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Tuesday, October 13th

Coming to Transylvania was a new experience for me. The long, bitter train-ride from Prague to Budapest was horrible. A fat man who was balding sat next to me the whole time and never kept his mouth shut. I slept most of the way, or watched the soft snowflakes brush up against the window. Tall mountains passed by, littered with pine and other trees.

I was shoed off the train with the other passengers when we reached Budapest; no trains were available so I had to catch a carriage. My name is Alexia Van Helsing, my father's last name. He died when I was very young, and my mother fell sick soon after and passed away. My father's good friend Carl renounced his vows and took me in, but I have always regarded him as my father since I know so little of my real one.

Much of this information was revealed to me on my twentieth birthday, which was little more than a week ago. Confused and bewildered, I left my home and caught a train to Budapest, trying to find myself. All that I had grown accustomed to was a dark secret, a lie, kept from me until I was older. I didn't want to leave, but at one point I was so overwhelmed that I packed a suitcase and ran to the station to buy a ticket.

I thought that maybe I would find my answers here, in Transylvania. Such horrid nightmares plague my dreams at night, horrific scenes of pale figures soaring and screeching. I sitting in a dark hall crying out with my little stuffed bear cradled in my arms, no one answering and me succumbing to the darkness. Flashing white fangs end this terrible vision and I wake up writhing and covered in a cold sweat.

I thought of them as I sat in the carriage with two other people, an old couple going to visit their family. They argued about money and other useless possessions that I was taught to resist. Their deep accents filled the carriage as the old women capriciously slapped the man on his hip with her glove. He replied by throwing his arms up in the air in frustration. I laughed silently to myself as I stared at the window and watch the Carpathian Mountains pass by. I settled my head on the soft padding and fell asleep quietly.

Wednesday, October 14th

We reached a small village in Transylvania, nestled in the mountains with the snow falling slowly to the ground. The coach man helped me with my luggage as we unloaded. The crowd of people stared resentfully at my dark hair and clothes, and I tried my best to avoid their gaze. My breath showed as I scurried to the inn with my bags piled up in my arms. A young clerk stood behind the desk with his thick glasses placed halfway on the bridge of his nose. He looked up as my luggage lands with a thump as I drop them.

"May I help you ma'am?" he asked standing straighter.

I approached quietly as I pulled out my money, "I would like to stay here until I find an occupation. How much is a room?"

He pulled out a feathered quill and a guestbook as I handed him some money, "Where are you from?"

"Prague," I muttered reluctantly.

"What brings you here, miss...." He queried setting down his quill.

"Van Helsing," I answered, "Alexia. Um, I have family here."

He nodded politely, "Welcome ma'am," he handed me an old brass key, "Enjoy your stay."

My feet made a loud clumping noise I as walked up the stairs with the bell boy behind me. The stairs creaked and groaned as we ascended upward and reached the second floor. My room was at the end of a long corridor, number 132. I opened the door happily, but lost my smile when all I saw is a tattered old sofa, a lumpy bed, and a bureau. A fire glowed in the far corner near the window as the curtains flowed lightly with the wind. I shut the window as I thanked the bell boy and paid him a few gold coins for his services.

I sat on my bed as I pulled out a long dark coat from one of my bags. I wanted to get a good look at the town and try to find something that would make money. I had only brought money that was given to me from my family, which wouldn't last long. I slipped on the coat as I shut the room's door behind me and locked it. I twisted the doorknob to make sure I locked it properly and left the second floor with my gloves already on my hands. As I slipped out of the inn and out the front door, the people gazed at me hatefully. I reached the town square, where many people were bustling about, but then abruptly stopped as I walked up to it.

They whispered and exchanged glances of confusion and abhorrence. A grim man, with a large stovepipe hat walked calmly up to me and frowned. He inspected my hair and coat and grimaced.

"We don't take kindly to strangers here."

"I can see that," I said rather smugly as I offered my hand for shaking, "Alexia Van Helsing."

"Van Helsing eh?" he asked cynically, "Perhaps the daughter of Gabrielle Van Helsing?"

I nodded as the crowd began to mutter about my real father.

"You knew my father?" I asked.

"Most of us did, he is quite famous here," the man said.

"Really?" I asked excitedly.

"Oh yes..." said one very old woman, "I saw him decades ago, he saved this very town, and he was a hero."

I smiled graciously; maybe coming here wasn't such a bad idea.

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