Chapter 1 - Pain, Blood and Tears

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Ginny Weasley lay in her bed at the Burrow in a deep sleep. Almost a month of the Summer Holidays had passed already and neither Harry or Hermione had come around to visit. But she supposed it was different this time round.

Ginny was now in her sixth year, or would be when she got back to Hogwarts. Voldemort had been back in full power for two years now and the Ministry had lost many people to him and his Death Eaters. It was dangerous to leave your home alone, and doing so after dark was almost unthinkable nowadays. And Harry of all people was being forced to stay inside. So Ginny could hardly blame him or Hermione for not visiting. Still, she did get quite a bit bored in a house full of boys and her mother.

Ginny rolled over in her sleep, her subsconcious thoughts picking up a sound. She made a small sound which was quickly followed by a sharp creak. Ginny's eyes fluttered open and she raised a hand push her hair out of her face when suddenly a pair of hands came out from beside her bed, one grabbing her raised hand and the other clasped roughly over her mouth.

Ginny let out a muffled scream, her eyes wildly looking into those of her attacker. She could not see his face, which was masked, or his body, which was clad in black. Ginny kicked out her legs and threw her arms up in a desperate attempt to get free. She brought her head up and rammed in fiercely into his.

She heard a cry of pain and the grip loosened on her arms and mouth. She stumbled out of bed and fell to the floor screaming. She clutched her now throbbing head and forced herself up off the ground. She staggered but made it to the door and threw herself out into the hallway, sprinting for the stairs.

"Mum, dad?! There's a Death E-"

Ginny stopped suddenly at the bottom of the stairs, gripping the railing so hard her knuckles turned white.

"Mum...?" Molly Weasley was standing in the kitchen, held by a Death Eater at wand point. Her eyes searched the room. There was her father and her brothers, all seized by a Death Eater.

"Ginevra ... " Said a voice from behind her. Ginny felt her blood run cold. She knew that voice too well. She span around and was immediately struck down with a stinging slap to her face. She fell back and landed at the foot of the stairs. Ginny heard her brothers in an uproar but her eyes and concentration were set on the boy in front of her.

"Tom..." She breathed. Tom's lips turned up into a smirk and his unusual silver-grey eyes bore into hers. Ginny was not sure how he did it ... how he managed to change into his former and younger self. He was no ghost, no memory from a fifty-year-old diary. This was a Tom, the real Tom. In the flesh.

"I've waited a long time to see you again, Ginny," Tom said slowly walking down the stairs.

"Let them go, Tom," Ginny ordered, forcing calmness into her voice. Tom laughed a cold, high laugh.

"You call that begging?" He sneered. "Ginny, My Dear, you're going to have to try a lot harder than that."

"I am not Your Dear, you beast!" Ginny cried, and scrambled to her feet. She backed up until she hit the kitchen table and Tom was before her in a matter of seconds. Pressed up close to her, he grabbed a lock of her fiery red hair and twirled it between his fingers.

"Not yet."

Ginny flashed him a puzzled glance before pushing him off her, knocking over and chair in the process. By the time it had clattered to the floor, Ginny was on the other side of the table. Her brothers, father, and her mother and been moved into the living area, to Ginny's right. She looked over at them. The Death Eaters had thrown them onto the couch and the floor, and were now surrounding them in a semi-circle. Tom's creaking footsteps made her snap her head back towards him.

"Why did you come here, Tom? What do you want from us?" Ginny screamed, slowly edging around the table as Tom approached her.

"You'll find out, all in good time, My Dear." Tom emphasized the last two words. Ginny knew he was trying to goad her, to make her angry. The way his eyes flashed said it all. His eyes locked onto hers in a rather entrancing way, and Ginny found she could not break away her gaze. As he advanced towards her, she couldn't move. Her brain screamed at her legs to move, but they refused! Tom reached her and slid a finger down her cheek sending shivers up her spine.

"You're mine," He hissed in her ear, still not breaking contact. Ginny took a sharp intake of breath and finally managed to move, stumbling back into one of the support posts holding up the roof in her kitchen.

"Bring them in," Tom called out to his Death Eaters, not taking his eyes off Ginny. One by one they filed into the room, each holding a member of her family. Ginny tore her eyes away from his and stared helplessly at her family.

