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Sailor Witches 33

Dumbledore's Request

Raye's foot started to feel numb after the antidote Madame Pomfrey gave her and she was beginning to relax. She glanced over to Moody's bed where Madame Indigo was caring for him. She could imagine how Madame Indigo was feeling. Raye sighed and settled more into her pillow. Mrs. Weasley jumped up when she saw Dumbledore walk in with a troubled and injured—yet safe nevertheless—Harry Potter. The bandages around his leg had been removed after Fawks had healed it with his tears.

"Harry," Mrs. Weasley exclaimed. "Oh Harry!"

Dumbledore moved between them as she attempted to come to Harry. "Molly," he said softly, holding a hand, "Please listen to me for a moment. Harry has been through a terrible ordeal tonight. He just had to relive it for me. What he needs now is sleep, and peace and quiet." He looked at Mrs. Weasley, Bill and Harry's best friends. He paused for a moment when he saw Raye sitting in a bed and Raye looked away. Dumbledore cleared his throat, looking back at Molly. ""If he would like you all to stay with him you may do. But I do not want you questioning him until he is ready to answer. And certainly not this evening."

Raye turned on her side and pretended to fall asleep. She heard Mrs. Weasley shout at her sons and Hermione. "Didn't you hear? He needs quiet!"

As Harry got ready for bed and Dumbledore left, Harry saw Raye. "What's Raye doing here?" he inquired.

"Oh," Hermione glanced at Raye's bed and Raye closed her eyes tighter. "Malfoy brought her in. Her ankle was bleeding."

"Her ankle?" Harry mumbled, "Bleeding? Why, what happened to her?"

"I don't know," Ron said quickly. "Malfoy was the one sitting next to her when Madame Pomfrey was helping her. Why should we care anyway? She's a Slytherin."

"Ron!" Hermione and Mrs. Weasley snapped.

"Well, it's true," Ron muttered. "They don't care if we get hurt, why should we?"

Raye didn't care Ron was saying this. She knew everyone in her house was total jerks but unlike the other Slytherins, she did care about Harry's wellbeing. Her eyes fluttered as Madame Pomfrey pulled the curtains around her bed and Madame Pomfrey approached Harry with his potion. Now that it was all over and having stopped Voldemort-at least temporarily-sleepiness took over Raye's body and she fell asleep.

Luna gasped at the story. "Voldemort has returned, you say?"

"Yes, we've fought with him," Serena said. "That's why Harry's name was put in the goblet and everything. They needed his blood to bring Voldemort back."

"Did you stop him?" Lucky asked.

"We don't know," Lydia replied. "Our attacks only slowed him down. Even Sailor Moon's rod didn't work on him."

"That can't be!" Luna exclaimed.

"He must be very powerful if that didn't work on him," Sailor Moon mumbled. "But we were able to knock out most of his men. Some probably didn't survive. We had to hurry and leave because Sailor Mars was injured. Voldemort's pet snake bit her ankle."

"I can't believe you left without telling us," Luna muttered. "That was very dangerous, Serena."

"But there was no time!" Serena insisted. "Harry was in trouble. We had to save him!"

"And we came back in one piece," said Lydia. "Though Voldemort nearly got Sailor Moon with the killing curse."

"What?" Lucky gasped.

"Good thing Harry pushed me away just in time," Serena said quickly. "Then their wands didn't work when he tried to disarm him. They reacted." Serena remembered the strange change she saw when Harry saved her. She looked at Lydia. "Lydia, did you notice something different about Harry when he pushed me away?"

"What do you mean?" Lydia inquired.

"Well, his glasses were missing and his robes were totally different," Serena said. "Kind of medieval like."

Lydia shook her head. "No, I don't think so," she said. "It happened all so fast."

"Maybe I just pictured him as my knight in shining armor or something," Serena shrugged, "or wizard in golden robes, actually."

"What will they do with Crouch?" Lucky inquired.

"They're investigating him," Lydia explained.

"I wonder if they're done yet," Serena said. "I want to give Crouch a piece of my mind too. Big coward, making us believe he was an Auror when he was a Death Eater. I can't believe he put us under the Imperious Curse!"

"Serena, there's nothing we can do," said Lydia.

"He pretended to be Harry's friend!" Serena shouted. "This whole time, we trusted him as our teacher! I—I never thought this would happen. Why did it have to end like this? We were so sure it was Bagman! We could be celebrating right now if it wasn't for…wasn't for…Voldemort!" Serena turned away and crossed her arms. She felt like tearing the room apart; she was so upset.

"Oh, what're we going to do?" Serena demanded.

"Dumbledore's the only wizard Voldemort's ever feared," Lucky said, "and I'm sure he's got a plan."

"I'm going nuts," Serena muttered. "I…I have to go and do something. See if Harry's all right."

Without another word, Serena left the dormitory and headed for the hospital wing.

Raye and Harry's sleep was disturbed when they heard Dumbledore arguing with Fudge. Fudge refused to believe that Voldemort had returned. Raye lay still in her bed.

'Whether he refuses to believe it or not,' Raye thought, 'it happened. But we stopped him, didn't we? Or did we just slow him down for a while?'

Raye didn't stand up to do anything. What could she do anyway? Reveal she knew something was wrong and found Crouch's body? Tell them she was Sailor Mars and saved Harry's life? No. She couldn't reveal her identity and even if she wanted to her foot was still healing. She wouldn't be able to stand on it. She had lost so much blood when the snake bit her. Harry however, spoke to Fudge.

"You've been reading Rita Skeeter, Mr. Fudge."

"And if I had?" the minister demanded. "If I have discovered you've been keeping certain facts about the boy very quiet? A Parselmouth, eh? And having funny turns all over the place?"

"I assume you are referring to the pains has been experiencing in his scar?" Dumbledore asked in a cool voice.

Raye was surprised how her Headmaster seemed so angry. He always seemed so calm—maybe a bit strange—but never like this. Fudge must've really made him mad but she couldn't blame him. Why didn't he just believe Harry? Why should it matter if he was a Parselmouth? He got that power when Voldemort tried to kill him anyway.

"You admit he's been having these pains then?" Fudge asked. "Headaches? Nightmares-possibly hallucinations?"

Raye tightened her hand around her bedclothes. Harry couldn't have just imagined all of that!

"Listen to me, Cornelius," Dumbledore said, "Harry is as sane as you or I. That scar has not addled his brains. I believe it hurts him when Voldemort is close by or is feeling particularly murderous."

"You'll forgive me, Dumbledore," said Fudge, trying to sound humorous or something and it made Raye want to jump out of bed and slap him. "I have never heard of a curse scar acting like an alarm before…"

"Look, I saw Voldemort come back!" Harry shouted. "He would've killed me if the sailor scouts hadn't come!"

"And you believe these silly girls came?" Fudge demanded.

"They were there at the World Cup!" Harry exclaimed. "Loads of people saw them when Death Eaters were levitating the muggles! Just because you believe they're trying to make the ministry look stupid doesn't mean they don't exist!"

"Do you believe this, Dumbledore?" Dumbledore laughed.

"If I remember correctly," Madame Indigo said hotly, "one of them successfully caught Avery and you questioned him."

"I know that, Maura," Fudge muttered, "but how do we know that Harry here didn't make believe these girls rescued them? How would they know he was in danger anyway? Do they just pop up whenever something goes wrong?"

