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Greeting my friends, I thought I might speak to you again of my son, Ron Stoppable and his friend Kim Possible. The two of them have become quite close. Several things have occurred that has brought this to into being. First, we found out that the breakup between Kim and Josh had been mutual and there were no bad feelings. Second, Kim and Ron were on a mission to a scientist lab to keep Drakken from stealing something. During the fight Kim got some kind of chip on her neck that controlled her emotions. Ron unknowingly had picked up the control unit and was playing with it causing Kim to go through a number of emotions. Later, after Kim had taken the control unit home her brothers were playing with it and left it on the "LOVE" setting.

Well, as we found out later, the device doesn't force emotions on someone, just enhances them. Well, Kim must have started some feelings for Ron as now those feelings were a full blown crush were Kim chased Ron all over school. Ron told me later it "totally freaked me out". I know he liked Kim but this was such a change from her. Well, they went on a date with the chip running Kim in love at full force. By the time all of this was over Kim was not under the influence of the chip anymore and both had realized the full measure of their feelings for each other.

All was going well until Kim was badly injured on a mission. The Global Justice teams contacted us as soon as possible. They took us to the hospital, where Kim's parents had already arrived. Mr. Possible told us later they found Ron in a near panic standing beside Kim's bed. She was not waking up and Ron would not leave her side. He had been injured but did not want to leave Kim even to receive medical treatment himself. That was my Ron, caring for others before or even caring at all for himself. Mr. Possible was able to talk Ron into letting the doctors help him, for that I am in his debt. We arrived shortly after that. We were able to get Ron to eat and clean up. He refused to go home and every extra moment was spent at Kim's side. One evening, the wives had gone down to get something to eat, go outside for a few minutes. Mr. Possible and I stayed with Ron. Ron was dozing fitfully beside the bed. Mr. Possible came over to me and gave me a hug. He said to me "Mr. Stoppable, I am very thankful for your son, he saved my daughter's life. He is a fine, strong young man. I am pleased that he cares for my daughter. I have come to know and love him as a son." I replied "Mr. Possible, your daughter is very special to my son and to my wife and I. We love her as the daughter we never had."

A little while later we saw Kim begin to stir. Before Mr. Possible and I could even move Ron was up at her side calling her name. She turned to Ron and opened her eyes. Mr. Possible held our breaths as the two of them looked at each other. Ron said "Hi". Kim smiled and said "Hi". The she reached up slowly to touch his face. He held on to her hand and pressed it against his face as if savoring every second of her touch. Our wives came in at that point and joined us. They resisted the urge to rush to Kim's side as they saw the expressions on the two young people. Words were flowing between my son and Kim yet not a word was said. After a few minutes we joined the couple and celebrated the start of Kim's recovery. I now have two young people to be very proud of; my son and my new daughter.

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