Sailor Witches

Ch 1

Runaway Trains

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Note: This story takes place in Goblet of Fire and after Sailor Moon S. It's in HP universe and my made up character, Lydia stars in it from my Sailor Rainbow series. I suggest you read 'Over the Rainbow' 'Promises, Flowers & Farewells' and 'All Hearts Can Melt.' ('Beautiful Dreams is not part of this story so you don't have to read that.) I'm updating them at the moment.

If you'd rather just go on with this story, I'll start out a good description on Lydia.

A teenage girl with red braided pigtails lay on her back staring at the sky in the pretty green fields of Ireland. Nestled next to her was her orange and white guardian cat, Lucky. Lucky was fast asleep. The girl, Lydia had been the scout of luck, Sailor Rainbow for some time. She spent most of her time searching for the legendary rainbow coins that give her more power and cleaning out haunted houses. The next coin to find was the blue but it was very difficult to find.

Sighing, Lydia closed her eyes. "I've searched everywhere. Where can that blasted coin be?"

Her mind went back to when she found the first one. It was on accident that she found it. It was in a building called the House of Blood. People all said it was haunted because it was so red. Believing that it had evil sprits, Sailor Rainbow went to investigate it.


Sailor Rainbow shielded her eyes and she looked at the House of Blood, Lucky at her feet. At the top of her braided pigtails were white ribbons with diamond pony holders at the bottom. Her tiara gem and earrings were glistening diamonds. Fastened to her white choker was a shamrock. The top of her fuku was red and her skirt violet, the bows indigo. Green boots reached up to her thighs, ending in a three-humped style like clovers outlined in white. The soles of her boots were thick and sturdy like hiking boots. The three-sectioned sleeves were red, yellow and blue as the primary colors of the spectrum. Those of her cloves were the primary, orange, green and violet. Her locket was a white circle with a shamrock in the middle. Unlike the other sailor scouts, her fuku was more colorful as to go with her sailor name.

"I see why they call it the House of blood." Sailor Rainbow said with a shudder. "Have you ever seen a house so red before?"

"No," said Lucky, looking up at her with his green eyes.

"Well, let's check it out," Sailor Rainbow said as she began walking to it. "Keep an eye out for anything peculiar."

"Of course," Lucky said.

As Sailor Rainbow got closer to the house, her white Shamrock Locket began flashing red. She stopped and looked at it. "Lucky, my locket!"

Lucky gasped, "How can that be?"

"I haven't seen it flash red since I was looking for the rainbow crystals," she went on. "But how?"

"This is getting weird," Lucky said. "Let's get in there. Maybe there's something in the house that your locket's reacting too."

"Hmm," she stepped to the front door and turned the doorknob—but it would not turn. "Blast!" She picked up her green shamrock booted leg and kicked the door down.

She stepped in and looked around. It was incredibly dark. Lucky came in and sniffed the floor.

"It doesn't smell like blood," he said.

"Is it paint?" Sailor Rainbow inquired.


Sailor Rainbow walked around the bottom floor and scratched a wall. "The walls aren't painted either."

"Let's keep looking," Lucky insisted. "We may find something."

"Right," Sailor Rainbow nodded and they began up the stairs. When they got on the second floor, Sailor Rainbow's locket flashed red faster and brighter. "Look at it go! Something in this place is definitely making my locket go off! But what?"

"I don't know," Lucky said, bewildered. "This is very strange."

"Well, I'm not leaving this place until I find out what!" Sailor Rainbow hissed as she walked down a corridor of armor suits set up along side the wall. "Everything here is red but I don't see any bodies or blood anywhere. This is not a house of blood."

Red eyes flashed in the empty armor she just passed and it seemed to come alive.

"Sailor Rainbow, look out!" Lucky warned.

Sailor Rainbow turned as the armor lifted its sword and swung it at her. She ducked right in time. "Or maybe it is!"