"They saved my life!" Harry cried. "Sailor Moon kept telling me to run for it. Sailor Mercury took me away and fixed my leg. Sailor Jupiter electrocuted Wormtail to Death. Sailor Venus-

"Who the hell is Wormtail?" Fudge demanded.

"Peter Pettigrew!" Harry snapped. "He was the one who betrayed my parents and he framed Sirius Black!"

"Insane!" Fudge yelled. "He was killed!"

Serena could hear the yells all the way down from the hall. It made her blood boil that Fudge did not believe a word Harry said. She ran to the Hospital Wing.

"It happened," Harry said. "Voldemort came back! He used his muggle father's bones, Wormtail's flesh and my blood to return! You think I did this to myself?"

"I saw you receive the injury in your leg when the Acrumantula bit you!" Fudge yelled. "It was all a hallucination. You just thought you saw the Dark Lord return and those girls in mini skirts save you."

"That's not true!" Harry shouted the same time Serena did as she came to the doorway. Serena wasn't going to allow someone not to believe in Sailor Moon, especially when she helped that someone catch a bad guy.

"Serena?" Harry gasped.

"Harry is not lying!" She hissed, striding between Harry's bed and the minister.

"How do you know?" Fudge demanded.

"Because I am Sailor Moon!"

Hearing Serena announce it, Raye gasped and poked her head out of her curtain to make sure she wasn't hearing things. "Serena, no!" she muttered. "You great meatball head!"

Serena reached into her robes, pulled out her compact and held it above her head. "MOON CRISIS POWER!"

Everyone stared as Serena transformed into Sailor Moon in front of them. Fudge was muttering it was some kind of conspiracy. Harry's shock was beyond words. Serena was Sailor Moon? This whole time since she came to Hogwarts, sleep in the same house, eat at the same table, she was Sailor Moon?

The transformation finished and in place of Serena Sailor Moon stood. She pointed at Fudge. "Now do you believe Harry?"

Fudge laughed and clapped his hands as if he were at a play. "Very convincing, Mr. Potter. I believe this girl was put off by Rita Skeeter's article about the scouts at the World Cup so you decided to plan this whole thing."

"We didn't plan this!" Sailor Moon exclaimed turning and gesturing to Harry. "I saw Harry disappear in the maze and I knew something was wrong!"

"Preposterous," Fudge muttered.

"It's true," said Harry, "I didn't even know she was Sailor Moon!"

"And who are the other scouts, Harry?" Fudge demanded.

"I don't know!" Harry shouted.

"I can call them if you want me to," Sailor Moon said. "We can tell you just what happened. We can take you to the graveyard where it happened! I bet their bodies are still there!"

"I've heard enough," Fudge muttered and he reached in his robes and pulled out a bag of gold. He put it on Harry's beside. "Your winnings."

Sailor Moon grabbed the minister's arm. "If you just drop this whole thing then you really are a coward! People trust you, you protect them. You can't allow the ministry to just hush all this up or you don't deserve to be the minister of magic!"

"Let me go," Fudge said and started walking out of the hospital wing.

"Come back here, you coward!" Sailor Moon shouted after him. "You can't just ignore all of this. Lord Voldemort has returned whether you choose to believe it or not!"

Fudge ignored her shouts and disappeared around the corner. Sailor Moon groaned and folded her arms. She looked at all the stunned faces in the room. She saw Raye peaking from her curtain. She looked at her as if to say, 'why didn't you come out and help me?' and Raye disappeared behind the curtain again. Sailor Moon shook her head and looked at Harry.

"I'm sorry, Harry," she said softly, "I tried."

Sailor Moon looked at the floor and walked out of the hospital wing. She de-transformed back to Serena the teenage witch and returned to Gryffindor House.

Raye dreamed about the strange place again. She walked though the forest of elm trees. She heard strange noises time to time. The forest was dark and damp with many weeds. It made her feel so depressed to be in it. She walked to an elm tree that appeared to be scratched. Slowly, she brought out her hand and felt the cut in its bark. Raye flinched when she heard footsteps and she turned around. A figure in a cloak was walking through the woods.

"Hey wait!" Raye shouted.

But the person continued walking. Raye paused and wondered if it was safe to go after him. Groaning, she started walking after the man and calling for me.

"What is this place?" she demanded. "Hey, hold on a minute! I just want to talk to you. Ow!"

She tripped over a rock and fell on her face. As she tried to push herself up, she saw someone's feet on the ground. She lifted her head and the person held out his hand. Trying to look underneath his hood, she gave him her hand and he pulled her to her feet.

"What's with this forest?" she demanded. "Why is it so creepy?"

"It's an elm forest," he replied sadly. "It is full of sorrow and shadows."

"I never known trees to do that before," said Raye.

"Well, now you do."

"Hey, you're the one who owns the dragon," Raye said quickly.

"Yes," he answered, letting go of her hand and continuing to walk off.

"Hey, hold on! Where are you going?"

"Meeting my dragon," he replied.

She followed him in silence. They passed a few dark murky pools. There were a few dead carcasses in the forest.

"Why are you meeting it here?" she inquired. "Why don't you try leaving?"

"I have," he replied. "But I am bound to this forest unless I have another companion with me."

They reached the edge of the forest and Raye looked up at the starry sky. The constellation of Draco was glowing brighter than any of the constellations. The Hebridean Black flew to them, roaring in greeting. Raye stepped back.

"It will not harm you," said the dragon keeper.

"It is just so big and scary," Raye said truthfully.

"Yes, I know," the dragon keeper said and his mount landed on the ground. He walked to the Hebridean Black and patted its face. The dragon moaned affectionately.

"I never known dragons to act like that before," Raye mumbled.

"I am bound to this dragon," the rider explained, "and it to me."

"The same way you our bounded to this forest?" Raye inquired.

"Yes," he replied and turned around. "Come ride with me."

"What?" she gasped, stepping back. "I don't think I should."

"It is all right," he explained. "You will not get hurt."

"But I—you—I don't know you," Raye insisted.

"Afraid of taking rides from strangers, now are you?" he demanded.

"Well, I should be careful," Raye retorted and turned around. "I should leave. It's not safe for me here."

"Raye, wait!"

Raye looked over her shoulder and the keeper walked forward with his arm out.

"Please stay," he said softly. "Perhaps if I showed you my face, you'd stay?"

Raye fully turned around and nodded at him. He reached his hands to his hood and pulled it down. Raye gasped and pointed at him.

"I know you!" she cried.

"So you know I am not a stranger," the keeper said. He had a pale pointed face, platinum blond hair and gray eyes. "You know me."

"Draco…you're the one," Raye mumbled, "that led me to this place. Why?"

"So you can free me," he whispered, looking around the forest. "I have been in this forest for so long and it causes one to be depressed. I do not know what happiness feels like. If another person rides with me I can leave the forest. I came out searching for the right person to ride with me."

"That's it?" Raye inquired. "You and your dragon try to kill me and,"

"We did not," Draco said. "If I really wanted you dead I would've killed you already. I had to show you what my life was like here. I had to bring you to this forest so you can free me from it. From my life of sorrow."

Raye stepped forward and looked at the dragon. "You are telling me the truth?"

"Of course," he replied. "Please say you will ride with me. Think of how wonderful it will be to fill the cool air fly through that beautiful dark hair of yours."

Raye sighed and looked at the ground. It sounded interesting but where were they going to go? Where would he take her? Was she sure she could trust him?

