Chapter 2 – Desperate Escape

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Last Chapter - "Ron, no... don't!" Ginny rushed forward to pull her brother back, but her arm was suddenly jerked backwards as she tried to run by one of the Death Eaters she had thrown to the floor earlier. She was pulled back around and thrown into one of the kitchen chairs, then sent crashing to the ground. She cried out in pain as her head hit the side of the support posts. The whole world seemed to spin. Screams and cries echoed around her and a wave of dizziness came over her. Her eyes became so heavy until she could no longer keep them open. The screams slowly died away until all she was left with was the black oblivion that had engulfed her.

The noise was deafening. Screams, cries, shouts, the sound of spells being thrown…

"Stay away from her!"

The sound of rushing footsteps echoed through Ginny's head, before the sound of skin on skin. A sharp intake of breath and a sudden thump on the ground was enough to tell her that another member of her family had been harmed.

Ginny tried to lift an eyelid, but it seemed to weigh a tonne. A splitting ache suddenly seared through her head and she cried out in pain. She tried to reach an arm up to touch her head but found her body would not follow her brains orders.

She felt herself being lifted from the ground by a pair of strong arms before she was thrown roughly over their shoulder. She groaned, her brain screaming at her to open her eyes; anything to get away from these people.

But it was useless.

"Put her down!"

Her brother - Ron. Relief flooded her when she heard his voice. Ron was coming to save her; everything was going to be alright. He'd never failed to protect her before.

However, the person carrying her seemed to ignore her brother's demand and moments later she heard the rustling of robes.

"A-Avada K-Kedavra!" Ron stammered, his voice cracking mid-incantation. She felt the curse hit her captor, heard him groan before beginning his descent to the ground. Even though Ginny was still out of it, she knew what was coming. The impact with the wooden floor stung Ginny's side like a thousand bees, and she let out a gasp of pain. She fought hard to get her breath back, breathing quite heavily for a few moments.

Ginny knew her captor, who she presumed was Tom or one of his Death Eaters, was not dead. She could hear his ragged breathing – even over her own. Ron did not have enough strength or energy to conjure up a spell that powerful. Ginny slowly rolled over onto her back where she finally managed to open up her eyes.

Ginny didn't know how long she'd been out for but it had definitely made a difference. The room was a mess. The dining table was upside down, a couple of the chairs were missing their legs and there were a few shattered windows. The most damage that had been done was the hole in the kitchen wall. And this wasn't just any small hole; it was massive! Whatever blast had been thrown that way, Ginny sure was glad it didn't hit anybody.

On that thought Ginny's head snapped back the other way, so fast she heard it crack.

What if someone had been hit by that blast! Ginny thought, alarmed. She looked around – a few tears leaking out the corner of her eyes when she spotted Fred and George's bodies – but everyone else was there. Everyone except…

"Percy…" Ginny murmured weakly, resting her head on her hand and trying to sit up. Her head felt as though it was full of water and the giant squid was swimming around in it. She did a double check of the room with her eyes, but Percy was still no where to be seen. Not even a body…

Holding back a sob, Ginny was suddenly thrust back into reality when her arm was harshly snatched and she was pulled up onto her feet. It took her a minute to realise that it was Ron who was dragging her across to the other side of the room. She looked back and saw Tom rising from the ground, an eerie red glow emanating from his irises. His features held the epitome of fury and the snarl that curved his lips was so menacing that Ginny almost cowered behind her brother.

But Ginevra Weasley forced herself to stand tall, even though her terrified expression gave herself away. She was trembling and though she didn't realise it, she was slowly backing up. She only acknowledged this fact when she hit something solid. She sharply snapped her head to the side to see what it was she'd backed into and the moment she found that it was the living-room wall, she heard a cry to her left and suddenly she was grabbed roughly by the shoulders and thrown hard against the wall.

A weak moan escaped her lips and she crumpled and began to slid down it, but the arms grabbed her and violently pulled her back up. A murky haziness clouded her vision and she felt her knees buckle underneath her. She was overwhelmed by the sudden dizziness that washed over her head and she stumbled forward into the arms of her captor. Ginny murmured something incomprehensible and her face distorted in pain.

"What?" It was Tom. "What did you say?" His voice was cold and Ginny, no matter how hard she tried, could not flutter open an eyelid.

"G-Get OFF ME!" Ginny screamed with all the remaining energy she had left and pushed his forcefully off her. Caught by surprise, Tom stumbled backwards. Ginny wrenched her eyes open and ran from him. There were Death Eaters all around her, but the majority of them were taking care of Ron and her parents. Percy was still no where in sight and that sick feeling in Ginny's stomach seemed to double.

Ginny ran over towards Ron who was currently fighting off three Death Eaters. He was badly beaten up. His lower and upper lip were split in places, there was a large gash on his forehead, his nose looked like it had been broken two or three times and he looked near to collapsing. As he saw her approaching his eyes widened.