Ron had a black eye, Fred had a cut on his lower lip, George had a gash above his eye and Percy seemed unharmed but quite ruffled and pale. All of her brothers had resisted and put up a fight. Ginny was glad Bill and Charlie weren't here. She couldn't bear to see them like this too. Molly had a red cheek and bloodshot eyes but Arthur was the worst of the lot. Ginny let out a whimper when she saw him.

His face was bloodied and bruised and he was clutching his left arm which appeared to be broken. His robes were torn and askew and there was a large cut in his leg which was bleeding quite heavily.

"Dad..." Ginny gasped. She felt her eyes sting with tears and suddenly she had them spilling down her cheeks. She felt anger build up in side her. How dare they come into their house and attack her family! She lunged herself at Tom and they both crashed heavily to the ground.

"Let them go! Stop it, just stop it!! How can you do this?!" Ginny screamed hysterically, beating him with her fists. Tom was shocked, but Ginny's fighting was not harming him, even the slightest.

"How can you live with yourself?! You're a monster! Let them go, let them go!!!" Ginny shrieked frantically hitting him again and again and again until she collapsed on top of him in exhaustion sobbing. Tom grabbed her around the waist and hauled her to her feet. Ginny tried feebly to escape his grasp.

"Enough of this shit!" Tom roared, silencing Ginny in an instant. He turned to his Death Eaters.

"Let's do what we came here to do, enough fucking around!" Tom snarled impatiently. The Death Eaters raised their wands and pointed them at her family. She watched them grasp each others hands. Ginny screamed and fought to get away from Tom but she couldn't.

"NO!! Don't do this! Please don't do this! You don't have to do this, please don't..." Ginny screamed. She flung herself forwards but was pulled back by Tom. She reached desperately for her brothers, her dad and her mum.

"NO, LET ME GO!!! Please don't! Let go of them, stop it, PLEASE!!!" Tom struck Ginny brutally across the face and she fell to a weeping heap on the floor.

Ginny heard her brothers in an uproar. Looking up through blurred eyes, she saw Ron throw his head back into the Death Eater's holding him, who let go immediately, clutching his head and roaring in pain. Ron ran forward at Tom and bowled him over. Fred and George soon joined him.

Ginny hastily turned around and saw the Death Eaters raising their wands.

"NO!" She screamed and desperately flung herself towards them. It certainly had the element of surprise. The knocked two to the ground, the third was in shock, and the other three who were holding the remaining restrained Weasley's seemed torn in what to do. The third Death Eater finally seemed to realise what was going on and hauled Ginny off his companions. Ginny brought her knee up between his legs and watched him fall – with much satisfaction – to a screaming heap on the ground.

Ginny smiled triumphantly but it was quite short-lived. She heard a cry of pain from behind her. She whipped around just as she saw Fred falling to the ground, the flash of green light dying.

It was as if the world had stopped. There was suddenly dead silence and no movement. No-one seemed to be breathing. They were all as still as statues. Every single pair of eyes in the room were fixed on Fred's lifeless body and the wand firmly grasped in Tom's hand. That's when the chaos started.

George pounced on Tom, punching, kicking and trying to bruise every inch of skin on his body. Unfortunately for George, Tom was no ordinary seventeen year old. He threw George onto the ground with minimal effort. George scrambled to his feet and roared in despair. His face was streaked with tears and he wanted with every bone in his body to kill the boy in front of him.

"I'm going to kill you, you monster!" He screamed viciously and threw himself with all his might at Tom who easily dispatched of him the same way as he did his twin. By this time, Ron had gone mental, Arthur and Molly were fighting desperately with the Death Eaters holding them and Percy had gone so pale he looked close to fainting.

Three Death Eaters blocked Ron's way to Tom but Ron looked as though nothing could stop him. There was a mad glint in his eye, one Ginny was quite familiar with when Ginny ever introduced him to her boyfriends or she was caught... well, doing thing her brother didn't find quite appropriate. But this was the only time Ginny was fearful of that look.

"Ron, no... don't!" Ginny rushed forward to pull her brother back, but her arm was suddenly jerked backwards as she tried to run by one of the Death Eaters she had thrown to the floor earlier. She was pulled back around and thrown into one of the kitchen chairs, then sent crashing to the ground. She cried out in pain as her head hit the side of the support posts. The whole world seemed to spin. Screams and cries echoed around her and a wave of dizziness came over her. Her eyes became so heavy until she could no longer keep them open. The screams slowly died away until all she was left with was the black oblivion that had engulfed her.