Raye woke up the next morning and pushed the curtains away from her bed. She looked at her foot. It was healing fine. Perhaps if she asked Madame Pomfrey enough she'd let her go.

Raye looked at Moody's bed. Madame Indigo was asleep on his chest. She didn't leave his side the whole night.

"Madame Indigo?" Raye asked softly.

"Hmm?" she pulled her head up. "Oh, Raye. How is your foot?"

"Better," Raye said. "I was wondering when I could leave."

"You will have to talk to Madame Pomfrey," she yawned as she stretched. She got up and examined her foot. "Yes, it has stopped bleeding. The venom kept your blood from clotting."

"How is Moody?" Raye asked.

Madame Indigo sighed sadly as she looked at her partner. "I thought I saw him stir but he didn't. Crouch hurt him rather badly."

A groan from Harry's bed told them he was waking up.

"Madame Indigo, could I have a moment with Harry?" she asked.

"Of course," Madame Indigo replied. "I think I'll go fill Al's flask with his usual drink. He'll be asking for it whenever he wakes up."

Madame Indigo left the Hospital Wing and Harry looked up at Raye. He picked up his glasses and put them on.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Probably the first time a Gryffindor asked a Slytherin how they were and meant it," Raye said with a grin. "I'm fine. How about you? You went through worse."

"Well, I'm alive," Harry moaned. "I'd feel better if Fudge just believed me."

"Dumbledore will come up with something," said Raye.

"Yeah, I know."

There was a quiet pause and Raye pushed her covers forward. "Harry, I have to show you something."


"I saw what happened," Raye explained and she winced as she put her foot on the floor. "Fudge yelling at you and Serena—well—showing who she was." She started walking to Harry's bed.

"You knew she was Sailor Moon?" he inquired, surprised.

"Oh yeah," Raye replied, "I knew." She sat at the edge of his bed, threw her inured leg up and slowly rolled up her pajama leg. Harry stared, confused.

"What're you doing?" he asked.

"See that mark above my ankle?"


"What'd you say it looks like?" Raye inquired.

"Well, like a, uh," he looked closely at the injury. "Snakebite?"

"Yeah," Raye said. "A snake bit me."

Harry looked from the snakebite to Raye's face. "Wait…wait a minute…you're…you can't be."

"Yeah," Raye nodded. "I'm Sailor Mars. The same Sailor Mars that was bit in the leg by Voldemort's pet snake."

"Wow, you made it…you all made it."

"Going to take more that a snakebite to keep me down, Harry," Raye told him.

"That snakebite looks bad," Harry said, touching it softly.

"Don't worry," Raye grinned, "I got her back."

"What the hell's going on here?" demanded a voice in the doorway. Harry and Raye both looked up to see Draco. He was holding a fistful of flowers.

"Malfoy, what're you doing here?" Harry said just as angrily.

"Shut up Potter!" Draco muttered, slowly walking into the room. "I came here to see Raye, not you! What're you doing touching her leg?"

"She was just showing me the snakebite," Harry grunted.

"Oh, showing each other our battle scars now are we?" Draco snapped. "I don't want to know where yours are."

"It's all right, Draco," Raye said softly as she rolled her pajama leg back down. "Harry just wanted to know if I was okay."

"You didn't have to show him, Raye," said Draco coolly, still staring at Harry.

"Draco, are those for me?" Raye asked, pointing to the flowers.

"Huh?" Draco mumbled, blinking and turning to Raye. "Oh these? Yeah."

"They're beautiful," Raye said, trying to reach for them but Draco pulled them back and grabbed her arm.

"Here, I'll help you back to your bed," Draco said and keeping a very firm arm around Raye's waist and an evil eye on Harry, Draco walked Raye to her bed and helped her sit down. He put the flowers in at he vase on her bedside table.

"Thanks for coming to see me, Draco," Raye said softly, trying to get him to calm down. Harry groaned and rolled his eyes from his bed.

"You're welcome," said Draco. "So, did Madame Pomfrey tell you when you can leave?"

"No," said Raye, "I haven't seen her since I just woke up."

He looked at Harry. "I hope it's soon."

"Yeah," Raye sighed. "Me too."

"So," Draco looked back at Raye and tried to be sweet. "You feel any better? You do look better." He put his hand on her face to check if she was still feverish.

"I do, thanks," Raye smiled. She kind of liked it when Draco acted protective of her, though he looked like he was going ot kill Harry.

"Miss Hino, you're awake?" Madame Pomfrey walked out of her office.

"Yeah," Raye replied.

"Madame Pomfrey," Draco began, "when can Raye be released?"

"I'd like to keep her here for today," Madame Pomfrey answered.

"But she just said she feels better," Draco said. "Right Raye?"

"Well, I do," said Raye with a nod.

Madame Pomfrey checked her foot. "Still a bit of swelling. You might be able to leave this evening or tomorrow morning."

"Can I come for Raye when she's released?" Draco asked.

Madame Pomfrey looked at him and paused. "Well, I suppose so, Mr. Malfoy."

Mr. and Mrs. Diggory walked inside the Hospital Wing so they could interview with Harry. Hearing Mr. Diggory sob, Draco looked at Raye. He didn't want to listen to Harry tell the Diggory's how their son died while he was spending time with Raye.

"I'm going to go now," he said softly. "I'll come back for you tonight, okay Raye?"

"Sure Draco," Raye smiled. "Thanks."

He leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. Raye closed her eyes and sniffed his skin. He always had a nice, rich smell. He pulled back, rose to his feet and left her bedside. Raye put her head back on the pillow and gazed at her flowers.

As Lita and Mina left the Great Hall after breakfast and headed for her class, they saw the Diggorys walking with Professor Sprout. "There are Mr. and Mrs. Diggory," Mina said sadly. "Oh, they must feel awful!"

An idea came to Lita's mind and she tugged on Mina's arm. "Come on," Lita said.

"Mr. Diggory! Mrs. Diggory!" Lita exclaimed.

"Oh, hello," said Mrs. Diggory.

"My name is Lita Kino," Lita explained. "and this is my friend Mina Aino."

"Oh yes, your Susan's daughter, right?" Mr. Diggory asked.

"Yes sir," Mina nodded.

Mrs. Diggory nodded. "It's nice to meet you girls."

"I was wondering if it was all right if, I," Lita swallowed, "if I could have some pictures and things of Cedric?"

"What?" Mr. Diggory asked, looking slightly confused.

"You see, sir," Lita said, "I want to put a shrine, a memorial to Cedric in the Hufflepuff common room. That is…if it's all right."

Mr. and Mrs. Diggory looked at each other. Professor Sprout continued looking at Lita. Mina gasped at the offer. Then Mrs. Diggory looked back at Lita and smiled.

"I'm sure Cedric would like that," she said. "Perhaps two could come to our home?"

"Really?" Lita asked, her heart skipping a beat. "You sure?"

"Both of us?" Mina inquired, raising an eyebrow.

Mr. Diggory nodded. "I think it is a good idea. We'll arrange a time for you to come gather a few of Ced's things."

"We can add Cedric's favorite plants," said Professor Sprout. "He became quite fond of the Love Blossoms. Once I can breed them you can add it to Cedric's shrine."

Just like he promised, Draco came to see Raye after dinner. She smiled at him when he approached. "You all right?" he asked. "Has Madame Pomfrey giving you permission to go yet?"

Raye looked at Madame Pomfrey. "Am I free to go?"

Madame Pomfrey paused and checked Raye's foot. "Yes, it is looking better. I suppose you can go but don't move around too much all right?"