"No Ginny, go!" Ron yelled as a Death Eater punched him in the face. His cheek already seemed swollen and the purple bruising crept further up his face. Ginny winced and gave her brother a pained look.

"Ginny please! Get Dumbledore, tell Dumbl-"

A Death Eater replied with another punch to the cheek. This time Ron fell heavily to the ground. Ginny cried out to her brother but he just yelled at her.

"Go!" Ron screamed and Ginny, with one last agonized look at her brother she hastily sprinted towards her fireplace on the other side of the living room. She grasped for a handful of floo powder from the pot upon the mantle piece and held it above the roaring fire. A few grains slipped through her fingers, spotting the fire with green. Just as she was about to drop her fistful in there, she was roughly pulled backwards. Her eyes met Tom's, their faces close.

"I don't think so," Tom breathed dangerously. He then pushed her backwards with a fair bit of strength. Ginny went hurtling into the couch, floo powder flying everywhere. She hit the couch with such a force that the couch tilted backwards and fell, taking Ginny with it. Ginny cried out in pain as she hit the wooden floor boards and rolled into the stone wall. All the floo powder had slipped through her fingers as she fell. That pot on the mantle had never seemed so far away. But she had to get to it; she had to get out of here.

Ginny scrambled to her feet, desperate now, but unwilling to give up. She had to do it … for her brothers. That's when her eyes landed on her ticket to Dumbledore; an unconscious Death Eater – and his wand.

Tom Riddle hadn't even noticed this sudden opportunity for the young red-head.

Ginny turned her back to Tom and sprinted towards the wand; all the while the power-hungry boy behind her believed her to be running away.

"You surprise me, Ginevra," Tom announced to his girl, as everyone else around him was battling with one deadly objective. "I didn't believe you were as cowardly as to not even face your opponent … not that we should be fighting against each other. We could be on the same side, my darling, if only you'd let me."

Ginny shuddered at his words and all of a sudden she tripped over a chair leg, collapsing on top of Tom's sleeping follower.

"And you're so clumsy, my dear," Tom continued from behind Ginny, set on taunting her. "My, my … you do have a lot to learn."

Her fingers grasped for the wand, stretching them out to their fullest extent. Her finger tip grazed mahogany wood …

"No bride of mine will be seen stumbling around."

This remark caused Ginny to lurch her body forward in desperation and snatch the wand from the floor.

"I'll be no bride of yours," Ginny exclaimed, hatred dripping from each word, spinning around. "Petrificus Totalus!"

As Tom's suddenly rigid body began to fall, Ginny was already on her feet running at full pelt towards the fire place. She could hear Tom's screams at the terror of her escaping and she sensed that already everyone's attention was back on them.

"Accio floo powder!" Ginny cried and the whole pot flew into her hand

"Stop her! Seize her!" Tom shrieked. "She's escaping you fools, STOP HER!" The desperation in his voice continued to rise. It was obvious that the spell Ginny cast had not had the full effects as Tom was still able to talk but this did not matter to Ginny. She smashed the pot of floo powder into the fire place, not leaving a single ounce of dust for those after her.

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" Ginny panted and threw herself unceremoniously into the grate. With one last glance at her smouldering house, half a dozen unmoving bodies scattered on the burning floor and Tom's furious, screaming face, Ginny escaped the battlefield into a whirlwind of sickly green.

Her body span in tight circle and with a moan sudden queasiness took over her. The youngest Weasley's head felt twice as heavy and with an unexpected jolt, Ginny was flung out of the sea of green where she landed with a groan on cold stone.

Stillness. Silence. And then pain.

Every bone felt broken, her body beaten to such a point that her eyes would only present a haze instead of her surroundings. The battered Gryffindor tried to move but her body would not listen to her screaming brain.

"Help ..." she murmured feebly into emptiness. An agonized sob escaped her cracked and bleeding lips.

I cannot lose like this.

Ginny forced herself to sit up, crying out in pain as she discovered a jagged piece of chine protruding from just above her ankle – part of the floo powder pot! And even in this dim flickering light and with Ginny's sudden lack of poor vision, she could make out the fine dust on one side. With one swift, unthinking movement she wrenched it out with a chilling scream. Holding her breath to keep back the pain, half-blinded by tears, she pulled herself back into the fireplace and cracked the piece of china n the grate.

"Dumbledore's Office."

Seconds later she tumbled out of a second fireplace, startling a tired-looking Albus Dumbledore behind his desk.

"Miss Weasley!" Dumbledore exclaimed, rushing forwards. "What on Earth-"

"T-Tom… Rid-ddle…" Ginny choked out, coughing and spluttering. "B-Burrow … k-k-killed-" She broke down into distressed sobs, collapsing in a head at the Headmaster's feet. More voices entered the room, loud and heavy footsteps boomed around her but nothing was clear. Yelling and screaming echoed around the poor girl, arguing shouts and distraught exclamations filling her head, but slowly these were becoming fuzzy. Her focus dissipated and Ginny's world turned black once more.

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