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Again, he marvelled the beauty of the tall brunette and examined the photo more closely. Squinting slightly at the small picture, he took in her appearance:

Her figure was magnificent, further accented through her very short skirt making her long legs seem as if they would never end.

And those shoes... He couldn't fathom how anybody could walk in those, let alone run after someone. He scoffed in amusement and shook his head.

He took the photo with him, holding it firmly but tenderly to his chest; right above his heart. He was chuckling absently to himself as he strode out of his own little darkroom, through the corridors and quietly entered another room. Inside he closed his eyes; wafts of her scent tickled his nose making him smile. He shook himself out of his reverie and glanced around the room.

His eyes travelled around until they came to the biggest wall of the room. On the table standing directly on the right hand side of the door were several pins. He reached for one without looking and one of them pierced the skin of his thumb. He didn't notice it though, neither feeling the pain nor the blood tickling out of the wound; his mind was elsewhere, his eyes searching the wall for the perfect spot for the photo.

Finally finding it, he strode over and pinned the picture to the wall. After that, he took a step back. A grin spread out on his face and he nodded appreciatively.

Yes, that spot was perfect, surrounded by all the other shots; to the right one of her walking up to the entrance of her house. Beyond that a close up of her face, and on the left, her with her two constant companions in the background, above that another photo. This time she was running, her hair flowing in the wind from her speed. And then there was one where she was asleep, her hand under her pillow where her gun lay and her hair fanned out on the pillow. The list of photos could go on and on and on. The whole wall was crowded with shots, leaving nearly no blank space.

He shook his head to drag himself out of his trance.

Every time he came here he was always in the danger of losing himself here; of loosing himself in her.

He walked over to the sofa and grabbed the garment – a pullover she had given to him the last time he'd visited – that lay there. Her scent still clung to it and he buried his nose in the fabric and inhaled deeply. He sat down on the couch heavily.

With the pictures of her all over the wall and her scent in the air due to the garment, it was as if she was present in the room.

This woman was driving him crazy. Only being able to look at her, not touching her, or being near her whenever he wanted was driving him crazy. He balled his fist around the garment in frustration and then forced himself to relax. Looking around once more, he sighed deeply. "One day you will be mine, Miss Parker," he whispered, a strange undertone in his voice.

He longed to hear her voice.

Again bringing the pullover up to his face and breathing deeply, he then let the garment sink to his side and got out his cell phone.

He knew it was late but he just had to hear her voice and it wasn't as if he hadn't called her before at that time of the night.

Flicking the devise open and hitting speed dial, he brought the phone up to his ear.

"What?" he heard her tired voice coming through the line.

He just smiled and waited a few more seconds, listening to her breathing.

"Look, I don't have all night and if you don't say anything I'll just hang up now," she snarled.

His smile widened at her aggressive tone and he then snapped the phone shut, terminating the connection. He leaned his head against the device in his hand and closed his eyes. It wasn't much, no one could call this a conversation, but it was better than nothing.

He had heard her voice and that was enough for him.

He breathed deeply once more and got up from the couch. Carefully placing the pullover back on the sofa he took one last look around the room and left.

To be continued...

Ok, this was the first part. I know it was rather short but wait up, it will change and get longer soon.