The armor walked forward and Sailor Rainbow hooted excitedly.

"All right, I was wondering when I was going to get some action!" she held her hand to her choker decoration. "STROKE OF LUCK!" her shamrock came off her choker and expanded two feet. She chucked it at the knight but it cut her shamrock in half with its sword.

"What the?" she demanded.

The armor swung at her again and she jumped out of the way. Lucky jumped and knocked its helmet off.

"It's empty," he said, "some force must be controlling it!"

"Leave this place!" the armor roared and a red light emitted from where its mouth should be.

"Not until I get what I'm looking for!" Sailor Rainbow summoned her shamrock wand. "RAINBOW SHAMROCK SHOWER!"

The shamrock shower had more effect than her stroke of luck attack but not enough. The flurry of shamrocks surrounded him and he swung his sword to slice through them.

"Leave the House of Blood!" the armor shouted.

"I dunt think so!" Sailor Rainbow hissed, "RAINBOW SHAMROCK WREATH!"

The shamrocks connected together and bounded his arms tightly to his body, forcing him to drop his sword. Rainbow ran, made a front handspring and pushed him down with her feet. "Okay, what is this place?" she demanded, keeping him on the floor. "Why is it so red? Just who are you?"

"I am the guardian of the red rainbow coin," he retorted, eyes and mouth flashing red. "I will not let you get it!" With a loud shout, he broke the wreath knocked her away.

"Rainbow coins?" Sailor Rainbow mumbled, shaking her head. "They're real?"

"Indeed. And I will keep them until the Rainbow Princess comes to claim them!" He brought his sword down to ram her through and she dodged out of the way just in the nick of time.

"But—that's who I am!" Sailor Rainbow cried. "I am the Rainbow Princess!"

"Liar!" he cried. "Leave before I run you through!"

"Sailor Rainbow, you must change yourself to the Rainbow Princess!" Lucky ordered, "use the Prism Crystal!"

"Yes," Sailor Rainbow said, pushing a statue in his way. "You want proof, tin can? I'll give you proof!"

Sailor Rainbow took out the Rainbow Prism Crystal and held it above her head. Seven different colored beams of light shot from the crystal all throughout the house and the empty amour pushed the statue off him and looked up at the light.

"Can it be?" he wondered aloud.

The beams swirled around Sailor Rainbow, changing her sailor fuku to her beautiful colored princess gown with off the shoulder sleeves starting with red through all the colors of the spectrum and ending with a golden skirt. Her tiara disappeared, showing the proof of her identity, her rainbow birthmark. When the transformation changed, she held the prism crystal in her hand.

"Now, do you believe me?" she demanded.

The red empty armor knelt at her feet respectfully. "Princess."

"So this is why this place is called the House of Blood," Princess Lydia said thoughtfully, "you are protecting the coin. And I believe the power of the coin changes the color of everything it ouches?"

"Indeed," he answered, "The coin came to me many years ago. It broke through the window and fell into this armor. It was what gave me life. It changed everything in this house to the color of red. I am to protect it until the Rainbow Princess defeats me and I give it up which you have clearly done. Now you must free me of the coin for I have been bonded to it for so long."

"Mmm," Princess Lydia said, holding out the Rainbow Prism Crystal. "I shall. Red rainbow coin, I demand that you come to me!"

The armor grunted and the color of red swirled around them like a tornado. The coin, to inches in diameter and two quarters of an inch think and deep red in color, came out of the neck of the armor. The armor, without the coin to control it anymore, collapsed to the ground in pieces and changed back to silver.

Lydia looked at it in surprise, "I guess…the very power of it made it stand and everything…"

"Now we know that the myth of the seven rainbow coins that left a pot of gold centuries ago is true," Lucky grinned.

"Yes. Amazing."

"Activate its power," said Lucky with a smile. "Summon its powers."

Princess Lydia nodded and pulled it her chest with the prism crystal. Her princess gown changed back to her sailor fuku. She was anxious to get new powers again, like the rainbow crystals gave her before.


