InuYasha Fanfiction: Sesshoumaru x Kagura.


Sesshoumaru didn't know how to feel. He couldn't think of anything to say. There was nothing he could do. Part of him felt just as he always did, but another part felt... sadness. Sadness as he watched Kagura's body dissipate and blow away as the wind. In all of the time since Naraku had created her as one of his offspring, Sesshoumaru had grown to care about her. He wouldn't have admitted it out loud, nor had he ever admitted to himself before now.

More than even he realized.

He had felt compelled to try and save her life. It was strange, but he had... wanted her to survive. He had wanted her to live. But why? Had he... began to care more for her than he thought? Sesshoumaru had never been in love before, and wasn't certain what it would feel like if he ever was. Maybe he felt the same way toward Kagura that his half brother, Inuyasha, felt towards that human girl; Kagome, was her name. Could he have been fooling even himself so completely?

Why even think about it? None of that mattered now, anyway. Maybe it was wishful thinking on his part, or maybe it was the desire to be with her. No matter what the reason, Kagura was gone.

Sesshoumaru had spent so much time hating the world. He hated Inuyasha, he hated Inuyasha's friends, he hated Naraku, he hated them all. Did he hate himself as well? Perhaps, now. He had wished to save Kagura. And he had failed. His realization that maybe hurting others wasn't the only reason for living, had come too late. Not that he hated 'everyone'. Rin was like a daughter to him and Jaken was Jaken, but... something was different, now.

Something was missing.

Almost like an absence in his heart, that Sesshoumaru would never have thought he could feel. Something like a kind of guilt. If he had agreed to help Kagura sooner, if he had killed Naraku... what might have happened? Perhaps Kagura would still be alive.

But, something that puzzled Sesshoumaru, on top of everything else; Kagura had smiled before she died. She should not have been happy to die. She had wanted to kill Naraku and live out her life freely, had she not?

And then it came to him, like something he should have realized long ago as he a sudden breeze blew by. He turned from the spot of her death to walk off alone, as Inuyasha shouted after him. Sesshoumaru stopped to watch as the small feather Kagura had always worn in her hair blew around, before fluttering down toward him. Holding up his hand, he caught the feather in his palm and glanced at it.

At that moment, he could almost hear Kagura's voice speaking to him as the wind blew. She was grateful. Somehow, Sesshoumaru knew that. Kagura had not wished for anything. Anything except to be free. Free like the wind. And now she was as she had always wanted to be.

Kagura was the wind.

And she was free.


I do not own InuYasha (© Takahashi Rumiko). 'Free' was written by Oukaru Hanako in 2004.