"Excellent," Draco said and Raye pushed the covers away and got out of bed.

"Thank you, Madame Pomfrey," Raye said. "I'll be really careful."

"And I'll make sure she doesn't run around the school," Draco added, putting an arm around Raye. Raye grabbed her flowers and Draco helped her walk away from her bed. Raye smiled at Harry.

"Bye Harry," she said, "Take care."

"Yeah, you too," said Harry as Draco sneered at him.

"I'm glad Madame Pomfrey let you out so soon," said Draco, "it's so boring laying in a bed. When I was attacked by Hagrid's damn Hippogriff last year I was in there for days."

"Poor Dwaco," Raye fumed in a play baby voice. Draco groaned and rolled his eyes. Raye giggled.

"And in any case," Draco added, "Pansy was ecstatic you got hurt."

I could imagine," said Raye. "I bet she was expecting I'll be there for the rest of the year, huh?"

"Yeah," said Draco, "but she couldn't stop me from coming to see you."

"So…did our house throw a welcome home party for me?" Raye teased.

"Well, I tried," said Draco. "But Miranda LeStrange has been concerned for you."

"Yeah," Raye nodded. "She saw me during lunch."

They entered the Slytherin Common Room to find it mostly empty. Miranda jumped up. "Raye, you're out! You all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Raye smiled. "Thanks, Miranda."

"You need anything?"

"Maybe just a shower," said Raye. "and a change of clothes…and maybe a walk." She glanced up at Draco.

"You heard Madame Pomfrey," Draco muttered, "she said for you to stay off your feet."

"Oh, rats," Raye chuckled and she went down the girl's dormitory. Pansy Parkinson was wearing a scowl as she reached in.

"I see you're out of the Hospital Wing now, Hino," Pansy muttered.

"Yeah," Raye said, "thanks for your concern, Pansy. Thanks to Draco—I feel much better!"

In Raye's dream, she stared at Draco's outstretched hand. She sighed and ran her hands through her hair.

"Don't you want to come with me?" he inquired.

"I...I suppose I can," said Raye softly. "For a while."

"You will?"

"Yes," Raye replied. Draco smiled and kissed her. "Good. Come on now."

He brought her to the dragon and she placed her hand on it. It moaned as if it were a giant cat. Draco got on first and reached out for Raye. He pulled her up behind him and Raye put her arms right around his waist. She felt excited though anxious that she was on the back of a dragon.

The dragon lifted up and they flew away. The dragon's wings flapped. Raye looked down. They were beginning ot leave the elm forest. Draco was no longer bound to it. Raye felt the air go through her hair. It did feel good.

Around eight o'clock the next morning the six received orders to go to Dumbledore's office. Hoping that they weren't in trouble for anything and trying to remember if they hadn't forgotten to give him a weekly essay, the girls went to Dumbledore's office. They congregated at the stone gargoyle.

"Dumbledore called for you too?" Serena asked Mina as she walked forward.

"Yeah," Mina replied.

"Did you all remember your weekly essays?" Ami asked.

"I turned mine in last week," said Raye. "I wonder what this is bout."

"What was the new password again?" Lydia asked. "Cockroach cluster, was it?"

The stone gargoyle jumped aside and they stepped onto the spiral staircase, leading up to Dumbledore's round staircase. Dumbledore smiled at them as they walked in.

"Thank you for coming girls," he said.

"Sure, Professor," said Ami. "I hope there is nothing wrong?"

"No, no," Professor Dumbledore said softly, "please, sit down."

He drew up six chairs for them to sit on and the girls sat down. Dumbledore took his seat behind his desk and looked at the girls.

"Well, Maura Indigo was right about you girls being unique," he said.

"Uh, thank you, Professor," said Serena curiously.

"I am delighted and honored to have the sailor soldiers attending my school."

The girls stared at him except for Raye and Serena. They looked at the floor. Lydia laughed.

"Come on, Professor," she said, slapping her knee. "Us, the sailor scouts? No, we're just your average, ordinary witches. Right Lita?"

"Yeah!" Lita added with a nervous chuckle. "Very very normal. If we were any more normal, we'd be muggles!"

"You haven't told your friends, have you, Serena?" Dumbledore inquired.

"Told us what?" Ami looked at Serena.

"Uh, guys," said Serena nervously, "I—well—transformed into Sailor Moon in front of Dumbledore and Fudge."

"You did what?" Mina demanded. "Serena, why?"
"Because Fudge didn't believe Harry," said Raye. "I saw it when I was in the hospital Wing."

"Did you transform too?" Ami asked.

"No," said Raye. "My foot still hurt and well…didn't think it was necessary. Fudge still didn't believe Voldemort came back."

"Professor, what made you think we were sailor scouts too?" Lydia asked.

"I didn't need do see you girls transform to know you were sailor scouts," Dumbledore said. "Of course, at first I didn't' know you all were. When Rita wrote the article about the sailor scouts at the world cup I noticed all six of you leave the Great Hall at the same time. I heard the legends from the previous headmasters and headmistresses." He gestured to all the portraits on the wall and some of them waved at the girls.

"I learned that when Sailor Rainbow saves someone they are lucky for a week while those who are attacked are unlucky for thirteen days. After Lydia here unleashed her anger on Professor Snape, he was missing many of his potions, all his black robes had polka dots and were in bright colors and no one from Gryffindor made a mistake in his class—it was always people from his house."

"So that's why Neville Longbottom kept making his potions right!" Lydia gasped. "I mean…really?"

"It is told Sailor Mars has strong clairvoyant powers," Dumbledore went on, "and Raye has been doing very well in divination and runes. So well in fact, it even made Professor Trelawney a better seer. She even wants to make Raye her apprentice."

"Wait a minute," said Raye, "before I came here Trelawney was lousy but now she's acting like a real divination teacher? Just because I've been in her class?"

"Yes," Dumbledore nodded. "You've in a way, helped 'uncloud' her 'inner eye.'"

"Wow," Raye said. "I didn't know I could do that."

"Harry has told me Sailor Mercury helped fix his injuries," said Dumbledore, "and she was able to dampen a rag just by holding it in her hand. Ami here has done very well in tending to her classmates' injuries and she retrieved Fleur Delacour, Ron, Harry and young Gabrielle. On a recent walk around the lake the merpeople told me of a creature they really feared until the Sailor Scouts—and one who could speak their language—Sailor Mercury, destroyed it. So, naturally, Ami here must be Sailor Mercury."

Ami nodded. "Yes."

"I've heard that Sailor Jupiter had great strength," said Dumbledore, "the power of wood and lightning. Harry said that it was Sailor Jupiter who destroyed Wormtail. Professor Sprout has told me Lita has been doing an excellent job in herbology, as well as charms dealing with plants."

"You figured that out just by that?" Lita asked in surprise.

"Yes," he said and Lita let out a breath. "And finally, Sailor Venus was the scout of beauty and love. Madame Maxime has told me—as well as many people—how pretty Mina is."

"Oh, well, thank you, Professor Dumbledore," said Mina shyly.

"Professor McGonagall has asked for my help in the human transfiguration of three cats with moon and rainbow marks on their foreheads. From the legend, they were the guardians of the sailor soldiers."

"How is Professor McGonagall doing with that by the way?" Lydia asked.

