Dot Hack: Hating to Love You

Chapter 1 written by Vincent Noble Valentine...

Life is crazy sometimes, infact it's even harder trying to define what's real and what isnt when you live in one world and then play in another under a completely different identity. And what I mean by that isnt crazy at all, its not something you dream of persay but to others it's what people consider making a dream into a reality, so I guess you could call it 'the world'

I first heard about it when my friend Yasuhiko explained to me what a great place 'the world' was and from the way he explained it, it really wasnt hard to believe because everyone was talking about it. So in all honesty I was intrigued and mildly interested so I decided to take him up on his offer for him to show me how 'the world' really worked. Admittingly I was a little nervous and kind of felt out of place at first, since he was the more experienced player and I was nothing more than newbie at first...that's what she first called me when we first met...but ahh I'm getting ahead of myself aren't I? I better explain in better detail for you to get a better picture of my adventures of 'the world'

You see 'the world' isn't just an online game, it's literally like going to sleep and having your own little adventures in your dreams accept it isn't if you know what i mean :) Thousands of millions of people log on day in and day out, put on their visiors and enter 'the world' as a completely different person where people look nothing like they do in real life, I mean to explain it a little easier, it's like giving yourself a different name and logging into a chatroom and you instantly start talking to thousands of people you don't even know, but 'the world' literally takes it that one step further:

You actually go inside your computer and enter a different world where you look nothing like the real you, (or it could be if you wanted your character to).You choose what class you want to be like a long arm or even a blademaster and even crazier still you could decide what gender you'd like to be too, although I'm not too sure on who would be crazy enough to want to do that 0o;; because to me that's already lying to yourself and others in general, so as you can already probably tell I decided to stay male heh.

However Yasuhiko was right: the world really is an amazing place and addictive too. If it was something like the start of the millenium 'the world' wouldn't even exist because we wouldn't be so technologically advanced as we are now, but since we are and it's 2010 were lucky, very lucky to have such an experience like this. Even though it's a form of 'virtual reality' there are pro's and cons to 'the world'

The Pro's being naturally that 'the world' is amazing as people have boasted about and it almost seems real like the real world itself. It's addictive as I've already said and plus it puts a form of chatrooms and gaming experience with a board to leave messages to socialize a bit more if you wanted too, all into one. The people that actually thought of it IMO are genius' because this is one game I've played that never gets boring.

As for Cons of the game, well there are always good and bad points of any game because no game is perfect, although people would argue that point when it comes to arguing about their favourite style of games, so for arguements sake let's just say any game a person likes is perfect to them ok? ;; Ahem where was I? Oh yeah the cons of 'the world': Well they tried to make this game as perfect as or simulated as the real world but I think they sort of failed when trying to make everything seem so real. When it came to battles, whenever you recieved pain from the monsters a small shock would resonatate thru the vizor causing a small headache, not like when you actually get punched in the face and it really hurt, just a small nausiating pain to the brain. Nothing serious I can tell you.

And your probably wondering how can you walk around in a different world when your sitting down infront of your pc? Well It's simple really so bear with me, the devices you put over your head and hands connects with your mind, and it simulates pulses and thoughts of what your character wants to do in the world, so If you told yourself you were walking: your walking, if your mind was telling you to run: your character runs its as simple as that. As for touch and taste well that's one thing the programmers of 'the world' couldn't simulate. Offering a choice of food in 'the world' is kind of pointless because even though your eating food 'there' your not getting full in the real world because it isn't real so I dont see any real significance to it. But then again both Elk and Mia would probably scold me again when they before argued the point of just searching for aromatic grass, because to them searching for that particular item to them isn't pointless it just makes their adventures more interesting and worthwhile.

