Chapter One: What She Did

Emma isn't a shy girl, but she isn't a talkative girl either. You would say she's in between. She has a lot of friends at her school. She isn't fat but she isn't skinny. She is what you call average in every aspect of her life. One day she was just about to go home on the bus from school when she accidentally ran into a girl in the hallway. The girl whipped around and grabbed Emma by the caller of her shirt and stated, " Watch where your going!" "Sorry," Emma stuttered, "I didn't mean to.." "Right you didn't." Exclaimed the girl releasing her grip on Emma. Then she grabbed Emma's Math book and tore up the pages and threw it in the road. Then, she was gone, without a word.

Emma had missed her bus. She was depressed, for she needed the book for work the rest of the year. She didn't have that much money and couldn't afford to pay for the damage of the book or for a new one, it was hopeless. She was walking home when she walked my a store of books. Something inside made her feet walk in. The something came over her, a plan if you must, she thought she could take a pricey book in here, return in then have money to pay for the damage of the old math book and for a new one. She walked behind a shelve took a thick book and shoved it in her backpack. She was just about to walk out of the store when the clerk stopped her, "Leaving empty handed?" he asked. "O-oh yah I was just looking around." with that she stepped out the door, but as she stepped through it, a alarm of some sort rang off. The clerk walked over to her, "Oh, that old thing always goes off, but let me check your backpack anyway, and double check. She handed it to him, dumbfounded. She couldn't believe it, she was going to get in huge trouble she was ashamed of herself. As the clerk was finishing, he suddenly stopped abruptly. "What's this?" he asked pulling out the book. Emma didn't know what to do, but before she knew it she broke out in tears, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," and told him the story. After she was finished he asked " Do you know what this is? "No.." she sobbed. "This is a priceless old book of a famous author, It the only of it's kind never replaceable!" The clerk exclaimed. "Well, I'm sorry young lady but I'm going to report this, and I hope you will think about what you've done.

Emma walked in the door of her house expecting to be yelled at and punished. She knew the clerk called had called the police and her parents, she knew what she would have to face the when she stepped inside. When she did, automatically her parents were in a furry of questions. She told them the story, they didn't even care. They were disappointed in her. After she finished it the phone rang. Emma went to answer but her mom gave her the look, and she stopped instantly. Her dad answered. She knew it wasn't good by the look on his face, he kept saying yes and no. Then he said, " Emma here you go." Emma arose slowly and said, "Hello?" "Yes this is Judge Marcus, and we couldn't schedule an appointment , you knew you would have consequences when you stole the priceless antique book, well here it is, you have a choice between Camp Greenlake or jail." Emma replied, "Umm…Camp Greenlake."