"Quite well. So naturally, when Serena transformed into Sailor Moon yesterday," Dumbledore nodded to Serena, "I spoke to my colleges here and went over your essays. Mr. Ollivander has told me about the woods for your wands and how they match who you are. As you all came into this school together I was able to put the pieces together and figure out who you all were."

"Wow, Professor," moaned Lydia, "You really are a genius."

"Why thank you, Miss MacGreggor," said Dumbledore. "You have showed much courage and saved Harry's life. I ought to make you all prefects next year."

"Prefects?" Serena inquired. "Professor, I punish people enough as it is!" she pointed at Lydia. "Lydia could be the prefect for Gryffindor!"

"Serena," Lydia said, bringing her finger down. "I don't want to be Prefect. I'd rather play quidditch!"

"Very well," he looked at Lita and Mina and they both were shaking hteir heads. "Raye?"

Raye paused, "I'm not sure. Who else did you have in mind?"

"Pansy Parkinson perhaps."

"Pansy Parkinson?" Raye gasped. "Her? Are you sure? Who's the guy?"

"Draco Malfoy," He answered.

"I'll do it," said Raye quickly. After what Professor Trelawney told her, her dreams and becoming closer to Draco, she couldn't allow Pansy Parkinson to be a prefect with Draco. Now Raye was able to figure out her dream, at least some of it. Draco was reaching out to her. Raye could not allow Pansy to corrupt him. Not when he still had a chance. She couldn't let Draco turn into Lucius. Maybe the heart that pumped his blood was also pure, deep down.

Dumbledore looked at Ami. "Would you like to be the prefect for Ravenclaw?"

Ami nodded. "Sure."

"Good," said Dumbledore, "your badges will be mailed to you this summer. I award forty points to each of you and you will get special awards to services to the school."

"Sweet!" Serena breathed.

"Now, to tell you the reason why I asked you to come here. I need your help. Because Fudge does not believe Harry, I will have to make arrangements of my own. Back when Voldemort was still in power I had an order to stop him called the Order of Phoenix. I have contacted those that remain in the order—as many have died. They will be tailing Harry so that no Death Eater of Voldemort attacks him."

"But I thought we stopped Voldemort," said Raye, looking at her friends. "Didn't we?"

"I doubt it," said Serena. "The first time I attacked him he remained standing. I had to hit him a couple of times. I think that last time I only knocked him out because he didn't well—disappear like he's supposed to when I use my Moon Scepter."

"Because Harry Potter is the only one that can stop Voldemort," explained Dumbledore. "Before Harry was born, Professor Trelawney made a prophecy of Harry's' birth and the one to stop Voldemort. He has a power that Voldemort does not know of it. That is why he tried to kill him all those years ago. That is why he tried killing him the other day."

"What would you like us to do, Professor?" Serena asked.

"Join the order," he replied.

"What?" the girls demanded. "Isn't this well, arrangement for adults?"

"You girls just saved Harry Potter's life," said Dumbledore. "You were able to find where he was, even teleport through the anit-apparation barrier. You have powers beyond those of ordinary witches. When Harry returns to school, you need to keep a close eye on him."

The girls looked at each other. Serena stood up. "All right, Professor. We'll join the order, for Harry."

Dumbledore smiled, "then you've decided to return to school next year, Miss Tsukino?"

"Yes," said Serena sadly.

"What do you mean by that, Professor?" Lydia asked.

"A while back Serena made the decision of returning home," he explained.

"What?" the girls cried.

"Serena, you were going to leave Hogwarts?" Raye demanded. "Why?"

"Because of Darien," Serena mumbled. "But I'll just return home after I'm done with Hogwarts and this is all taken care of. We need to protect Harry." Serena looked at Dumbledore. "There are also friends of ours that could help, Professor. Other Sailor Soldiers."

"Others?" he asked. "I believe the legend said there were four others."

"That's right," said Serena with a nod. "There are ten of us all together." She decided to leave out Sailor Mini Moon. She couldn't be involved in this. She'd only be in the way and she could be killed as easily as Cedric Diggory. "Sailor Pluto—she's the scout of time and space. Sailor Neptune is the scout of the sea and Sailor Uranus is the scout of the sky. Oh yeah, and Sailor Saturn. She's the scout of, well, Death."

"But Hotaru's just a little kid now," said Ami. "Should we bring her?"

"It is all right," said Dumbledore, "You can bring her an Aging Potion so she can come with you. It will not be temporary so she won't return back as a child. She won't grow a beard either." He added as he looked at Lydia.

Lydia grinned.

"What about our homes though?" Raye asked. "My grandfather must be worried about me."

"Maura has written to your homes about you being foreign exchange students," Dumbledore said. "However, I will need more witches and wizards in the order. Miss Aino, I have already talked to your mother and she has agreed in working with us."

"What about my dad?" Mina asked quickly, "he's a muggle."

"She'll take care of that."

"But Professor," said Ami, "my mother is a muggle. My dad's a wizard but—my parents—you see are divorced. I haven't' seen my dad since I was nine."

(AN: I have no idea how old Ami was when he parents were divorced but I decided to make it nine so she remembers what happened)

"My parents are both muggles," Serena added, "and they'll go nuts if they know I went to a school that teaches magic."

"I know," said Dumbledore, "so I will have a member of the Order to accompany you. Her name is Nymphadora Tonks. She'll be waiting for you at Kings Cross."

"What does she look like?" Lita asked.

"You never can tell," Dumbledore replied and the girls exchanged glances.

"Right Professor," said Serena. "We'll go home and talk to our families. Perhaps it would be better if my parents knew and my dad could maybe get a new job here. He's a magazine editor.'

"Really?" Lydia said, turning to her. "Would he like Rita Skeeter's job?"

"Only if the Daily Prophet don't mind having a muggle working for them," Serena said.

"Excellent," said Dumbledore, "I'll make the arrangements with Nymphadora and tell you more as soon as I can. I will let you go now. Thank you."

"Sure, Professor," Serena said. "It's our duty as sailor soldiers to fight for love and justice. We keep fighting until the battle is over."

After breakfast Serena went to the Hospital Wing to check on Harry. He had his head turned away and his eyes were shut. "Harry?" she said softly.

Believing he was sleep, she turned around to leave. Harry turned his head when she was nearly out the door. "Serena? Hey, wait."

"Harry," Serena turned back around, "I thought you were sleeping."

"Nah," he said as he sat up and picked up he glasses. "Just resting my eyes."

"How do you feel?" Serena asked, remaining where she stood.

"All right," he replied. "As good as could be expected. You?"

"I'm fine," she said.

There was a moment of silence and Harry invited her to closer. Serena swallowed and walked over to his bedside. Harry reached for her hand and Serena felt her stomach flip.

"Harry," she whispered.

"So, you're Sailor Moon," he said breathlessly. "I can't believe I didn't figure it out earlier. How you knew my name and how I felt like I knew you. It makes sense."

"Yes," said Serena. "Well, I'm glad you're not mad at me for not telling you."

"That's okay, Serena," said Harry, "You're a superhero. Superheroes don't go around revealing their identities. It was very brave of you to do that for me."

"I couldn't just let Fudge badger you like that," Serena mumbled, "talk to you like you were crazy and no one talks that way about Sailor Moon and gets away with it!"

Harry grinned. "Yeah."

"I'm just sorry it didn't help," Serena frowned.

"You tried," said Harry. "Serena, Hermione told me about…well…the guy back in Japan and that you'd be going home. I understand if you still need to go. Maybe you should go."

"What?" she inquired.

