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Halloween story. On the night of All Hallow's Eve the Titans were out having fun. But then they came home and fell asleep... and the nightmare really began. A malevolent gathering of dark forces seek the Titans lives, and have delved into their deepest and darkest fears to use against them. Can the teenaged heroes fight against that which they hate and fear most? Or are they doomed never to awaken? Takes place after 'Spellbound' and prior to 'Wavelength.' Rated PG-13 for action violence, cartoon horror and some scary moments.

All Hallow's Eve.

A night when any number of little brats dressed up in a variety of colorful costumes and roamed Jump City and its surrounding districts, stopping by homes with one singular quest. The most candy by the end of the night.

Titan's Tower was no exception.

"We are home!" shouted a joyous Starfire, her voice echoing throughout the great metallic home of Jump City's resident heroes, easily heard by the two remaining Titans currently resting up in the living room. Those two being Cyborg and Raven. Cyborg, feeling far too old for the dress-up and trick-or-treating of Halloween had elected to remain behind and pass out candy to those who made their way up to the Tower. And Raven, of course, didn't enjoy celebrations of any sort, so she remained in the quiet living room reading one of her novels. A rather thick one, Cyborg noticed. They'd been sharing a companionable silence during most of the evening.

Shattered now by Starfire, who had rushed into the living room to display her newly acquired hoard of candy, followed closely by Beastboy and Robin.

Curious of the earth custom, Starfire had been adamant about going out to try "trick or treating," and Beastboy could never say no to all the delicious candies he knew would be offered tonight. Robin had gone along to assist Starfire and keep Beastboy out of trouble. All in all, it had been a productive night. And remarkably easy for the Titans to come up with costumes... they'd gone as themselves. Not terribly creative, but it got them enough chocolates to last them 'til New Years.

Starfire giggled joyously as she followed Beastboy's example, emptying out her candy onto the floor so she could see it rise up as a small pile (perhaps not even small, within moments there was a small mountain in the living room). Beastboy's was no less impressive, though he took out and tossed aside any bad candys or toothpastes that had someone snuck into his pile, offering them over to Starfire, who snatched them up eagerly.

"What a joyous night!" she proclaimed loudly. "We had so much fun with the treat or tricking! And we have amassed so much trash food!"

"Junk food," Robin corrected her politely. She nodded, smiling at him.

"Yes, junk food."

Raven idly glanced up at them over her book, raising an eyebrow at the sight of all that candy. After all, it wasn't like she didn't like candy. She -was- a teenaged girl, after all. "Good haul?" she asked idly.

"Awesome haul!" replied Beastboy, rummaging through his candy, determined to divide it into individual little piles and sort it by the exact type. However, he generously held up a handful of Swedish fish, which he knew Raven was partial too. "Care for some?"

"Thank you," she replied, using her magic to draw the candy to her without getting up. She then continued to read her book, absent-mindedly munching on the delicious fruity fish as she did so.

"Well I'm gonna go shower then go hit the hay," said Robin, stretching out his sore limbs. Beastboy and Starfire had, in their crusade to collect more candy, taken on much of Jump City. And even his endurance had its limits, he'd reached them long ago. His legs and arms felt like dead weights.

"Ooh... sleep well, Robin," said Starfire, chewing on one of her newly acquired candies... wrapper and all.

"'night man. I'll probably do the same but the gym is callin' me," said Cyborg, stretching out his tired limbs. He wasn't sore like Robin, his body was carrying too much pent up energy. Cyborg was a doer, he needed to be doing something to let out all his energy. Right now a good work out right before bed sounded good. Its not like Titan's Tower would be getting many more visitors. Already it was late in the evening, and moms and dads were calling in their kids for some bed as well.

"Not me," stated Beastboy, flipping gracefully over the couch to land on the other side. Remote in hand, he immediately began to flip channels. "Up all night Halloween Horror Movie mash! Yeah!!"

Raven winced lightly as the volume on the chosen program started to soar, giving the heroine of the movie a particularily powerful, high-pitched scream that grated on her nerves. "Can you please lower the volume?" she asked. Thankfully, Beastboy complied, and she went back to her book.

Robin sighed contently, never more glad in that particular moment when his head hit the pillow and he drifted off to sleep. He'd had tons of fun tonight, wandering the town with BB and Star. Though he suspected by tomorrow Beastboy at the very least was going to be sick to his stomach considering how much junk food he'd all but inhaled. Starfire... well... Tamaranians were made of tough stuff, she had a cast iron stomach and could've likely swallowed a truckload of rusty nails, washed it down with a bucket of paint, and likely asked for seconds.

She was so strong, yet so innocent. So naïve.

As usual, Robin had updated the entries in his journal before drifting off to sleep. They hadn't run into much trouble tonight, just a few older kids who were trying to bully younger ones out of their candy (they'd put a stop to that plenty quick). Not like the last few years, when real costumed villains had tried to use the holiday event to work unnoticed. Still, like his mentor, he kept dutiful records of all that happened to him so that if he needed it he could check back and find old information that might somehow be more useful now than it previously had been.

His brain as tired as his body, Robin drifted off into dream-world, his mental barriers and defenses lowered as he slept. Leaving him as vulnerable as any other teenaged boy's.

