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The Power He Knows Not

AN: My take on the defeat of the Dark Lord, this is not meant to be taken seriously for it is nothing but a drabble that begged to be written.

The battle raged on for days and the sky was lit up with curses as each side strove to gain some small advantage over the other.

At the center of each line were their leaders, Lord Voldemort on one side and Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived on the other.

Sounding the commanders challenge Lord Voldemort strode to a position in advance of his lines and dared his opponent to face him and finish the battle with a duel.

Ignoring the calls of his followers to stay behind and heedless of the danger that it was a trap the boy who lived bravely stepped forward to show his acceptance of the challenge.

The fighting tapered off as both sides turned to watch the two combatants decide the fate of the world.

In the end Harry Potter fell to his opponent's superior skill and knowledge, mustering his strength he managed to throw a single weak flame spell at the figure of his approaching opponent.

Smirking the Dark Lord stepped aside, allowing the spell to pass and impact harmlessly on a line of pipe that had been exposed at some time during the duel.

BOOOOOM the resulting explosion vaporized the dark lord and most of his followers, Harry was lucky in that his distance from the explosion was great enough that he only suffered third degree burns over ninety percent of his body and several broken bones.

As he recovered in the Hogwarts Hospital wing, Harry couldn't help but wonder how he had defeated the Dark Lord Voldiemort.

Sitting up as his mentor entered the room Harry couldn't help but vocalize his question.

"Professor Dumbledore, how did I do it, how did I defeat the Dark Lord."

"Well Harry" eyes twinkling madly "tom left the muggle world many years ago, many years before Propane became common in many houses."

"So you mean?"

"Yes Harry, Propane was a Power he knew not"

More AN:

I almost made it so a power line fell and electrocuted the dark lord so that it would be a power company he knew not but I used this instead.

You may be wondering some things:

Q: Why were their so many people on each side during the fight.

A: Clones.

Q: Where Dumbledore was during the final fight.

A: Well he was in ... France or something.

Q: Why did you inflict this upon us.

A: Boardom?