Enjolras walked down the street thoughtfully. If his instincts were to be trusted, and they usually were, the time he and his friends had been so long waiting for might finally be close at hand. And since his friends were all once again adults they could all finally get to work at achieving that goal.

His boot hit an uneven patch and Enjolras stumbled slightly. Something fell off of the top of his hat and into his face causing him to sneeze violently several times in short succession.




Sniffling Enjolras rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, trying to clear his vision. In his blurry-watery field of vision, he saw the familiar form of Courfeyrac jauntily stride.

"Good day, Courfeyrac." Enjolras sniffed.

His friend stopped and gazed at him oddly. "Hullo, monsieur."

"Monsieur?" Enjolras tried to laugh, but ended up wheezing instead. He felt decidedly odd. "I thought you despised formalities, Chrisophe?"

Courfeyrac took a step away from him. "I do not know you."

"Of course you know me, you half-wit. Its me, Enjolras!" He fairly snarled at the bewildered law student.

"Enjolras? You can't be...you..." Courfeyrac's eyes widened slightly. "Did you see Orka, today by any chance?"

"Yes. I just came from there."

Courfeyrac's lips twitched slightly before he burst into a peal of laughter.

"What is so blasted amusing?!" Enjolras hissed.

"This way, my dear...old man." Courfeyrac clutched his side as he uttered the brotherly familiarity. He took a hold of Enjolras' sleeve and guided him to a store front window and pointed at their reflection.

Enjolras stared.

And stared.

He then uttered a violent curse followed by the name "Orka".

The reflection showed Courfeyrac with his youthful countenance, standing beside a man that the people on the street simply and innocently (yet mistakenly) took for his grandfather.

Whatever had fallen off of Enjolras' hat had turned him into a little old man.