Title: Trick or Treat

Author: Smenzer

Rating: PG

Pairing: None

Summary: Luke and Vader go trick-and-treating

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. They belong to George Lucas, Lucasfilm Ltd and Fox. This is just for fun.

Leia sat on her front steps, a big bowl of assorted candy next to her. A thick white sweater helped keep autumn's chill at bay as she dished out sweets to all of Coruscant's little hobgoblins. A trio of young trick-and-treaters hurried up to her, their sacks held open.

"TRICK OR TREAT!" They cried in unison and Leia dropped a handful of treats into each bag. She watched them hurry away and waited patiently for the next youngster. Her eyes opened wide when she spotted the tall, masked figure stumbling up her stairs. The familiar black breath mask rested crookedly with a big gap at the neck, the lights on the chest panel were unlit, the long black legs hunched up around the calf like leg-warmers and worst of all the fine black cape dragged on the sidewalk, the end covered in colorful autumn leaves. A bright orange bag was clutched in black-gloved hands, a happy black cat with rhinestone eyes decorating the bag's front. The dark-clad person approached her and held out the bag.

"Hello, Luke." Leia rolled her eyes, thinking her brother looked ridiculous this way.

"I'm not Luke!" Luke protested as he reached behind him to grip the cape and shake it for emphasis. "Look! I'm Darth Vader!"

A smile spread across Leia's face and she struggled to keep from laughing. "All right, Darth."

"Where's my candy?" Luke asked, shoving the orange bag towards his sister. Leia obliged and dropped a handful of candy into the sack. Turning around, Luke almost tripped on the leave-incrusted cape and fell into the nearby hedges. Thanks to his Jedi reflexes, he caught his balance and hurried on towards the next house.

Leia watched him go and shook her head, laughing. She had seen some weird and unusual costumes, but Luke's took first place for bizarre. "I've seen everything now!"

The next trick-and-treater was in sight and Leia wiped the tears from her face. But when he came closer she had to stare. Dressed in white pants, a white tunic and white boots; the figure looked oddly familiar. The silver gleam of a lightsaber hung from the brown belt that kept the tunic closed. But the thing that attracted Leia's gaze was the plastic mask that was tied over the black breath mask with a rubber band; a shaggy blond wig perched on top of the helmet. The figure hurried up to her and held out a white sack decorated with bright orange pumpkins.

"Hello, Father." Leia finally said after swallowing several times.

"I'm Luke!" Vader protested in his low mechanical voice. "I'm Luke Skywalker and I'm here to rescue you, Princess!"

Leia dropped a big handful of candy into Vader's sack, somehow managing to keep a straight face. "All right, Luke. You rescued me from the evil Darth Candy. Now run along. Vader went that way."

She watched Vader hurry away, the usual cape missing in favor of his new white outfit. When he was safely out of earshot she busted out laughing. This was without doubt the craziest Halloween ever!