Author's note: Well, doing another fic challenge thing at Live Journal. And a friend asked for this, which I ended up enjoying actually. It's my first time writing Van Helsing the character, but it was fun. Anyway, it's not necessarily spiritual, but it does have religious themes in there. Please review, as my muse runs dry without them sometimes. Oh, and these were the requirements given:

Title: Why?
Pairing/Character: Well, it's not really a pairing, but the characters involved are Dracula and VH.
Genre: Hmm...not sure about this. Perhaps drama?
Dialogue: "Why should man have dominion over the Earth?"

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They belong to Stephen Sommers. Do not sue me. Savvy?


It was a question that was hard to answer when thought over. When taken into account the differences, the complexities, the nature of beings.

But Gabriel Van Helsing was firm in his beliefs and faiths, even if he grew resentful or burdened. He knew what he felt, what he sensed, though he did not know how he could detect the presence of sin itself. But he could, and he knew.

His mind was the part of him struggling for the reason why.

He met Dracula's gaze, the vampire count staring at him smugly, believing his point proven. Or perhaps because he knew something Gabriel did not, knew something of their past.

"When will I get my answer, Gabriel?" Dracula asked, taking a step closer. "Why should man have dominion over the Earth? Is that such a difficult question?"

"No, and, yes," Gabriel replied. "I can feel the answer, but I cannot describe it."

"Feelings are so often overrated, Gabriel. Perhaps I should remind you that it is your God who has said that feelings can lead to great sins, and that they should never rule us," Dracula taunted with a vile grin. "Perhaps I should give you a hint of your past and say, it is because of your feelings, your emotions, that you have no memories except for mingled flashbacks and incoherent nightmares."

Gabriel glared at Dracula with narrowed eyes, but then calmed himself. He should not have been surprised by the count's mentioning of God. For Satan himself could recite the Bible flawlessly and better than the priests Gabriel knew.

Pushing his anger aside, eh focused, he thought of God, of his beliefs and faith, of his knowledge, of his lack of it, of everything.

Why should men have dominion over the Earth?

What put them above animals and vampires and other creatures?

Creatures of darkness. Creatures begotten by evil, creatures without souls, creatures who did not fight their evil nature and strive for good, creatures whose very essence was evil, was sin.

"Why? Is that what you want to know?" Gabriel asked, meeting Dracula's gaze, haughty and condescending, with renewed confidence and faith.

"Because though many succumb to evil, just as many and more fight the evil nature in their hearts, they strive to overcome their weaknesses and wrongful desires," he explained. "Because they were given the right to have dominion over the Earth by a force more powerful than you and I. Because they have souls. Because they are not made from evil, but born into it. Though many bury themselves deeper, many more struggle and succeed and finding the light."

Dracula's smug expression had turned into one of raging fury, and his eyes were an inhuman blue, glowing and bright, cold as ice, burning fiercer than the fires of Hell. His lips were pulled back now in a silent snarl, long fangs exposed.

"You wanted to know why they have dominion, and I hunt you and your kind, now you know. Because you are begotten by evil, no longer the man I once knew sometime long ago. Your children are born dead for a reason, and your kind fall by my hands for a reason," Gabriel continued.

"Because good must reign over evil."