Undeniable Love

Summary: Irina and Jack have had their differences, but when they locked in an elevator together, what will happen?

"Jack we're sending you on a mission."

"Dixon, I know that I have experience in this specific type of mission, but can't you send someone else? I just got back from a mission and my wounds still haven't fully recovered."

"Jack I'm sorry but Ned is out and you're the only other guy with experience in this type of mission. Now I know you don't take vacation breaks, but when you come back you'll have two weeks off to recover mentally and physically."

"Fine I'll go. What's the mission and where are you sending me to?"

"We're sending you to Russia to bring in a former contact of ours. Use force if necessary. We're sending you because you've dealt with this man before and we think you'll be the most successful. And if by the chance you see Irina Derevko, feel free to bring her back too."

With that Jack walked away thinking to himself that if he could Derevko back, or even find her, they could have that detailed talk he'd been wanting to have for so long. Thinking of his wife, he was wondering what she was doing right now. Whether it be stealing, or manipulating somebody into doing a deed for her, he knew that she was out there somewhere and one day he would be together with her again.

Promising himself right then and there that if Irina changed her mind about wanting to be with him or was with someone else right now, he would have to "eliminate" that someone and show Irina how much he wanted to be with her. But that might never come thought Jack to himself. Not knowing that that day would be a lot sooner than he ever thought possible.

Sitting in her bedroom in Moscow, Irina was looking at a picture of Jack. She had just gotten word from one of her contacts that Jack was coming to Russia to pick up a former contact and bring him back to the CIA. Thinking to herself that she hadn't seen Jack in a while, or Sydney for that matter, she might just pay him a little visit.

Although Irina was still mad at him for questioning her motives, even after all they'd been through, she knew that she would forever love Jack with all her heart. Now all she had to do was show him that. And it wouldn't hurt if Sydney forgave them both and they became a family again. It also wouldn't hurt if she had gotten to see her daughter grow up like she always wanted too. Jack was a good place to start though, and if she could convince hi, she could convince anybody.