A. Note: This is something I decided to try, I don't know if it's a good idea or not, but I'm full of writers' urge, so..........

Anyways, this story is about a Robin who more or less is a person who lacks a certain degree of conscience in regards to the law. And he is raised up by Slade instead of Batman. They're still in Jump City, but there's no Teen Titans, at least, not yet. All the other characters have different lives as well, and may appear later in the story. It's mostly a romance story, with Robin and Starfire as the main couple, of course.

Sweet Ambrosia

Entry 1



He loved nights like these, where the sky is murky with clouds and shady with shadows. The moon was a beautiful, perfect full celestial crescent tonight, and he felt even more energized.

He perched on the rooftop of Blake co.'s main building, bobbing his head left and right, to a tune that only he could hear. At one point or another, he began humming, and it strangely sounded like the song Vertigo.

Even though he was basked under that magnificent moonlight, the boy was still cloaked like a shadow. If it weren't for his rather joyous attitude and amused debonair, one could not tell if he was real or a statue.

A sudden beeping sound echoed from the boy's arm, and he laughed a little before he clicked on it.

Chuckling, he got up, stretched a bit, then took out several disc-like objects from his waist.

"Party time calls for party goodies." He cocked a grin and leaped down from the edge of the building.


Alarms were blaring at every corner, accompanied by the usual red warning lights. People were heard shouting and yelling, while they were rushing to find the intruder.

The surveillance team was panicking, for all of the surveillance monitors were somehow shut down all at the same time.

Guards in white and black full body armor and armed with laser rifles all congregated where the sound of the explosion was: the west wing. They couldn't really determine anything else, as all of the information specialists were confounded with confusion as it was.

The person in dark wardrobes was in a room entirely on the opposite side of where the explosion was. It was one of the simplest diversion tactics in the world, like tossing a pebble to lure the enemy to another side. Child's play.

Still humming the tune he started, the young man began carving the glass containment unit with a boomerang-like weapon, and slid the piece off gently after he made a full circle.

His target was a floating gem inside the glass containment. It was a rather pretty jewel, glistering with some characteristics of emeralds, topazes, and some amethysts.

He took hold of the gem and grinned happily, before he stuffed it somewhere in his suit.

The next move would probably be to run away, to escape before the guards or someone else arrived.

But the boy waited, and leaned on a wall as he continued to hum the tune. He even began dabbing his fingers on some metal plating on his arms.

A few minutes later, a group of armored guards came rushing into the room.

The boy smiled and moved off the wall. "Took you guys long enough, I was actually thinking about leaving without saying goodbye." He waved a finger in mock disappointment.

The guards all aimed, ready to fire. But when they saw the boy move out from the shadows, their eyes widened.

The boy was no older than eighteen, perhaps even younger, but the way he carried himself and the built of his body said otherwise. He wore a skin tight, onyx black outfit that oddly seemed like a second skin. When he waved his finger, they saw the metal plating fastened around both of his arms and on both of his shoulders. When he stepped towards them, they heard nothing, but his leggings were also metallic. His waist was fashioned by a typical metallic belt, but its center was glowing a crimson light.

The most interesting and antagonizing part of the boy, was a mask that only covered his eyes and part of his nose.

There was only one famous criminal who had a description like that.

"Isn't that the Robin?" One of the guards asked his teammates.

"Yeah! And that means we shoot! Fire at will!!!" Their captain shouted.

Robin smiled as the guards finally began their attacks, and he ran towards them.

Swifter than humanly possible, he wisped and dodged through the flying lasers.

Upon shortening the distance, Robin leapt over their heads instead of fighting them head on.

The guards had tried to shoot the boy as he flew over them, but the dark teen was just too fast.

They immediately took chase, following the boy's shadow into a research lab.

"He's not in here!!"

"Where'd he go!!??"

The guards frantically glanced around the room, trying to see the enemy. A chuckle echoed behind them.

They all reacted and whirled back to find the source, and saw the teen running outside the lab.

"Go! Go! Go!" their captain yelled, and they gave chase once again.

They had followed him into yet another room, and yet again found it empty.

The same chuckle sounded behind them, and they ran out the room, trying to see where the blasted criminal went.

Robin showed up running down the corridor, and they ran after him. Suddenly, another Robin showed up, laughing and running.