The red color of the house began glowing and began to sink into Sailor Rainbow's body, as if she were a giant sponge dipped into a bowl of water. Her whole body and fuku were flashing red madly like a faulty stoplight. Lucky watched in astonishment. Sailor Rainbow's locket opened up and the rainbow crystal settled inside but the rainbow coin remained in her hands. The red sections of her sleeves and her red vest flashed and the white parts of her fuku were glowing red. The white outline of her boots seemed down, the green breaking off and the three clover like humps evening out into one. A red stripe appeared at the tops of her boots. The green shamrock of her choker and brooch changed into green hearts as the white choker and brooch became red. Her earrings and tiara changed from diamonds to rubies, now shaped like hearts. The white bows changed to red and the diamond ties changed to heart-shaped rubies like her earrings and tiara gem. Instead of a gold belt appearing across her like it did when she got the rainbow crystals, the rainbow coin went into her brooch and settled on the inside of her lid. The brooch closed and the white parts of her fuku stopped flashing red.

"Lucky—look!" Sailor Rainbow cried out, looking her self over. "New powers again!"

"Bravo! How do you feel?" he asked. "Is it like the rainbow crystals?"

"No—I feel stronger, Lucky," Sailor Rainbow answered, "stronger." She looked at her brooch, "see? Now there's a heart on my brooch—last time it was still a shamrock. Oh, Lucky! This is great! Come, let's go tell Madam Indigo!"

Sailor Rainbow ran out of the House of Blood, which now looked like a normal house.

End Flashback

Sailor Rainbow sighed and remembered about the times she found the other rainbow coins. She found the orange in a fire, the yellow in a field of giant sunflowers and she didn't find the green one. Fiore--her love from outer space--found the green coin when he came to Earth when Princess Kaguya threatened it.

'Fiore said he found it in a forest,' she thought to herself.

Finding the coins became difficult with each one. She has been searching diligently for it since she came back from Japan visiting her friends. How come she hasn't found it yet? She sighed.

"Lucky, I'm at a loss finding the blue coin," she said to her cat as she sat up. "I've looked everywhere for it."

"Don't worry," Lucky said, perking up his head, "we'll find it."

"Isn't there anything more to the myth?" Lydia asked hopefully, "yeh know, something that will give us a clue to find them?"

"I'm afraid not, Lydia," he said. "We would certainly find it quicker."

"Hmm," Lydia scratched her ginger head; "there's a pattern every time I find the coins."


"Yeah," she said, "I mean, the coins have the power to change the color of its surroundings—or it blends in with that color. The red coin in that house of blood, orange in the fire—now if I can just find something very, very blue, maybe I'll find the coin."

"Good thinking," Lucky said as he sat up. "Let's think, what is very, very blue around here?"

Lydia looked up, "well, the sky is…but you don't' think it would be floating up there, would you?"

"Not unless it's in a bluebird," Lucky muttered.

"A bluebird!" she exclaimed, furious, "Do you know how long it would take me to search every bluebird's stomach for the coin?"

"Relax." He said, "it can't be up there."

"Then where is it?" she demanded, jumping to her feet. "This is driving me nuts!"

"Well, there's water," he suggested, "and maybe it would be in a building that is very blue—like the House of Blood. Only it would be called like, oh, I don't know…"

Lydia looked around and then her eyes caught on one of the mountains. "Lucky, look at that mountain," she said, pointing. "See how blue it is?"

Lucky stared at it, "hmm, it is bluer than the ones around it."

"The coin may be inside the mountain," she said hopefully, "well, only one way to find out!"

She brought out her brooch and held it up. "RAINBOW GREEN CRISIS POWER!"

