a crash of thunder was heard outside.

''Great...'' She sighed and left the bathroom. Climbing into bed, she took one last look around her room to make sure that any unwanted visitors weren't there. That was the least of her problems. Reaching over, she turned out her bedside lamp and fell asleep within minutes.


Jareth sat in his throne room with many drunken goblins dancing, singing and just being annoying around him. The throne room was the only room they were allowed in. But he regretted even letting them in his castle! Normally they never bothered him, but while he was using his crystals to watch his beloved Sarah, they were the most annoying vile creatures in the underground!

Giving a loud growl, he continued watching the lovely creature named Sarah sleeped. She was perfect. And older. No longer did she whine or grumble that dreaded line ''It's not fair!'', no she had changed. She was all grown up. Her dark raven hair was just below her shoulders instead of long and unruly...unlike yours truely. Her skin was a soft olive colour and she had grown in ''other ways''.

He let out a small laugh in spite of himself. He shouldn't be thinking about that. Not at this very moment anyway. He should be thinking about -

Sarah let out a small moan and whispered ''I wish the goblin king would come and take me away right now...''. Jareth did a double take into the crystal. Had he heard correctly? She wants HIM to come and take her away? RIGHT NOW? An evil smirk played on his lips before he disapeared to the aboveground.


Sarah sat up. Well that was a weird dream. She dreamt that she was wishing that Jareth would come and take her away. She almost burst out laughing at herself. She was away with the fairies... Well, she thought she was until she heard a voice she had hoped never to hear again...

''Hello Sarah.''


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