Raven flinched slightly again at yet another scream from the horror movie on the screen. Frowning, she glanced up over the rim of her book at Beastboy, a sharp comment on turning down the volume on the tip of her tongue before she saw what he was doing.


His head had rolled to one side, his mouth hung open slack in a comical gesture, the remote still clutched tightly in his hand. He'd just drifted off to sleep, right then and there, right in the middle of one of his movies. Or maybe they'd changed and Raven, engrossed in her book, simply hadn't noticed.

Smiling softly, she lowered her book and made a gesture with her free hand. A black glow engulfed the remote, sliding it out of Beastboy's fingers and placing it onto the nearby table (Cyborg was always complaining he couldn't find it, this would save him some trouble). Another mental flick and the off button was pushed, ending the blood and gore fest on the television and leaving the room surprisingly quiet. Another such gesture and a spare blanket nearby flew through the air and wrapped around Beastboy's shoulders, gently knocking him onto his side where he began to snore softly.

"Ladies," he murmured softly, barely audible, though Raven could just barely make him out. "Please, one at a time... you'll all get your chance to pet me..."

Raven's smile grew, if possible, just a fraction wider. Though she suspected that had her control at that moment been any less she might've burst out laughing. Silly, silly Beastboy. His jokes might not've been funny but his antics certainly were.

A soft chuckle to her right nearly made Raven jump clean out of her skin as she spotted Cyborg leaning against the doorway, arms folded, watching quietly. There was a smirk on his face, which softened when he saw he'd startled her.

"Sorry," he said.

"No problem... you gonna carry Bozo Boy to bed or do I get saddled with that joy?" she asked, her sarcastic humor returning in an instant.

"Nah I got it," said the mechanical man, reaching over the couch to pick up Beastboy and his covers. The little guy didn't even notice, he was too deep in dream-land. "Think I'll go recharge too," he added on his way out, shifting Beastboy to one arm and activating the Tower security system. "'Night Raven. Sleep tight."

"... don't let the bedbugs bite," murmured Beastboy, still asleep but seemingly aware of their conversation.

"I'll bite back," she replied in a tone that was deadly serious.

In another part of the Tower, the final member of the Titans was rather restless, and not from a sugar overdose. Though that was helping to keep her body active and preventing her from reaching sleep easily. No, there was too much on Starfire's mind.

She'd enjoyed all of Earth's holidays so far with great relish. Nothing of the sort existed on Tamaran and she was soaking up all that this world had to offer like a sponge, with her friends at her side to ensure she learned properly what was what and how to do things properly. So she wouldn't be quite as embarrassed by own naivety. Robin, in particular, had been very helpful in introducing her to earth customs. So it was she'd tagged along with Beastboy to go treat or tricking and seen all the strange and sometimes even scary kids dressed up in their costumes. It had been fun. She'd even seen a number of silly children in costumes dressed like herself and her friends. Apparently Titans were all the rage in Jump City.

And that's where she'd seen something disturbing.

Starfire was normally a happy person, inside and out. But when she was sad she usually only confided in two people. One of whom was asleep (Robin), the other of whom was thousands of light-years away (Galifore). As it was, she kept her sad feelings to herself, trying not to get down by them. But then again, it had been rather hard to see that one little girl dressed up like Terra had been.

They all still missed her at Titan's Tower. Beastboy most of all, of course. They'd been the closest of all the Titans. But Starfire had so few friends (here or on Tamaran) that she treasured each and every one as if they were her brothers and sisters. And to lose a sister...

... well, okay, maybe not quite like a sister. Terra had been nothing like Blackfire.

Her thoughts still confused and disjointed, Starfire reluctantly lay flat down on her circular bed, staring up at the ceiling as sleep finally overtook her and she slept soundly.

One by one the city lights blinked out in Jump City, leaving it illuminated only by the sparkling stars above and the glowing, happy (if eerily creepy) visages of jack o' lantern's below. Darkness settled over the city as it passed the point of midnight and most everyone took to their beds after a long and pleasant evening. Titan's Tower was no exception. Now that the security grid was up, the lights were out (save the plane warning beacons) and its inhabitants all drifted off to their respective dreamlands.

Outside, however, someone wasn't asleep.

Nor had they had a pleasant evening. Though they suspected soon that would change.

"Time we should begin," intoned a deep, powerful voice. Ancient words tumbled from a mortal's mouth, chanting a powerful and dark magical spell. Black energy coalesced in the form of a sinister black crow, streaking past the man and into Titan's Tower, seeking its objective.

"Go, little messenger. Go tell her that its time to begin. Time to bring the Titan's to an end. Once and for all time.

Author's Notes:

Not many comic references just yet but you'll see plenty more as time goes on. Got a big one involved in the plot actually. This story will also make references back to my former work 'Secret Origins,' and you may wish to read that anyway to understand. Then again, you might not. Oh, but the gag about kids dressing up as the Titans I couldn't resist, because actual Titan costumes do exist. It's twisted. Although there is no Terra costume, I took some creative license with that. I know this is rather short I promise more next time. Next chapter: Raven, Robin, Starfire. The nightmare begins.