DotHack: Hating to Love You

Epoligue written by Vincent Noble Valentine...

I know what your thinking, whatever happened to those classic 'happily ever after' endings? Well I'm afraid that if your expecting a lot of mush in the ending of this fic then I expect your people to turn away and move on to watching a sappy disney movie cause that shit ain't gonna happen here! heh.

Six months have passed since Helba's ingenious scheme came to pass, a scheme that ultimately brought the two people Kite and Blackrose back together as lovers, as a couple, an item, whatever and however you call it. Our resident hacker's plan was brilliant as it was sneaky and were always 99 fullproof to work however Helba herself hadn't planned on what the outcome of the remaining 1 percent would bring in the results of her little experiment: ie Blackroses' wrath.

True to her small but minimal worry Blackrose was indeed livid with the busty hacker and needless to say she very well nearly made good on her promise on 'hanging Helba by her intestines from the ceiling' but alas with it being 'the World' and such outcomes of gore were explicitly not allowed on such a game much to Blackroses dissappointment. The heavyblade could have however made good on her threat and promise by finding out where she lived if need be. Pissing off Blackrose and being the focal point of all her wrath or as Piros once called it her PMS was never a good thing to be infront of.

Needless to say much to the relief of Helba and perhaps a few others Blackrose did neither, despite how angry she was with Helba her threat faded into the shadows and left never mentioned again like the passing of a summers breeze. Despite all that, six months had passed and things were relatively back to normal, as normal as things could get while being the legendary Dot Hackers, now seriously famed heros of 'The World'

What has happened since then you ask? Well to put it short a lot. Kite and Blackrose were once again an item as well as partners within 'the World' but more importantly still very much in love with one another. Not only did their love and their feelings continue to grow within the game but also in real life. Kite and his family had moved much closer to where Blackrose lived and strangely enough had baffled only Kite's family as to how quickly he had already gotten himself a girlfriend as to before he never was interested in girls or never thought about them in the first place, to their knowledge anyway...

Blackroses mother on the other hand knew exactly what was going on the minute she first saw the boy walking towards them and the second Blackrose herself had left her mothers side and launched herself onto the young teenager glomping the poor boy to the floor in seconds. Seeing such a scene caused her heart to flutter and left a twinkle of rememberance in her eyes as she herself remembered what it was like to be in love again back in those 'teenage years' when she first met her husband, which in years to come would give her a slowly growing family of Blackrose and Kazu.

However despite the scenes of fondness before her she knew also what else was going on behind the scenes and unnoticed by Kite's parents and much to the young couples distress, they both had to sit down and get lectured by Blackroses mother about sex, talking to them not as if they were still teenagers but as adults moreso as it was obvious to how smitten they both were with each other that sex had already happened and probably on more than one occassion, which of course she didn't pry on.

'Just remember to use protection' she said leaving them both red faced and gawking.

As for 'The World' Kite and Blackrose continued to still remain within it. CCorp never did delete their avatars in the end, even after all the phases and data bugs were gone. It's not like they could anyway, Kite was the bearer of the bracelet and because he was only user with that data infragmented into his avatar he was always protected by the highest power possible: Aura.

Furthermore Kite, Blackrose and the rest of the Dot Hackers were legends, part of 'The Worlds' mythology. Removing them from the pages of history would be the biggest mistake CCorp could have ever made, after all they did save 'the World' and in real life too.

What about the others your probably wondering? As for Balmung of the Azure Sky, the legendary descendant of Fianna. Things took a different turn for him and in a very weird way also. Four months after the whole ordeal with the Phases and the whole love triangle itself, Balmung was approached by none other than CCorp itself offering him a job as an Administrator. Strange as that sounds, he even accepted pledging he would look after and over the world that he loved so much but now in a much different role other than being a player but as an administrator like Lios.

CCorp definetly chose the right man for the job as they knew Balmung could indeed be trusted. It would be impossible to find anyone else more serious about protecting something that he loved and Balmung did indeed love 'the World' very much.

Shockingly though another twist in Balmungs life presented itself within the form of one Terajime Ryoko, the angelic heavyaxeman..err woman came to him when she finally gave up pinning for Kite. To be fair Ryoko was going for 'forbidden fruit' as they say, trying to get a person that was already taken so unfortunetly not matter how strong her will was, it was never meant to be.

