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Chapter 20

Chi immedeatly stopped kissing him and moved to the opposite wall from Ryou. Next she whiped her lips with the back of her hand. "Ryou! You were Shadow! What do you think you were doing!"

"Please let me explain- "

"No! You know what! I don't need to know your excuse because you have just ruined my life! I thought you were someone who could care about my feelings, but instead, I see that you don't care! You're just like every other vampire here! A MONSTER! " she yelled, taking her chance to open the door and run down the stairs heading into the city. Ryou then went after her in an attempt to tell her the reason why he did what he did.

After a few minutes of searching for Chi, he just about called it quits untill he saw a few drops of blood on the pavement. 'Hmm... that's strange. I wonder where this came from? What am I saying? I'm a vampire for crying out loud and I could use a little drink. ' He then followed the trail of blood and came upon a body, but not just a body. It just so happened to be Chi's body. "Chi! What happened! " She just twithed her hand in response. "Don't worry, I'll get you somewhere safe and get your wounds healed! Oh Chi! I never should've left you to run away! " With that said and done, Ryou picked her body up bridal style and ran backto the party. During the way there, he quickly glanced at her poor lifeless body. Her eyes closed, her scratched face, with her legs and arms both in the same condition. Blood just trickling down her face and stainig his leather tanktop. 'Oh Chi! Please forgive me! ' he said in his mind.

Once back at Malik's house, he kicked open the door and alerted the partygoers of their presence. The whole place was filled with silence before Ishizu stepped up, staring disbelievingly at the body in Ryou's arms. " Oh, my, Ra... what happened to my little sister? "

"No time to explain! We need to heal her wounds! " cut in Ryou.

"Hey! Lay her down on my bed and I'll tell you how to heal her! " Malik ordered, heading up the stairs with Ryou in behind him. When they opened the door to Malik's room, they quickly did as what was said and Ryou awaited Malik's directions. "The only way to close those nasty wounds is to give her blood. A special type, to be exact."

"What type!" Ryou growled out, impatiently.

" From the looks of her condition, I would have to say A positive, ( just guessing. ) It's a rare type that is hard to find. "

"Wait just a minute! I have A positive! Would it still work if it was a vampire's blood! "

" I don't really know. It might!" he added with a hopefull tone in his voice. Ryou then pulled back his colar and asked if Malik could please leave the room. Malik did as asked and locked the door. Once Ryou got his privacy, he carefully lifted her head to his neck and petted her head to try and awaken her.

"Chi, please wake up... I promise to always be there for you because...because I love you..." he whispered before he started to cry. Suddenly Chi woke up and felt Ryou's tears on her back.

'Wha? Why is he crying?' she thought. She then looekd at his neck and resisted the urge to bite it. "Ryou, cough, ... why're you crying?" Ryou opened his eyes and pulled back to look at Chi.

"Chi... you're..."

"I'm what?"

"You're ... alive! " Ryou said relieved, hugging her in his death hug once more.

" Um, cough, Ryou? Coud you please let go! You're squeezing me! " He stopped and released her.

"Oh Chi! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! I was just scared that you were going to die! Oh my darling angel! " panicked Ryou, trying to hug her again. Unfortunately, she scooted back far enough out of his reach that he fell face first into the bed. He then asked with his face muffled by the bed sheets," Chi... why did you do that?" It took her sometime to finally answer back after trying to make out what he said.

" I'm sorry, I had to do that, but you were going to squeeze me to death again. Oh and before I forget, I'm not alive, I'm just awake alright? " Ryou raised up and scratched the back of his head with a smile on his face. ( remember, vampires aren't dead nor living.)

"Sorry, I didn't mean to do that again. " apologized Ryou, placing a hand on her arm. She then flinched and pulled her arm away from his hand.

"Ouch! That hurt! " screamed Chi, looking at her scratch covered arm. "Hey? How did this happen?- Whaaaa! " She was unexpecctedly pulled to his body, her mouth very close to his neck. "Ryou! what are you-!"

"Don't talk! Just drink and you'll be fully healed! "

"What are you talking about!"

" No more talking! Drink now! " was all Ryou demanded before pushing her fangs into his neck. She tried struggling, but was only pushed back by Ryou's hands on the back of her head. She sighed and went along with it, drinking the blood she so needed. After a few minutes, she started to notice her wounds disappearing. She then broke away from his neck and kissed the puncture marks she made, making them vanish also, as her thanks.

"Listen Ryou, I want to appologize for getting all mad at you. I acted like a little kid back there and should've listened to what you had to say before jumping to conclusions. I'm really and deeply sorry Ryou! " she screamed, wrapping her arms around his back, " Can you ever forgive me? " He made a puzzeled face and quickly turned it into a warm and loving one. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her, pressing his lips to her forehead.

"Oh Chi... how could I say no to that adorably cute face? I will never and could never get made at you. I promise you because I love you." He then put his chin on her head and closed his eyes while Chi placed her face in the crook of his neck, kissing it.

"Awww... I should've broughten my camera to get a picture of this beautiful moment. And I coud use it for later blackmail" cackled a familiar voice from the hall outside the room. Suddenly, Ryou and Chi moved away from each other and looked at the door. Silently they creapt over to it and opened the door. Unexpectedly, Ishizu, Malik, and Marik all piled up on top of one another, infront of the two lovebirds.

"Ishizu... Malik... Marik... WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU GUYS WERE DOING!" yelled Chi at the top of her lungs.

"Uh... well... hehe... it's kinda...um... Ishizu's and Marik's idea?" Malik nervously said.

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