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Jareth entered his bedroom and sat down on his bed. Conjuring a crystal, he decided to check in on the beauty in the other room. When her face apeared tear stained, he began to ponder over what was wrong, wasn't she happy? He would do anything for her, and here she was, crying? Was she scared of him? Was she upset that shecould have anything she wanted? Was she upset that he was her slave?

It didn't make much sense to him. He wondered why she was alone anyway. Why didn't she have any recent photographs of Toby, or her father. Or her step mother. He had seen her bedroom, her whole house, many times through his crystals. He had never been in her house though. So maybe there was pictures in her drawers or in a box hidden under the bed. Maybe he shouldn't think about it right now. Maybe he should just stop worrying and go to sleep.

But he wanted to go into the room that Sarah was in, hold her and tell her everything was going to be alright. But he couldn't, he had to let her be alone. He had to ... let her cry.

Sighing, he put down the crystal and went to sleep.


The next morning, Sarah awoke with sore eyes,

'well that's what you get for crying yourself to sleep...' her mind mocked her. At first, she did not recongize where she was, but then it all came racing back to her. She suddenly felt dizzy, her whole life, everything she had worked for to achieve, was gone. Here she was, stuck in a fantasy world, with the person who had almost taken Toby out of her grasp forever, but she had beaten him and won Toby back.

Only to lose him again.

'Don't think about it. You'll only start crying again.' her mind scolded her.

He must hate her for beating his stupid labyrinth. He must have many tortures on the way. But why did he give her the queens suite then? Maybe he was going to reel her in, then lay it thick on her. Like many people have. But then again, high school boys where alot different from medieval goblin kings. Yes, they are different. High school boys don't have powers...or tights.

''I hope.'' She laughed. She thought about Ricky wearing tights. That would be funny to see, it would be the perfect pay back! But she'll never get to do it will she, because she is stuck here, in a dumb castle, with the dumb goblin king. Tights included.

''Well, I may as well get up, no use arguing with myself about something I'm not going to win.'' She pushed herself out of bed. Standing in the middle of a beautiful room was something Sarah wasn't used to. Her old room had been plain and boring. This room was magnificent. She walked over to the bath and decided to have a dip. Maybe it would soothe her a bit, it had helped in the past.

She ran the bath steamy hot and closed the screen around her and the bath, before getting in.


Jareth slouched boredly in his throne. He wondered what Sarah wanted for breakfast. Was she an egg person or did she prefer porridge? Ew porridge. But if she liked it he would like it too!

After about fifteen minutes of pondering on the subject he decided that perhaps the best tactic would be to go and ask her what she wanted. He was just about to do so when he realized that he'd probably better check what she was doing first before he went bursting in asking for a straight answer: bacon or sausage? Conjuring up a crystal, he gazed into it to see what his 'beloved' was up to. The crystal showed only her head, she had her eyes closed so he guessed she must still be sleeping.

"Lazy little girl..." he thought to himself smugly.

"HANG ON, SARAH MY LOVE, I'M COMIIIIIIIIING!" he yelled dramatically before making himself teleport in a huge puff of glitter and smoke.

All the goblins who were hanging around glanced up only for a second at his little performance before going back to their lives.

"He's in a good mood this morning," one of them remarked. Normally he just sort of disapeared when he wanted to get to one place or another, but today with the glitterly exit, showed he was verydetermined to show off.


Sarah closed her eyes, soaking in the hot water and bath scents around her. It had been a long time since she had relaxed. Normally she just showered for 10 mintues, becasue she was in a hurry, but now it seemed she had all the time in the world to relax. Sighing, she went to a world of her own, where nothing or anybody could -

''Sarah, what would you like for breakfast? Because I wasn't sure if you liked bacon or -'' Jarethappeared before her and her bath. Her eyes shot open and she screamed before checking to make sure she wasn't on show. Nothing was showing today. Thankfully she enjoyed bubblebaths.

''What the fu-'' Sarah was cut of by Jareth smug face. He was ready to laugh at her. How dare he be so - so- PERVERTED! (A.N- I had alot of other words in mind, but little kiddywinks could be reading this �)

''What do you find so funny? Why are you staring at me? GET OUT!'' She snapped at him, he was really knawing on her skin.

''Well Sarah, this is my castle. I have been kind, generous and I haven't thrown you in the bog of eternal stength, like I normally do to the people who wish themselves away.'' Jareth said, not breaking eye contact.

''Why am I so different then?'' She asked him, but he just turned away and left the room without replying to her nagging question.

Why was she so different? Why didn't he just throw her into that pile of mud?

Sighing, realising her bath was ruined, she stepped out of the tub and wrapped a fluffy white towel aeound her and walked towards her wardrobe. Opening it, she gasped and saw all her clothes. He had already gone and gotten her things?

Opening her underwear drawer, she blushed, had he gone through her underwear? If he had, he would be hearing from her. Quickly, she dried off and dressed, before picking up a book and began to read.


Jareth thundered down the halls, he had almost given away his secert. If she foundo ut, he would be destroyed, and many would try to steal his kingdom using his weak spot. Sarah.


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