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Dracula was waiting for me in the lobby when I came bursting in with my mouth covered. He looked concerned as we walked up the glamorous staircase.

"What happened down there, with that man?" he asked touching my shoulder lightly.

I regarded him coldly, "Nothing. He is just someone I know."

"You look worried, is there something you wish to tell me?"

I wanted to avoid the subject, "No, he just wanted money for my room. I gave it to him and he left."

He stared at me for a while until we reached our private box, above the stage. I sat down and the opera began to start. Sopranos and Tenors filled the room along with Altos and Bass. The orchestra played soft music, then loud, and then melancholy at the end. It received a standing ovation as the crowd threw the players roses and other flowers. We left silently after the noise went down, and made our way back to the carriage.

Peter was waiting for me outside.

"What do you want?" I asked as I hopped into the carriage.

He only stood there smugly, grinning evilly to himself. "So," he mocked, "This is why the people shunned you."

I hearing such hateful words made me blind with rage. My nails grew to a sharp and dangerous length, and I grabbed his neck and squeezed it every time he squirmed. "If you even so bring up the matter, I'll see to it that I'll be drinking your blood with my supper." And with that, I let go and the horses trotted off, with Peter standing there helpless.

I was quiet the ride home, and I stared out the window thinking about what I had just done. I didn't mean to say that, it just came out along with the nails. When I squeezed his neck, the pounding was back in my head and I was hungry, so it just popped out of my mouth. I didn't want to kill Peter; I didn't even want to dislike him. He was a good man; he doesn't deserve this, not from me.

My silence bothered Dracula, so he touched my shoulder lovingly.

"Is there something wrong?" he asked.

I continued to stare out the window, "No." I said too plainly.

"Usually no means yes," he said suspiciously.

"Do you really want to know?" I asked with an irritable tone.

"Yes." He said coolly.

"Well, now Peter knows." I snapped, "He made me angry."

"We'll have to work on that temper of yours," smiled Dracula.

"The pounding was back in my head. All the time I was in that opera, I could hear it instead of the music."

"Well," said Dracula adjusting his coat, "Now you know our curse. We walk this earth as corpses, with no feelings and the constant lust for blood, even from those we love."

I sighed deeply, lost in thought, "He will tell my little secret to the town, I'll have to stay in the castle."

I probably would have hid there anyway.

Peter ran from the opera house straight to Helga's house. He didn't even bother to knock, he just burst in.

"Helga!" he cried out, "Helga!"

She climbed down the stairs in her nightgown and a candle in her hand, "What are you doing here?!"

"I.....have....something... to tell you," he gasped, "Alexia is...."

"Is what?" she asked smugly.

"A vampire." He said, "I saw her fangs earlier, and she threatened to drink my blood."

"Hmmm," thought Helga, "Well, that does explain why she wore that scarf, and that man I saw her with looked vaguely familiar."

"Well, I don't know what to do."

"Was she angry when you saw her fangs?" asked Helga.

"Well," said Peter rubbing the back of his head, "I provoked them."

"I would stay here if I were you," said Helga, leading Peter into the spare bedroom.

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