The Waiting Game

While this story is set in the X2 universe, certain events – i.e. Jean's death – are AU.

Tail swishing back and forth agitatedly, Kurt glared at his opponent.

"Your move," Ororo said.

Kurt maintained his glare for a few seconds longer, before sighing in capitulation. Making the only move he could – his lone pawn one space up – he left his King wide open.

Laughter and triumph flashed in dark brown eyes and Ororo moved her Queen. "Checkmate," she declared gleefully.

"You vin," Kurt said, voice flat.

"And you lose," she replied serenely.

"And what tribute do you wish of me, mein leibe?" Nightcrawler asked coyly.

Storm tilted her head to the side in an appearance of giving it some thought. "Hmmm… I think I would like for you to take my training session with the younger recruits this Saturday."

Kurt groaned slightly. It wasn't as bad as it could have been – Saturday sessions were, by necessity of having them with teenagers who wanted some free time on the weekends, short – but the younger recruits were a handful and half. Literally, at times, with the newest boy, Jamie, also known as Multiple Man for his as yet uncontrollable ability to make copies of himself. "Ach…all right, liebes."

"Yes!" Ororo cheered, pumping one fist in victory.

"And vhat vill you be doing vhile I am taming ze wild hordes?" Kurt asked, tail waving lazily through the air.

"I'll be going with Jean, Rogue and Kitty to the mall," she replied. "They asked me to go with them, but I couldn't find anyone to take my class so I was going to have to bow out."

"And vhat is it you vill be looking for at ze mall?" Kurt asked, one tattooed eyebrow arching in question.

The weather witch gave him a coy smile before catching his tail in her hand. Ignoring his startlement at the gesture, she began to stroke the tip in time to her words. "Well…Kitty wanted to get some more lip gloss…Jean wanted to pick up a new pair of sunglasses for Scott…Rogue was looking into buying a wetsuit so she can go swimming with the rest of the kids…"

"And…you?" Kurt gasped out, his tail coiling around her caressing hand.

Flashing him a seductive glance, Ororo said innocently, "They're having a sale at Victoria's Secret, so I though I would pick up a little…something…for our anniversary next month."

Kurt's eyes went wide and his tail thrashed in her grip. Ororo…in lingerie?

He didn't know if he could wait until next month.