"I almost had you killed," he looked up at her. "You and the other scouts. When I took Cedric and the cup and looked back at you, I thought, I thought that was the last time I'd see the Sailor Soldiers."

"Oh Harry," Serena said softly, "we're sailor soldiers. This isn't the first battle we've ever been in and it won't be the last. We made it."

"I just don't want anyone else to get hurt because of me," Harry told her. "So if you really want to go back home, I won't stop you."

"Well you're not okay?" Serena demanded. "Because I just spoke to Dumbledore about it and I'm staying. We're all staying until Voldemort's gone, understand? We're sticking this through together."

Harry stared and took a deep breath. Serena reached forward and brushed his hair back. He closed his eyes. It made him feel so content and calm. He kind of felt like Serena did this to him many times before but wasn't sure from where.

"Serena," he sighed.

"It's going to be all right, Harry," Serena said, sitting on the edge of his bed. "Don't worry."

"Thanks Serena," he said, leaning forward and putting her arms around her. She paused before bringing her arms up around him. She thought of Darien and Rini. Her future. She sighed. Well, it was her duty as Sailor Moon to help people and above all others she could think of, Harry needed help. He needed Sailor Moon.

The parted and Serena chuckled. They started talking to get their minds off what happened. They even joked a little bit.

"Serena, you don't play golf do you?" he asked.

"No, but my dad does," Serena replied. "Why?"

"Because my uncle has a Japanese golfing joke," he replied.

"Okay, go ahead," Serena said.

"Maybe I shouldn't tell you," Harry said nervously. "You won't like it."

"Oh, come on," said Serena, nudging him. "Tell me the joke, Harry."

"Well, okay…"


"If I ever meet your uncle, he's toast!" Serena exclaimed.

"I told you," said Harry as he sat back into his pillow.

"Ooh," Serena mumbled. "Wait until I tell my dad…"

Harry laughed. It was good to be talking to Serena again. Serena laughed too.

"So, when will you be out of here?" she asked.

"Tonight I think," said Harry.

"I'll come and get you," Serena told him, "If you'd like."

"Sure," said Harry. "Thanks."

Serena leaned forward and kissed Harry's forehead. He touched her arm and caught the gleam in her eyes before she got to her feet. She glanced back at him at the door.

"See ya, Harry."

Serena and the others decided to check on Moody to see if he was awake yet. Madame Indigo was sitting next to him and arguing.

"I can't believe it took you this long to figure it out, Maura!" Moody was saying. "You know me better than anyone!"

"Looks like he's awake," said Serena nervously.

"Well I knew that something wasn't right," said Madame Indigo. "How Crouch flinched when I saw him and when I told him about Bertha Jorkins!"

"You know I wouldn't say to go to Fudge," Moody groaned. "I would've believed you!"

"Well, I haven't talked to you in years," Madame Indigo muttered, getting to her feet and throwing her arms up. "Things have changed."

"Not that much," said Moody.

"I just thought you were having stress on your job or something," said Madame Indigo. "I wouldn't think, 'right, a Death Eater is posing as my old partner!'"

"Come on, woman," Moody grunted.

"Don't call me that, Al!" Madame Indigo hissed. "You know I hate it!"

"You know, Al, if we just got married this never would've happened."

Lydia laughed. They looked like an old married couple already.

"You bring that up now?" Moody flinched, looking at his partner like she gone mad. "Woman, or you crazy?"

"Stop calling me woman!" Madame Indigo shouted. "I just saved your life. You know it is true Al. If we just got married this never would've happened. You would've stopped being so paranoid about everything."

"Paranoid?" Moody gasped. "I'm being vigilant, thank you!"

"Oh yes, constant vigilance!" Indigo waved her arms dramatically, impersonating her partner. "'We must always be on the alert, Maura. Constant vigilance!'"

"Maura," Moody muttered, "come now. It's because of my 'constant vigilance' I survived! I'm surprised you're still alive with your 'seize the day attitude."


"'Seize the day, Al! Let's go save the world!'"

"That's not funny, Al!"

"Of course it's not!" he shouted. "Look what Carpie Diem did to my face and my leg!"

"Come on, Al, I kept telling you that you were always being too cautious. Only drinking from that flask of yours. I told you and told you that people would use that against you! And look what happened!"

"Oh, so this is my fault?" Moody demanded. "Maura you-ah—ah!"

"Now what's the matter?" Madame Indigo said, putting her hands on her hips.

"My eye is stuck!" he said.

"What?" she asked, looking at both of his eyes closely.

"My eye, woman!" he yelled, pointing at his magical eye that was stuck in his socket. "It won't move! Must be from when Crouch was wearing it…"

"Oh here, you big baby," said Madame Indigo pulling his face to her. With her thumb and forefinger, she reached in his eye socket and popped it out. The girls all groaned and sweat dropped.

"That's gross!" Serena squealed.

"Ah!" Moody cried, jumping a foot from his bed.

"Al, clam down," Madame Indigo muttered. "They're not Death Eater's posing as Hogwarts students. " She looked at the girls, still holding Moody's magical eye. "Hi lassies, what brings you by?"

"Just wanted to see if Professor Moody was okay," said Lita, trying not to get sick at the sight of the Moody's' magical eye in her hand.

"I didn't get to do much teaching, so you shouldn't' call me professor," Moody said.

"Well thank you," she said. "Isn't that sweet, Al?"

"What're you doing?" Ami pointed at the eye.

"Oh," Madame Indigo glanced at it, chuckling. "His eye is supposed to move around on its own but it got stuck…so I'll have to dip it in some water."

"That is so disgusting," Serena mumbled as Madame Indigo picked up a glass of water and dipped the eye in. Seeing enough, the girls left the hospital wing as they gave Moody their get well wishes. After getting the eye all wet, Madame Indigo popped it back in her partner's empty socket.

"There, is that better?" Madame Indigo demanded.

Moody groaned.

"Just for the record, Al," Madame Indigo scolded, "I'm keeping extra watch on you. I'm not letting you out of my sight!" She threw her arms around Moody's head and sobbed, nearly causing his magical eye to pop out again. "Oh Al! I'm so glad you are okay!"

"Maura…Maura, let go! I can't breathe, woman!"

But she squeezed him all the harder and kissed his cheek.

It was hard to eat at the end of the year feast. Serena poked at her food and sometimes looked at Madame Indigo hang around her partner. She thought it was so cute it was obvious of how in love they were. She wondered if she could actually see herself growing old with Darien. She knew he was her past, present and future but so many things has changed in these nine months. Serena sighed. Once she got back to Japan to get her family and the outers, she would have to tell Darien the truth.

Dumbledore got to his feet and gave his end of the year speech. He told them how Cedric died and asked everyone to stand up and raise their goblets. Lita reached into her pocket and pulled out two black and shiny chopsticks. They were the same chopsticks Cedric used at their dinner. She was surprised he kept them.

The crowd drank to Cedric's name and Dumbledore said something many took to heart. "it is my belief, however, that the truth is generally preferable to lies, and that any attempt to pretend that Cedric died as the result of an accident, or some sort of blunder of his own, is an insult to his memory."

Lita clenched her hand around Cedric's old chopsticks. Anyone who dared to say Cedric's death was an accident would have trouble walking. She remembered back to when she was carrying his lifeless body to Harry. It was the only, only thing she could've done.

"There is somebody else who must be mentioned in connection with Cedric's death," said Dumbledore. "I am talking, of course, about Harry Potter."