Now, they were confused. As they stopped, they saw more and more Robins dashing, leaping, and laughing.

The captain growled, and searched the ground. He found what he was looking for.

"A hologram projector." He said in suppressed anger, and shot it to bits. A Robin disappeared.

"Dammit! Find him!! He's gotta be around here somewhere!!"

Outside of the building, perched on an entirely different building, Robin laughed. He shuffled through his suit and found the gem. Gazing at it cheekily, he chuckled again and leaped off into the night once more.



Those were the noises that this place made.

It appeared to be a factory, or a clock tower, or the interior of a huge giant mechanical monster. Whatever it was, it was sure as hell noisy, and hell as creepily dark, with light only on certain areas.

A man stood amongst the few dim lights there were, working through many mechanical parts and gadgets scattered across the desk.

It looked like he was concentrating very intensely, but he spoke as he heard familiar footsteps echo through the lair, despite the overly vociferous sound of gears.

"I believe the mission was successful?" He said without turning around.

Robin moved in from the shadows, and cocked another grin.

"Duh." He snickered. "Just like taking candy from a bunch of babies. They're even slower than the last place I raided."

The man seemed to have sighed. "You stayed there until guards showed up, didn't you?"

"Of course, there's no fun if I just hauled ass."

If there was one thing Robin lived for, it was the thrill of fighting. The thrill of stealing; The adrenaline pumping through his systems as he fights or escapes his enemies as they desperately try to capture him; The overwhelming amusement and joy when he toys with his opponents. Those were what made him grin everyday without fail.

The man didn't seem to respond.

"The gem." He said simply, still not turning around, and held out a hand behind his back.

Robin just shrugged and took out the gem. He scrutinized it a little more, before he expertly tossed it into the palm of the awaiting man.

The man grasped the gem once it was in his hands, and began working again, ignoring the boy, or at least to aggravate him.

It worked, to an extent, but Robin had already gotten used to these seemingly awkward moments.

"So, got anything else lined up? I'm still a bit bored."

He yawned for emphasis.

The man finally turned around to officially acknowledge the young man behind him.

"You have done well, Robin. There is nothing more I need from you tonight. You may do as you please."

Robin, not for the first time, found himself examining the man before him.

He wore a similar outfit to his, though a little lighter in the dark tone, but the theme was extremely similar. He had the metal plating on both his arms and shoulders. They both had the same type of belt, though his glowed slightly violet in the center. He had the same metalloid boots and leggings. But what made them almost entirely different was the mask: it covered the man's entire head, down to almost the neck, but he had a hole for one eye, his left eye. And that eye was now leering at the boy behind him.

Robin scratched his head. "You sure? I mean, there's got to be something I can do to kill time. Not like I do anything else on weekdays."

The man turned back to his work. "You're asking me? You can go on a robbing spree or pillage the entire Wayne industries for all I care."

Robin knew he'd say that, he just wanted the man to say it out loud.

He was about to say something when the man continued another thought.

"If you're that bored, go and commit a petty crime, maybe that rogue imbecile will show up."

Robin groaned. "You mean that Speedy? He's all right, but not exactly a real challenge." He tried to look around the man's shoulder.

Speedy showed up sometime ago, when Robin stole a military disc during its transportations. The two had then since become more or less like rivals; Robin the bad guy, and Speedy the good guy. But it didn't seem to matter to the girls of Jump City. They were both pulchritudinous young men, and the girls swooned over them.

"Just what are you making this time? Hopefully not an army of robots."

The man seemed to be amused with the idea. "Patience, my dear boy. Perfection cannot be rushed, and neither can it be revealed, until the time is right."

Robin sneered. "You've been 'perfecting' for almost a month now. When are you going to tell me?"

"When the time is right. Now, go pester some unwilling fool." He waved a hand to 'shoo' him.

Robin grunted a bit in protest but immediately began leaving the lair.

"All right, I'll see you later, Slade." And he was gone.

Slade continued to tinker with the various gadgets and mechanics, as if the boy had never entered.


Click. The lights turned on.

"I'm home." Robin said, to no one. He still had his black suit on, as he stepped into his spacious apartment.

It was almost a penthouse, except it wasn't on the top floor and had no stupid swimming pool. But it was one of the best apartments in one of the best buildings in the city. It wasn't exactly cheap, but Robin's lifestyle made such accommodations easy to obtain.

