Hi I am Mr. Stoppable.

Greetings, I am Mr. Stoppable, my wife and I have one child, a boy. Ronald Dean Stoppable is our only child. Ronald attends Middleton High School. He is not the best student but he is passing for the most part. He would not be passing at all if it was not for his best friend Kim. Kim Possible, a cheerleader and honor student at the high school. Kim and Ronald have been friends since Pre-K. The two of them make an odd pair. They could not be any more different. Ronald isn't lazy, but he doesn't have anything close to the drive Kim does. Ronald's motto is "never be normal." He tries very hard to live up to that motto. Kim and Ronald are Team Possible. They travel the world fighting hi-tech villains. Some people wonder how Ron is a member of a team that does such important work. I do know that these same people sell Ronald a little short. He may not be a graceful, strong or talented as other people, but there is no one on this earth more dedicated to helping and protecting Kim. Because of this through sheer determination he fights, protects, looks after Kim quite successfully.

The two of them spend practically all of their time together. My wife and I wondered if the friendship would grow into maybe something more. That was until another young man came into Kim's life. His name was Josh Mankey. Ron did not like him and refered to him a great deal as Monkey. Apparently Kim was very taken with Josh and asked Ron's help in meeting Josh. Ron was crushed. But he feelings for Kim went beyond his own feelings. He helped Kim as much as he could. I could tell it was tearing him up inside. Sometimes he would come back from having a dinner with Kim's family. He would be upset. When I asked him what was wrong all he would say is something about Kim talking about Josh. I have never been as proud of my son as I was then. When I asked him about talking to Kim, he said no he would handle it, besides for him, Kim's happiness was more important. I was helping him clean his room one day while he was on a mission and his diary fell off his desk. I could not help reading what was on the page. It said "It hurts so much to see Kim with another guy. I love her so much but, I can't tell her. She means too much to me. She likes Josh. I want her to be happy. I read somewhere that "If you love something, let it go free, if it comes back to you it is yours forever, if it doesn't then it was not to be". I am going to let Kim go free, if she ever comes back to me, then I know she will be with me. If not, then I will live with that." I realized then that my son had made a very mature decision. I put his diary back and supported him as best I could.

Kim's relationship with Josh ended. I found out later than Josh said something about Ron that made Kim very angry. She realized who Josh was and who Ron was. She could never count on Josh, yet she knew that she could always no matter what the "stitch" was that she could count on Ron. After that incident with Josh, Kim and Ron became more than friends. My wife and I could see the difference in Kim when she was over at our house. It was the way she talked to Ron, there was a certain tone of voice that she used. The way her eyes would light up when she saw Ron. I know Ron is taking his time. He wants the relationship to grow slowly. He has realized, that when you love something, and you let it go free, when it comes back to you, that love is very special.

After I wrote Mr. Dr. Possible, I knew that I would have to do Ron's father. I most likely will not do the ladies. Since I am a man, I do not think I could get into the mindset of the mothers. Since I am a father of a daughter and a son, I could get into the mindset of the fathers. I hope you enjoyed this both of these.