Her colorful fuku appeared on her petite body now with red to green stripes on her thigh high boots. Her indigo bows lengthened to ribbons like a super sailor scout and a golden belt with a green star appeared, matching her green stared brooch. Her three sectioned sleeves were slightly transparent, yet were still the primary colors. Her green choker had the new decoration of a golden coin as her earrings and tiara gem were star-shaped emeralds. Now she had upgraded to the level of a super sailor scout but there were more coins to be found.

"Let's find that coin!" Super Sailor Rainbow exclaimed. "RAINBOW GREEN GLIDER!"

Her green star brooch flashed and a green star shaped glider appeared a foot over the ground. She jumped on and Lucky leaped to her shoulder and her glider took off with amazing speed as it rose up ten feet in the air.

On the way to the mountain, Sailor Rainbow thought of how wonderful it would feel to catch a new coin, hold it in her hand and to use whatever new powers it would give her. Clouds grouped overhead and began to sprinkle. But a little rain was not going to stop her from getting the coin. Soon the sprinkling became a downpour and she saw a strange bird—somewhat like a vulture with a greenish-black feathers—flying above them.

"Hey, what kinda bird is that?" she inquired, pointing.

"I don't know," eh said, "I've seen them a few times—always in the rain."

The bird gave a long; mournful like call as it soared above and Super Sailor Rainbow turned her gaze back to the mountain. She flew over a train track and finally made it to the mountain.

Sailor Rainbow rose up to twenty feet but then she stopped as if she hit a force field. "Lucky!" she exclaimed, "My glider—it can't go any higher! I'm going to have to climb the rest of it myself."

"Be careful, girl," Lucky warned. "It's awfully steep and the rocks will be slippery. Use your rope!"

"Got it," she said. "RAINBOW RED ROPE!"

Her brooch opened and her red coin came into place, glowing and a red rope extracted from it, shooting up the mountain and tightening itself around a tree. Sailor Rainbow tugged on it to make sure it was secure and tied it around her waist. Hands on the rope, she began walking up the mountain. As she climbed, she noticed that her brooch remained green.

'Strange,' she thought to herself, grunting as she pulled herself up, 'if this is where it is—it should be flashing blue now.'

Sailor Rainbow continued to climb up the mountain. It wasn't an easy task and her muscles were tired when she reached the top. She grabbed the grass and plants around her to get upand she knelt on the ground for a while to catch her breath.

"Whew," she sighed. She turned to the edge and called to Lucky. "I made it, Lucky!"

"Well done, lassie!" he called. "Do you see anything?"

"Not yet!" she hollered down as she untied the rope. "I'll look around."

Super Sailor Rainbow got to her feet and started walking around the mountain. Her brooch was still not blinking blue. But if it wasn't here, then why did it look blue? Was it some kind of test?

"Hello!" Super Sailor Rainbow exclaimed, "Great blue guardian of the rainbow coins, I call upon you!"

She waited for an answer, turning around. When none came she called out again.

"I command you come and show yourself," she shouted, looking around the mountain. "I've come to claim the Blue Rainbow Coin! Come out!"

She waited a few moments and sighed. It wasn't here. She failed again.

"It's not here, Lucky!" She exclaimed, walking back to the edge. "I climbed up this stupid mountain for nothing!"

"It's all right," he called up, "we'll look again tomorrow. Come on down."

Super Sailor Rainbow picked up her rope and wrapped it around her waist again. Then she heard Lucky shout.

"Sailor Rainbow, there's someone on the train bridge!"

"What?" she looked out and saw a boy carrying boxes, walking on the train bridge over the river coming toward them. She saw steam in the sky. A train was approaching. "Is he out of his mind?"

She walked to the edge of the mountain, "Hey you there! Start running and don't look behind you! A train is coming!"

"What?" the boy walking on the bridge stopped. Then he heard the train blow its horn. "Oh no…" he made a mistake and looked behind him, screamed and threw his boxes over the edge. He stepped to the side and his foot got stuck. "I'm doomed!"

"I've got to go down and save him," Super Sailor Rainbow jumped off the mountain, her arms out stretched.