As people's heads turned to Harry's direction, Serena took hold of his hand. He gave her a gentle squeeze.

"Harry Potter managed to escape Lord Voldemort," Dumbledore explained. "He risked his own life to return Cedric's body to Hogwarts. He showed, in every respect, the sort of bravery that few wizards have ever showed in facing lord Voldemort and for this I honor him."

Tears began forming in Serena's eyes as she drank from her goblet. She didn't expect Dumbledore to say anything about the scouts and she was relieved that he didn't. Raye was one of the few Slytherins that drank to both Cedric's and Harry's name. Draco looked down, not sure what to think.

Dumbledore continued his speech about friendship and unity. "Remember Cedric. Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy that was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory."

Lita felt a lump in her throat and swallowed hard, refusing to cry in front of the hall. Her tears wouldn't bring Cedric back. Every girl at the Hufflepuff table was crying and even some of the boys. Lita bit her lip and held tight on Cedric's chopsticks. She wasn't going to forget Cedric Diggory. No one was going to make her forget him and all those nice moments they shared together.

Lucky, Luna and Artemis walked into McGonagall's office. "Minerva," Lucky said softly.

McGonagall looked up from her desk. "Lucky…"

The three cats closed their eyes and transfigured into their human selves successfully. McGonagall got up and walked forward.

"You did it!" she exclaimed.

"Well, we really couldn't have done it without your help," said Luna. "Thank you."

Lucky kissed her and the other cats hugged her. "We'll meet again soon," said Lucky. "We'll be helping with the Order of Phoenix."

"Oh good," said McGonagall. "Dumbledore will need the help. Until then, Lucky." She kissed him back, Lucky squeezed her hand and he left with his friends, slowly turning back to their cat forms.

The Hogwarts students stood outside to give their goodbyes to Durmstrang and Beaxbatons. Pierre was trying to keep a sobbing Mina calm by telling her over and over he'd write to as often as he could.

"My family designs clothes," he added, "and if I can help it I can try to deliver some clothes to Madame Malkin's and Gladrags. Then I can try and see you."

"Really?" Mina sniffed.

"I will see what I can do," Pierre said, wiping her eyes and kissing her on both cheeks. "Hopefully we'll see each other soon."

After telling each other how much they were going to miss each other and telling each other "I love you," in French, English and Japanese, they kissed and Pierre walked onto the carriage. Mina waved and wailed. Next to her was a sobbing Parvarti Patil.

"What do you mean it's not going to work out?" she demanded. "You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend!"
"Please try to understand, Parvarti," said the Beaxbatons boy, Andre. "I was just trying to get to know you and Hogwarts some more. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"You could've just told me!" Parvarti exclaimed and she stormed off.

"Thank you for making us feel welcome," said Sofia as she hugged Raye. "And thanks for going to the Yule Ball viz my brother, he really likes you."

"Sure," Raye nodded. "It was nice meeting you. Who's going to be your new headmaster at Durmstrang?"

"We're not sure," said Sofia. "Our minister of magic probably doesn't know about this yet. I wrote my family as soon as we found out."

"Well, I hope your minister of magic will believe it when he hears it," Raye groaned.

"He knows that Karkaroff vos a Death Eater," Sofia said softly. "So I'm sure he von't think all this is just a big lie, especially if one of the champions died."

Raye smiled. "Take care, Sofia. Keep in touch?"

"Of course," Sofia grinned and hugged her again. "But if we don't get a new headmaster, could we come and finish our last year here? I hate Durmstrang!"

"Maybe," Raye grinned back and Sofia let Vladimir have a moment with Raye.

"Don't take too long now, Vladimir," Sofia teased, causing her shy brother to blush.

Vladimir cleared his throat as he stepped to Raye. "Vell, I—I really enjoyed my time here."

"I'm glad," said Raye.

"I vill let you know if ve get a new Headmaster—or Sofia—vooever thinks to vrite you first," Vladimir rubbed his head and tried to think of something to say. He looked up to where his twin sister stood behind Raye, who was telling him to hug her.

"Hug her Vlad—kiss her—you don't know ven you'll see her again!" she shouted n a whisper and of course, Raye heard it.

Vladimir cleared his throat and blushed more. He looked down. "Um, goodbye, Raye."

"Goodbye, Vladimir," Raye said and she threw her arms around his neck. Sofia laughed at Vladimir's reaction. He threw his arms out to the side and nearly fell back. He looked at Sofia and she told him to put his arms around Raye. Vladimir gulped and carefully patted Raye's back. Before releasing Vladimir, she kissed him on the cheek and Sofia giggled again.

"Ja ne," Raye grinned and she walked down to the carriages. Vladimir touched his cheek and stood frozen to the ground. Sofia had to come and pull him onto the ship.

As Hogwarts waited for the carriages to come and collect them, Lavender was trying to consol Parvarti. "There, there," she was saying. "Your horoscope did say something like this would happen, right?"

"No!" Parvarti cried. "Well, yeah, sort of. But I didn't think it meant Andre will break up with me!"

Serena got an idea. "Hey, Parvarti, remember that picture you got from Dean?"

"Yeah, what about it?" Parvarti demanded.

"Well, you never thanked him, did you?" Serena asked. "Maybe now might be a good time? I heard he really likes you. In fact, he thinks you and your sister are the prettiest girls in Hogwarts!"

"Really?" Parvarti looked up. "Dean Thomas said that?"

"That's right," Lydia added.

"Where is he?" Parvarti inquired, looking around. "Where's Dean? Has anyone seen Dean?"

Then she saw Dean in the crowd talking to Seamus Finnigan. She gasped, ran up to him and hugged him so hard he nearly fell down.

"Um, hello, Parvarti!" he said nervously.

"Oh Dean, I just wanted to thank you for that lovely unicorn picture you drew for on Valentines Day!" she squealed, rubbing her cheek up and down his arm. "it's so beautiful!"

"You like it?" he inquired, smiling.

"Yeah!" she said, looking up to him. "I love it! Thank you…sorry I didn't say something before. Hey, you want to go out sometime?"

"Sure!" he grinned. "We can hook up during the summer!"

"That's great!" Parvarti exclaimed, "I didn't have any plans."

"But Parvarti," Lavender began, "weren't we gonna,"

"Oh, we can do that later!" Parvarti barked and she batted her eyes at Dean. "Dean, do you think I'm pretty?"

He laughed, "of course I do! You're the prettiest girl in the whole school."

"But what about her sister?" Lavender demanded. "They look the same!"

"Yeah, but unlike her, I'm in Gryffindor so therefore he knows me better!" she shouted. "Oh, Dean, here come the carriages! Let's get one together!"

"Sure, why not?" Dean asked and with Parvarti still on his arm, they got on a carriage. Seamus looked on, shaking his head.

"'Bout bloody time they got together," he muttered under his breath. He let out a gasp as Lavender grabbed his arm. "Lavender—ow!"

"Come on, Seamus," she groaned, pulling him onto the same carriage before he got a chance to talk to Lydia.

Harry was staring at the creatures pulling the carriages. He never noticed them before. They were black skinny horses with bat like wings. He turned to Ron and pointed at them.

"Ron, do you see those things?" he asked. "What you reckon those are?"

"What things?" Ron inquired, blinking at whatever Harry was pointing at. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Those horses!" he exclaimed. "Pulling the carriages."

"Harry, there's nothing there," Ron said firmly and seeing Ami clamber onto a carriage, he called after her. "Hey, Ami! Hold on, I'll sit with you!"

