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Chapter 1

One night a woman was walking down and alley way to her apartment. It was dark and dank . Unknown to the lady someone was watching her . She could feel the chill of the night on her back but didn't feel the eyes of her predator . " Hello ," said her predator, "are you lost ?" The woman turned around only met with darkness . So she kept on walking untill she heard the voice again. "What 's the matter ? Do you not trust me? " The woman jumped startled but kept still , turning around again only to find the owner of the voice .

"No ,but who are you ? " The man had long white hair that spiked in a few places and had brown chestnut colored eyes . He wore a black leather outfit with matching black colored boots . He chuckled and responded ," Do you really want to know?" The woman nodded her head in response while the albino disappeared .

" Hey ! where did you go ? " She soon regretted saying those words once she felt a cold breath on the side of her neck , making her completely paralyzed .

" My name is Bakura , but to you I am your worst nightmare . " He then bit her neck and sucked her life force out of her body . He let go after a while and let go of the woman's body not watching it fall limply to the ground . " Ahh ... how long must I be alone ? Without any company ? Wait ! why am I thinking these things I am a heartless vampire I'm supposed to be lonely !This is a waist of time for I must get back to my coffin before the sun rises . " He then dissapeared into the darkness once more .

"Chi ! time for breakfast ! Get up or you'll miss school ! " yelled Ishizu .

" Okay ! I'm up , I'm up!" she said waking up and getting out of bed . She walked to her closet and changed into her school uniform . She then advanced to the body length mirror and saw herself wearng a pink jacket with a short blue mini skirt . Once sure of herself she jogged down the stairs and headed into the kitchen to quickly grab a piece of toast .

"Chi ! where do you think you're going ? ! Come here and give your sister a big hug before you go to school !" Chi turned around and pouted at her sister .

"Aww ... do I have to !!! " Ishizu just gave her her most deathly glare . " Okay , alright .I'll do it , but don't say any of this to anyone got it ?!" Ishizu just ran over to her and emabraced her in a bear hug .

" Alright I promise little sister . "

"Okay for the thousandth time I am not little ! I'm just mentally challenged!"

" Right ... whatever you better get going or else you'll be late . "

"Crap ! I almost forgot the test is today ! Thanks Ishizu !" she said unlocking the chain that locked her bike in place .

" You're welcome !" shouted Ishizu . The last she saw of her sister was her riding over the hill of the road and dissapering on the other side .

When Chi was finally there at Dominio High she parked her bike locking it up with the chain and heading for her locker inside . Once she reached it she used her combination and unlocked her locker getting her books and accidently letting a letter fall on the floor . She set her books down once she notticed the letter and picked it up . She searched for a signature on it to tell who it was from , but the only mark that was on it was a little heart and small koi fishes surrounding it . 'Hmm... wonder who wrote this ? ' she thought with a bit of curiousity . She then opened it and just about froze once she read it .