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He's a lady

"Hey Amelda aren't you forgetting something?"asked Varon as he looked up at his friend. "What the Hell are you talking about?" asked Amelda "I'm not missing anything"

"You forgot your purse" said Varon nearly breaking his ribs from laughter "Don't want to forget your lipstick do you?". "Dammit Varon!"shouted Amelda as he attacked Varon for making such a comment, which seemed to be everytime he got the chance.

"Just cause I look a little like a woman doesn't mean that I am"shouted Amelda "That also doesn't mean that you can keep making fun of me because of it!".

"A little like a woman!?"laughed Varon "You're more feminine than most women out there!". Amelda and Varon were wrestling like two wild animals when Raphael saw them.

" Don't you two ever get tired of fighting?"asked Raphael "Or is it a your favorite pastime?". "Well we wouldn't fight if he didn't keep calling me a woman!" shouted Amelda "I'm not a woman and he knows it!"

Varon just chuckled, pulled himself up, and said "Well it's your own damn fault for wearing that ridiculous shirt!". Amelda looked down at himself and knew that Varon was referring to the midriff bearing tanktop that he was accustomed to wearing.

. "So?"said Amelda "I'm free to wear whatever the Hell I feel like wearing". Raphael just sighed and since the two younger men were always fighting like cats and dogs. "Varon you need to stop making fun of Amelda everytime you see him" said Raphael as he looked over at Varon. Amelda just had a smug look on his face til Raphael turned to him and said "And Amelda you've gotta stop overreacting everytime Varon teases you".

"Hey I'll stop making fun of him when he starts dressing like a guy!"said Varon as he took a bow "Til then I'll always bow in the prescence of a lady!". Amelda gritted his teeth and was about to punch Varon when Raphael held him back.

"You wouldn't think it was so damn funny if the shoe were on the other foot"said Amelda "Lets see how you'd like it if some little asswipe made fun of you everytime he saw you?". With that Amelda stormed out of the room and just disappeared.

. "Asswipe?"laughed Varon "I didn't know he cared so much about me!". Raphael just sighed once again and left the room while Varon was in a fit of laughter.

"Ahh........ I never get tired of doing that" said Varon he he just jumped on the couch and turned on the tv "Hehehe he always gets so worked up over nothing"