The boy gasped when he saw a ginger haired girl with braids in white leotard mini skirt and thigh high boots. He recognized her at once from the description he heard in the stories.

"Sailor Rainbow," he breathed. "She is real!"

"The train is coming behind you," she said when she landed on the train bridge running toward him. However, the rope around her waist pulled her back. "Ah, the rope!" she untied it quickly. "Get over here, now!"

"I can't—I'm stuck!" he cried. "I'm a gonner—oh—I knew I heard a banshee last night!"

"You're not going to die!" Super Sailor Rainbow shouted, running toward him. She put her arm around him as she reached her hand between the rails and popped out his lodged foot. She looked up just in time to see the train coming closer. There was no time for her to run back to even call her glider. There was only one way to go. "Hold on!" she shouted and holding the boy tightly, she jumped off the bridge just as the whizzed passed them.

"Are you crazy?" he demanded. "You're going to kill us!"

"No I won't," she said, "RAINBOW…"

Her brooch flashed red, orange, yellow and green and the brooch opened and the four coins flew out, glowing.


The coins began rapidly shooting beams of light every which away. The beams then became thick strings, creating a simple and perfect safety…


Once the net was completed, the coins flew back into her brooch and they landed into the net. The boy gave a sigh of relief—until it sprang once and like a trampoline, they were erupted back into the air. The boy screamed and Super Sailor Rainbow hollered. They flew up over the side and came onto the ground, rolling around. The last cars of the train just went by.

Super grunted and lifted herself up. "Yeh all right?"

"Think so," the boy groaned, rubbing his head.

Super Sailor Rainbow came to her feet and held out her hand. He took it and she helped him up.

"Cheers," he said.

"Don't mention it," she said. "Now be careful of trains."

"I will for now on," he admitted. He gasped and turned around. "Oh no, my packages! My father will kill me!"

The boxes he dropped flew up over the side, landed in his arms with such great force he fell onto his back again.

"Ouch." He said.

"Well, you've found them," Super Sailor Rainbow laughed. She walked away. The boy thought a minute and the recent events just sank in. Did Super Sailor Rainbow just save his life? Was he with her now or what it all just a dream? Dream or not—he had to say something!

The boy put his boxes down and got up. "Hey wait! Sailor Rainbow!"

"Mmm?" she looked over her shoulder.

"It's so nice to finally meet you," he said, blushing. "I've heard—amazing things about you—you know, well, it's great to see meet ya."

"Well, it's always nice to meet a fan," Super Sailor Rainbow said, turning back around. "And you are?"

"I'm Seamus Finnigan."

"Well," she smiled, her hand on a hip and her other hand up, thumb over her middle finger, pointer finger slightly raised. "Seamus Finnigan, the next time yeh hear a banshee scream, maybe you'll think differently, eh?"

He grinned, "yeah. So, will I see you again?"

"Maybe." She turned back around, Lucky at her heels. "RAINBOW GREEN GLIDER!" Lucky jumped onto the glider and Super Sailor Rainbow looked over her shoulder again, grinning. "If you're lucky!"

She hopped onto her glider, waved at Seamus Finnigan and flew away.

"Bye Sailor Rainbow!" he cried, running after as he waved back. He stopped when Super Sailor Rainbow disappeared in the rain. In a few moments the rain stopped and the sun came back out. A vast rainbow spread around the sky. Seamus took in a deep breath and folded his arms.

"Maybe if you're lucky," he replayed her words in his mind.

A grin spread across his lips. He hoped he would get really, really lucky, really, really soon.

To Be Continued

Author's note: Hoped this helped ya learn about Lydia/Sailor Rainbow. Thought I'd help you get to know her by starting the story with her. I finished revising 'Over The Rainbow' and you can read that to help. I've started revising 'Promises, Flowers and Farewells' so you then you can learn about her relationship with Fiore a bit. Thanks!