She recluntently gave up her goal on trying to make Kite hers once the news became official that they were back together again and as the weeks passed Ryoko became quite depressed and lonely, keeping her distance from everyone on most times but always keeping her words and manners polite and formal but more robotic, less caring.

But as they say it happened as it does for everyone in real life, Ryoko while once playing stopped by Mac Anu as she regulary did and stood over the bridge deep in thougth and depression until Balmung found her. The descendant of Fianna now administrator stood there with her, trying to get her to talk, open up, offering her any advice he could give and the next thing he realized that she had thrown herself onto him, crying into his armour repeatedly.

From there on in, as the weeks grew and times apart he was there for her whenever neccessary and slowly but surely their friendship grew into something more...would Balmung himself even dare question if it was love or was it need, lust that they now shared. In any case in the end Ryoko finally found someone other than Kite that made her feel wanted and special and Balmung now as an administrator for CCorp now had a girlfriend in both worlds. Scary! Watch out, he still has to meet her father, YIKES!

Moonstone for his part opened up in time, thanks to his partner Aquamarine and often frequented in playing the game, still the constant need always there to get his character stronger. He secretly even took the puppy home that always followed him when he was on his training schedule, his name never was divulged to Kite nor to any of the other Dot Hackers. He didn't want to lose his badass image as it stood and rightly so.

Elk and Mia were still together and still are to this day even after everything that they had been thru. Elk really did love Mia, even though she was a vigrant AI with her own free thought and personality. Even though she existed within 'The World' Elk still loved her, regardless if she was real or not. Mia for her part returned those feelings with time given that she was an artifical intelligence, she still remained cold and detached to others HOWEVER she occassionally continued to bug Piros and make the idiot's life a living hell, much to her amusement.

As for Piros, don't ask, no-one cares. He's still an idiot and was lucky enough not to get Blackroses' sword jammed up his ass for the PMS comment.

What happened to Nuke and Rachel? Still the strange odd couple? In a word: Hell no! Rachel in her supposed 'infinite wisdom' ditched the 'would be comedian' once she found out that believing he would be a great performer one day that would rake in losts of cash for her business decided that it would nothing but a failure along with the many other things she had tried within 'the World'. Money and profit aside, anyone could have seen who was wearing the pants in that relationship and Nuke was whipped in the time that they were together. No longer together but still as Dot Hackers they STILL continue to believe in their dreams, hoping one day that they would become a reality.

Yeah, good Rachel anyway

Marlo, ever being the tough guy and foul mouthed of them all continued to remain as foul mouthed as ever. Complete disregard for all and still wanting to kick as much ass as possible. Still even though he was, well Marlo being 'Marlo' he still had many friends within 'the World', it just took new players quite a while to get used to such brash behaviour. Heh.

Finally what became of Mistral? The extreme rare item hunter and most hyperactive of all Dot Hackers? Yep, you guessed it. She finally gave birth to a bouncing baby girl calling her Mirei who later in a few years to come would take over her mother's avatar after she gave up being Mistral and took up her role of being a housewife and Mirei would become the extremely hyper and ever talkative rare item hunter Mireille. As they say like mother, like daughter.

So as they say, 'happily ever after' does come to some and maybe not to many but they happen, given time. Kite and Blackrose still frequent 'the World' but nowadays not as much as possible as the loving couple still remained partners years later in the real world, both living together now and both still very much in love since the first day they found each other.

Who knows how much further that love they share would blossom? Only time could tell, their story is just beginning...

The End

Author's Note: YAY GO ME! Finally finished! I am soooo so sorry for not putting this up sooner, I lost my old pc with all it's old info, simply put I've had to get a new one and start from scratch on everything NOOOO! Big thank you's for all who read and enjoyed this fic, I enjoyed writing it. Given time if my life stops being so busy, who knows maybe I might write a sequel? Sorry that I missed out some characters but I was desperate to get this up for all you rabid fans who wanted it, you can stop with the death threats now. sweatdrops

Anyway it's been fun, it's been real and it's been one hell of a ride. So for the last time, thanks for reading and take it easy everyone, PEACE!

Signed Vincent Noble Valentine...