So I'll have to agree with them on that point since it is part of 'the world' they enjoy, but I still think having food in the world is pointless still . As for touch and body reactions? Well you can see another player's character but you can't see the real person behind the character because like me and everyone else they are sitting infront of their pc's logged on. Sure you can touch or shake the hand of that persons character too but there not really there, like before your brain tells your eyes your looking at someone right now and even giving a polite handshake but no one's really there. Confusing isnt it? Hmm...the biggest con would have to be the character's body reaction, which I don't like I have to add, because like when your brain tells your body in 'the world' that your running or walking, your character reacts just like with any other bodily say if you blush in the real world, your character or avatar blushes to how your body reacts in 'the world' so yeah that's annoying.

sighs Anyway enough talk about the wonders of playing 'the world', I should continue my little story of how I met 'her'. We first met sometime after the incident when Yasuhiko or should I say 'Orca' as I know him online was data drained by a powerful monster named Skieth. Orca tried to proctect me and fought the monster, but even as experienced as he was at level 50 he couldn't even scratch him, let alone touch him. I was no help neither since I was a newbie at the time and only at level 3, all I could do was stand there in shock as I watched him get data drained and then simply dissappear. Skieth was going to do the same to me too, until the server crashed for a moment and I ended up unconscious somewhere else in 'the world'. But when I came too and tried to phone Yasuhiko, he wouldn't even pick up the phone...I couldn't get an answer and he didn't turn up for school neither.

I felt worried and responsible for his safety as he was a friend and later found out he was in the hospital, but when I went to go see him, the nurses wouldn't let me. But at the time I felt it was better that way, since I figured he didn't want me to see him all weak like that. The only thing I could do however was log back onto 'the world' and see if I could find a clue to Orca's mysterious 'coma'

But when I got there logging on as my twin blade character Kite, I noticed or found something else rather...interesting. There she was walking about looking lost or for something, I didn't know what it was, all I could do was gawk and stare at her body like I was stuck in a servere trance. Because you see being as young as I am, I've never really looked at a girl that way before, im just a teenager after all. So I just stood there gawking, watching her parade about as I watched her hips sway but boy did I ever recieve a shock. She came right up to my face giving me a serious bollocking about staring at her body, saying that it was 'really rude' and that it was just the same as gawking at someone in the real world.

She did have a point and I would have been quick to apologize but I couldn't say anything. I was embarrassed about being caught staring at her body and I could feel my body in both worlds heating up at the apparant closeness, I felt my cheeks redden into a near crimson hue as she continued to shout and bawl at me, adding more insults and bereavements as I just stood there, silent and gawking still. She even went as far as to insult me on the fact that I was a newbie, even though I already knew I was, so I wasn't offended as much as she wanted me to be I think. She REALLY seemed aggitated at that fact and left frustrated, like a woman in heat.

Still silent I mentally scratched my head, clearing out the cobwebs in my brain as the flush in my cheeks slowly died down, the other bodily reactions however in the real world hadn't died down as quickly as I wanted too and mentally I thanked whatever gods in the heavens that not all bodily reactions were transfered to a person's avatar or she really would have freaked out and possibly beat the shit out of me! I ain't lying! With an attitude and fiestiness like that, I wouldn't put it past her that she would do that.

I felt my body shudder at such a thought, knowing full well that even if she were to beat the shit out of me and even though it was a game and not real, I couldn't or wouldnt fight back, it just wasn't in my nature to hit a girl even on a online game, thats why I shuddered because if she had an 'evil' side behind or that anger and cockiness I thought at the time, then it would have put her on a serious powertrip.

After a while of running around Mac Anu and stocking up on supplies not really knowing what I needed other than some potions and fortune wires that Orca explained to me about I headed back to the Chaos Gate and was ready to go to any low level server in search of clues to Orca's coma when he heard a familiar voice, only this time softer and seemingly more embarrassed. It was her again, Blackrose...still a little silent to her talking to me again she offered to share some area code information with me as long as I took her with me. It seemed fair enough since I didn't know really where to start searching and Orca always did remind me not to go into the fields alone, it was more hazardous that way and game over would have been more likely, so reluctantly I agreed to her terms. At least I would get the chance to fight alongside with someone Like Orca and get to admire her silently too, I just better not make it more obvious next time since I shuddered on the thought that she might throttle me still. At the time I really didn't know what to expect from our abrupt partnership, little did I know that things were about to get interesting, more than I ever imagined...

Authors notes: Ok so thats chapter 1, I tried to put as much info as I could about the game since I completed it 104 hours worth and felt inspired to do a dot hack story. There's too many yaoi stories of elk and kite so I thought we should get more Blackrose & Kite out there, there maybe more pairings in later chapters with different characters but for now this is a start so R & R pls, the more the better and I'll get started on more chapters ASAP, oh and one final word does anyone know the real names of kite and blackrose that would help me progress the story a lot better, thankies

Signed Vincent Noble Valentine...