He quickly set foot into the apartment and stored his onyx black suit into a secret compartment. It was more like a secret room he custom installed into the apartment that no one knows about. It includes other fancy items he collected throughout his career.

After changing into some normal clothing, which was a t-shirt that said FBI, and some dark blue jeans, Robin plopped onto his comfy king sized bed.

He laid on the bed silently, pondering back and forth. His eyes saw the moon shining brilliantly in the night sky. By this time, he had discarded his eye mask, not needing it anymore, since if people saw him with that, they most likely would trace Robin back to Richard Grayson.

Robin laid there for a few more minutes before he grunted and walked towards the balcony.

"Screw this." He said, and taking out a grappler hook, he swung into the city once more.


The winds blew gently through Robin's thick, black hair as he meandered in the park. During the night, it was especially enjoyable.

Robin had decided not to bother normal civilians during the night, they deserved some peace once and awhile. But he still felt a little bored and void.

He continued his walk until he reached a great evergreen. Just judging by its size, one could tell it was over at least a century old.

The people of the city considered the tree to be symbolic and maybe even a landmark. This was even no different for most of the criminals and villains in the city.

Dr. Light, one of the scientists who went astray, was definitely one of those people. He had played as a child under that tree, and was one of those people who tried to protect it under circumstances.

Robin himself felt connected to the tree, though not as much as other people. But whenever he would be alone in the park, he would visit the great behemoth, and sometimes even talk to it.

Man, I'm nuts. Don't you thinks so, Dirch? He chuckled as he remembered he even named the tree.

He sat down, back leaning against the great wooden structure, and began gazing at the stars.

Robin wasn't exactly a stargazer, he considered that too much nature, but he agreed that it was refreshing from time to time. He was in the term, a hedonist, a thrill seeker. And as he watched the blinking nebulas and stars, he began wondering.

It has been a long time since he returned to Gotham, the place where he was born, the place where his most painful memories resided within his mind.

He blinked and shook his head.

No, no thinking about stuff like that! He huffed a sigh and continued his admiration of the galaxy.

Suddenly, his eye caught the sight of a moving light.

"Hey, what do you know? A wishing star." He smiled as the light grew bigger.

"Maybe I should make a wish......nah, that's childish." The light grew even bigger, but Robin didn't seem to mind.

"But then again......why not?" He put his hands in a form of prayer, and made his wish.

I wish for something very exciting to happen. He chuckled slightly as he made the wish. The light grew even larger.

Now, Robin took notice. "Huh? What the?"

A large sound began emitting from the light, rumbles of vibrations shook through the air and Robin stood up.

The light now resembled a fireball, and it was aimed straight at Robin.

"Wha-wha-wha-wha-ack!!!" He ran and jumped out of the way of the coursing object.


Robin laid flat on the ground, protecting his head with his arms.

When the sound of rumbling earth and crashing subsided, he turned around to see the scene.

The gigantic evergreen had a huge portion of the top broken and burned off, and the broken part now lies on the far side of the park.

"Oh, man......." Robin moaned as he saw what the great tree looked like half complete.

Disregarding the fractured landmark, Robin rushed to see what fell to the earth.

It was a large pod, purple and yellow on most parts, though its colors were charred and scorched. Robin could easily tell it was of alien origin, not like it was anything too special, as aliens aren't exactly the rarest occurrence on this planet.

He cautiously treaded over to the pod, and inspected it carefully.

He saw the expected transparent lid of the contraption and tried to peer within. It was too dirty and damaged for anything to be seen clearly. The collision with the tree certainly showed. Debris and dust still lingered in the park.

Robin touched the contraption carefully, to check if it was still overheated. Feeling no danger, he began to attempt to open the hatch. After much struggling and effort, along with some use of his gadgets, he managed to pry the hatch open and tossed it to the side.

What he saw inside was definitely something he didn't expect.


Inside was a young woman, unconscious and in somewhat of a tattered condition. Her features were delicate, her hair was auburn red, and her skin was tanned to almost a golden color. Robin found himself staring until his senses kicked in and he checked her pulse.



He sighed in relief.

Looking around the park, he was surprised to see no one had showed up around the park as of yet.

Robin didn't know what to do, as the situation just seemed a bit farfetched and surreal.

Taking another look at the young woman inside the pod, Robin made his decision.



To be continued....