I know, I know! A Lindsey/Eve story, what was I thinking... It's just that Eve's lines in this episode ("Not Fade Away") really got to me. And one must always concur with inspiration. Please feel free to leave reviews, whether they are complimentary or critical.

Lindsey: If this thing does go down, I want you to stay the hell away from it. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. Damn, girl, you gave up immortality for me. It's like something out of a fairy tale.

Eve: We don't live in a fairy tale.

They don't live in a fairy tale.

She acknowledges that much as the truth. This is the world the Senior Partners had planned out: a world of power and the corruption that comes with it. A world of greed and malice. A world where in which ever direction you turn, you'll be sure to find violence and blood. She never had particularly been fond of it, but there are just so many glamorous offers one can refuse before giving in.

The current world is exactly the same as the ones the Senior Partners had in mind. One thing changes. There are champions here. In this world, however, one will find, the knights will most definitely not always be in shining armor. They will have made mistakes before coming to realize... only few will be purely white. Most will be gray. Lindsey is one of these, she knows.

If she knows anything, though, anything at all, she knows this: the princess will never be saved. She will wait in the castle, alone, with the feeling of dreaded anxiety filling up her lungs with every breath she takes. She will look down from the lofty tower and see only bloodshed and deception. She will pace the quarters of the room until her feet grow weary. Her tears will soak her elegant gown as she discovers her knight had been deceived ... but this much is certain, no one will come save her.

And now as Eve looks down from the high tower of Wolfram and Hart's building, she had with her only three things. Melancholy. Helplessness. And finally, sheer despair.

Eve knows all-too-well; because no matter how much they gave up for each other, no matter how much they tried or longed to be together ... they've never lived in a fairy tale ... and, alas, never will.

Eve: Where's Lindsey? Where is he?

Angel: He's not coming for you.

Eve: You—

Angel: Time to go. (walks away)

Eve: (shakes her head helplessly, watching him leave) Go where?