Serena walked to Harry. Harry turned to her and grabbed her hand. "Serena, please tell me you see those horses!"

Serena nodded. "Yeah, I see them. I bet they haven't been fed for weeks!"

"You can see them?" Harry inquired.

"Yup," she replied. "Let's go before they all go." Tugging on Harry's hand, they got on a carriage to the Hogwarts express.

The trio, Serena, Lydia and Ami chose a compartment together.

"You know, there's no way Rita will keep this quiet," said Ron as the train started moving. "There's bound to be something about this in the next Daily Prophet."

"Oh, I don't think so," said Hermione slyly. She pulled out a jar from her schoolbag containing Skeeter in her bug form.

"She really was a bug?" Ron said.

"Of course she was, Ron," Serena said. "There's an unbreakable charm on the jar so can't change back." She looked at Hermione. "Should we just make her stay as a bug, Hermione, until she learned her lesson? I know, I can let her loose in Japan and see how she likes that!"

"You're going back to Japan?" Harry asked, "but I thought…"

"Just for a while," Serena explained. "I need to see my parents. We'll be back before school starts."

"Yeah, you can take her I guess," said Hermione with a shrug and she handed the jar to Serena.

The compartment door opened and they looked up to see Malfoy standing in the doorway with his cronies. "Very clever, Granger."

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Serena demanded.

"Shut up, Mudblood," he hissed at Serena.

"You…" Harry began.

"Caught some pathetic reporter and now Potter's Dumbledore's favorite boy again," said Malfoy. "Even got back together with your girlfriend. Big deal."

"Beat it, Malfoy," Lydia said as she got to her feet. "Unless you want me to tear you in half!"

"Such language, MacGreggor," said Malfoy as he shook his head. "No wonder your parents in are in Azkaban!"

"All because of your dad!" Lydia grunted and Serena had to grab her arm to keep her from attacking Malfoy. "I know what you did. Soon people will find out the truth and he'll be there! You…sicko! I bet you're next in line to become a Death Eater, aren't you?"

"Trying not to think about it are we?" Malfoy asked, ignoring Lydia. "So, trying to pretend it hasn't happened?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Lydia demanded. "You mean Voldemort coming back?"

"You've picked the losing side, Potter!" Malfoy shouted at Harry. "I warned you! I told you ought to choose your company more carefully, remember? When we met on the etrain, first day at Hogwarts? I told you not to hang around with riffraff like this!" still glaring at Harry, he jerked his head at Hermione and Ron. "

"Hey!" Serena exclaimed.

"Too late now, Potter! They'll be the first to go, now the Dark Lord's back! Mudbloods and Muggle-lovers first! Well—second—Diggory was the f—"

There was some strange kind of explosion in the compartment as people let off all their hexes at Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. They looked down to see the three Slytherin boys lying there. Fred and George stood at the compartment with their wands out. Behind them was Raye Hino.

"Oops, looks like I'm too late!" she laughed. She shrugged and looked at Draco. "Well, he deserved it. I'll just get Draco out of here for you, okay?"

"Yeah, thanks," said Lydia.

"And you can do whatever with Crabe and Goyle," Raye said as she walked inside, grabbed Malfoy by the back of his robes and pulled him out of the compartment. "You have to learn to stop ticking people off, you know that don't you, Draco Malfoy?"

"Bagman did put a bet on Harry after all?" Serena gasped. "We were right!"

"I knew something wasn't right," said Lydia, "he didn't pay me right after our bet! Double crosser!"

"I'm sure Mina's mom might find him some help," said Ami softly.

"Well, she'll have to find him first,' said George, "he took off right after the third task."

The train stopped and everyone in the compartment grabbed for their trunks. Ron tried to be a gentlemen and carried out Ami's trunk for her.

"Ron, thank you," she said softly as she followed him.

"Just don't break your back!" Fred called. "Or is that what you're trying to do, Ron?"

"Oh, please," Hermione groaned, following them out.

"Any idea how were supposed to find that Tonks girl?" Serena asked Lydia as she pulled on her backpack. "Will she be holding a sign for us?"

"Maybe," said Lydia, walking out the compartment with her trunk. "She's a metamorphamagus so she might be here as a man."

"Oh, great." Serena moaned and turned to Harry. "See ya soon, okay Harry?"

"Yeah. See you." Harry nodded, trying to ignore the twins' grins by the compartment. He cleared his throat and Serena put a hand on his chest, kissed him by the cheek and left the compartment. Fred and George leaned forward expectantly, touching their cheeks. Serena stared.

"Come on," Fred said, "you gave Harry one!"

"Oh, all right!" Serena laughed and she kissed the twins on their cheeks and with her trunk pulled behind her, she got off the train.

Fred and George watched Serena walk off. "She's quite a looker, Harry." George said with a wolf whistle.

"What?" Harry inquired, trying ot to blush

"Serena Tsukino," George insisted.

"Does she have a twin?" Fred asked playfully. "I'm kidding!" he added as Harry rolled his eyes.

"Well, Serena and I—well—not dating." Harry muttered. "She has a boyfriend back in Japan."

"What?" Fred demanded. "You have got to be kidding me!"

"They broke up before she came here," Harry explained, "but she thinks he didn't really believe her so they're going to well…have to talk."

"What you think about that, Harry?" Fred asked.

"I don't know!" Harry muttered, grabbing his trunk. "Hey, wait a minute." He opened his trunk, reached in and threw it at the twins. "For the jokes shop and buy some new robes for Ron."

"You're mental," said Fred, trying to give it back to him.

"Seriously," Harry closed his trunk. "I don't want the gold and I don't need it. But I for one could use some laughs so take the money and get inventing."

"Right, where's that girl?" Raye inquired her hands on her hips as she scanned the crowd once they came out of the station "Did Madame Indigo say what kind of form she'd take today?"

"Nope," Lydia replied.

"Maybe we should have waited for her at the platform?" Ami suggested.

A woman with short and spiky violet hair, a heart shaped face and wearing jeans and a pink Weird Sisters shirt approached the girls.

"So, you'd be Sailor Moon, right?" she asked, pointing at Sailor Moon.

Serena gasped. "How'd you find out?"

"Relax," the woman grinned. "I'm from the Order of Phoenix."

"So you're Tonks!" said Mina.

"Yeah," said Tonks with a nodded.

"How'd you know it was us?" Serena inquired.

"Because no one I know wears their hair like that," Tonks said. "Not even me. I suppose I probably should…"

"You hate my hair style, right?" Serena asked.

"No, it's cool," Tonks insisted. "I'm here to take you to headquarters. You remember what is is right?"

"Yeah," Lydia replied, taking out a letter. "Dumbledore gave it to us."

"Come on then," Tonks said, helping Serena pull her trunk. "We've got lots to do!"

"By the way, Tonks," Serena said, "how come you go by your surname?"

"How'd you like it if your mom named you 'Nymphadora?'" Tonks asked.

"yeah, I see your point," Serena nodded.

"Can we call you 'Dora-chan?'" Lita inquired.

Tonks thought for a moment. "Yeah, sure!" she said, grinning at the girls. "I suppose if I'm going to be with you guys in Japan I might as well try and blend in, huh?"

The girls grinned back. They were glad that Tonks was going to be coming with them instead of a man. Serena couldn't wait until school started again because she wasn't looking forward explaining to Darien everything that happened.

The End

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