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It's about Power.

Not about you, or me, or anything else but the feeling you get when you wield it, control it, have it. Power. Pure, simple, terrifying POWER.

And the one who has the guts to wield it, he had the guts all right but he could not control the power.

He was a brave one, he was, but the power ate at him, widdled him away until there was nothing but a shell. A walking, breathing, non- feeling nothing.

He was not meant for the power, he carried it for HIM.

He didn't smile anymore; nor did he laugh, or sleep, and he never talked. Most times you could find him standing on the highest Tower watching the clouds slowly float by or the stars wink into and out of existence. He would stand there until he felt the call to fight. He would leave from where he stood simply throwing his arms out and with a small leap he would transform into his animagus form and a white dove would fly to where he was needed, the next battle.

The battle would be over for days before one morning he would just be standing there staring at the clouds or the stars. His friends would come to talk but would leave when the silence from him became to much too bare.

This time, when he came back, he did not have the energy to stand. He sat staring at the passing clouds and for once there was emotion on his face.

"What happened?" His best friend asked softly. She shivered and then flinched as the cold dead eyes fell on her.

"Oh my God!" she cried out harshly as she saw the tears falling down his pale cheeks.

And he spoke for the first time in over eight months.

"It's over." And he let himself fall into the waiting arms of his friend. His last thought, a wish really, was that it was his lovers arms that had been the ones to catch him. But, he knew that that was never to be now.


It was eight months ago, to the day, that he had received the power that was slowly killing him. Eight months to the day that his life had come to an end. He knew when he had accepted the power that it would kill him eventually. But he had not cared. He was dead anyway and had been for months.

Everyone expected The Boy Who Lived to be the one to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all. Not a Death Eaters son. Not Draco Ignacious Malfoy. Not Harry James Potter's worst childhood enemy.

But as his lover and his soul mate, Draco Malfoy could. And he could do what Harry Potter could not. And that was kill.

You see, Harry Potter was dead. So him killing anyone, let alone the Dark Lord, was entirely out of the question.


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