Title: It doesn't make any sense
Genre: Romance/angst
Summary: Lorelai finds out she is pregnant. She's dating Luke for almost a year now, but they haven't talked about children yet. How will he respond, and Rory, and her parents?

A/N It was a long, boring train trip across the country when I started writing this story. My pen and paper kept me busy for hours when the words just came out. At the end of the day I was tired and didn't thought my story made any sense so I left it in my notebook for over a week. After watching a new episode of Gilmore Girls I was thinking that somehow the story wasn't that bad. It just needed some adding and rewriting. This is what I made of it so far. Hope you like it. Please read and review!!!

Chapter 1: She isn't, is she?

Luke was working at the diner. It was a pretty busy afternoon. It was almost 4 ó clock and he finally had some time to slow down a bit and do something on his own. When he was thinking what to do with this unexpected extra time, he decided to give Lorelai a call. Her afternoon had been as busy as always, she was still busy when Luke called, but she decided to slow down for a bit and talk to him. She walked into her office so they could talk in private.

Luke was in the storage room himself. It reminded him at their first phone call when they started dating. When he was pretty worried about the kiss. He was afraid that he thought more of it than she thought, but fortunately it turned out that she liked it as much as he did. Now he was there again, talking to her at the same spot. With the same phone. A year had gone by since and their relationship was going pretty well. Much better than any citizen of Stars Hallow would have predicted. Maybe even better than Luke had expected. They where getting closer and closer and it was getting harder to be apart, to sleep alone. They had discussed this on occasion, but hadn't made any big decisions yet though.



"How are you doing?"

"Well, you know, busy as always."

"Of course, the diner was pretty grouted itself."

"But you found time to call me?"

"Yes, I did. It was getting pretty empty so I figured Caesar could handle things on his own for a while."

"Yes you did."

"So, you want to go out tonight?"

"Yes, of course. I think I'll be busy in here till 8"

"You want to go home to shower or shall I pick you up at the inn at 8, so we can grab some dinner?"

"You can pick me up here. I'm already starting to get hungry, so I'm pretty sure I'll be starving at 8."

"I'm pretty sure you do"

"Hey Luke?"



"For what?"

"Well, you know, for knowing me so well."

"Oh yeah, that."

Lorelai smiled at his reply. He could be so shy. "So I see you at 8?"

"Yes, I'll be there."

"Okay, good. So I better get back to work than, otherwise I'll never get out at 8."

"You should than."

"Yes I should. Bye Luke."

"Bye Lorelai."

While Lorelai was in her office she started searching for her day planner. Opening it, and checking the upcoming dates, she noticed that the anniversary of the opening of the in was only a few weeks away, which meant that the anniversary of dating Luke would be even faster. She smiled when she remembered the test run of the inn. And the special night where she and Luke shared their first kiss. Sadly, she remembered the other things that happened to that night. Unfortunately they had put a bad shadow over the good thing that happened that day. Maybe it could have been the second best day of her live, unfortunately it hadn't turned out that way. But she was glad though, that the kiss happened that day. This was something she would never, ever forget in her life. This was kiss she wanted to tell her grandchildren about one day. Was she really thinking that? She never talked to Luke about children. She... suddenly she noticed today's date. Was it really. Her fingers pointed at the date. Yes it was. She cursed inwardly. It couldn't be right. They where safe. She couldn't be.... could she?

Lorelai closed the day planner. She left her office and went to the kitchen to find Sookie. She was already busy preparing tonight's dinner. Sookie looked up to her best friend. She seemed kind of weird. "What's wrong?"

"I'm late."

"Late for what?"

"Just late."


"I don't know what to do."

"You should do a test."

"Yes, I know that. But what if it's positive Sook." Lorelai was whispering, making sure nobody else in the kitchen could hear their conversation.

"He'll be happy."

"We haven't discussed it."

"He loves you. He'll be happy."

"You don't know that, do you."

"Trust me, he'll be happy."

"He'll be happy?"

"Yes he will."

"Do you think it's okay if I drive to Hartford now and buy a test?"

"No, of course not, you should go."

"I'll be back an hour our so."

"Take your time sweetie."

"Thank you."

Sookie just nodded and watched her friend leave. She smiled, knowing this would work out either way. After that, she took her attention back to her work.

Lorelai came back with a pregnancy test about an hour later. She had thought about taking the test right there, in the mall, but she couldn't. She needed some kind of privacy. She thought about going home but realized that wasn't an option. Babette would notice her coming home that early and knowing Babette she knew she was going to ask questions. Going back to the inn seemed to be the only right option. She sneaked into the ladies room. She checked if there wasn't anybody in there and after she made sure there wasn't any she locked the door so she couldn't be disturbed. She took the test out of her purse and started reading the instructions. She realized that nothing had chanced since she had done one of these 20 years ago. The result of that test had changed her life forever. At that moment she wasn't sure if it was a good thing. It definitely wasn't what she wanted to happen at that age. But looking back now, she knew that everything turned out properly. She had the best daughter anyone could wish for. And it wasn't only her daughter, but also her best friend. Lorelai thought about calling her daughter at the moment, but decided not to. She had to do this by herself. She thought about what Luke was going to say. What if she was pregnant. She knew their relationship was doing well. But a baby? That would change everything right? They never discussed children. He loved her child, but she was eleven when he met her. He had been a great father for Rory the past few years, she knew that much. But babies? She knew he liked Davie. But a child of his own, that would be different. She couldn't help but smiled at the idea of Luke being a father. She knew that if she ever wanted a second child, it had to be Luke's.

After that thought she took the test. Now all there was left to do was wait. There was nothing she could change about this situation now. She could be pregnant. Our she could be just late, nothing to it. She could start her period tomorrow. Our not. She checked her watch. 5 More minutes to go. For a while she closed her eyes. She saw Rory as a baby. And she saw Rory taking her first steps. She saw her at her first day of school.. Of high school. At Chilton. At Yale. She saw Luke at the first time she met him. She saw his face at the argument they had before he kissed her. He saw his face when he was about he kissed her, and after he kissed her. She saw him at their first date. At their first night together. She saw him laying in her bed just the night before. When he had fallen asleep earlier than she did. She couldn't have stopped watching him till she finally had fallen asleep herself. She saw the smile on his face, when she woke up in his arms this morning. Her thoughts where broking by the beeping of her watch. The 5 minutes where over. She had to check now. One little line could change her life forever, once more. She closed her eyes once more and saw the blue line of the first test. She picked up the test and slowly opened her eyes. Once again she saw a blue line. She was pregnant. Again. She had to sit down now. She expected it. Somehow it was what she wanted but it was still some shocking news. A baby? Even with all the thoughts from before she didn't knew what to do, but fortunately she hadn't much time to think about that, as someone was knocking the door. "Hey, who's in there. Can you please open the door."

Lorelai stood up. Dropped the test back in the box and put everything in her purse. She looked at herself in the mirror and after she made sure she seemed okay from the outside, she opened the door and walked out. "Sorry, I didn't realized I locked this door to."

"It's okay, the lady said." With that, Lorelai went back to work.